Megan Schutt – The Bio of an Australian Cricketer

Megan Schutt, the noteworthy Australian cricketer, was brought into the world in Adelaide, Australia, on the 15th of January in the year of 1993.

During her school years, Schutt made a decision to commence playing cricket at the school level. Remarkably, at a mere 16 years of age, she landed her first domestic job.

It was in 2009, when she played for the South Australian Scorpions, that she made her inaugural appearance in the domestic arena.

Bowling with her right arm, Megan Schutt’s debut game was against New Zealand. Distinguished by most as one of the greatest fast bowlers in women’s cricket, Schutt’s all-round game is not only limited to her incredible bowling abilities, but she is also an outstanding hitter.

Her versatility elevates the team’s balance due to her adeptness to both hit and throw with her right arm.

Megan Schutt

Megan Schutt

Megan Schutt (Cricketer): Biographical Details

Full Name Megan Schutt
Occupation Cricket Player
Age 30
Date of Birth January 15, 1993[1]
Place of Birth Adelaide
Star Sign Capricorn
Country Australia
Gender Female

Megan Schutt (Cricketer): Career

  • Megan Schutt is a talented fast-to-medium bowler who uses her right arm to throw the ball. Her first international match was against New Zealand, where she conceded 33 runs in five overs.
  • However, she made up for it in her following match against the same team, where she took two crucial wickets. ESPNcricinfo, a trusted source for cricket news, tipped her as a player to watch in 2013 in their review of women’s cricket in 2012.
  • In 2013, Megan was selected to play for Australia in the Women’s Cricket World Cup, despite Australia’s shortage of bowlers. She represented her country in all seven games of the tournament, taking an impressive 15 wickets at an average cost of 4.13 runs per wicket. Megan was the most successful bowler in the tournament, taking at least one wicket in every game.
  • The Daily Telegraph praised her performance, noting her meteoric rise from playing club cricket to becoming the best bowler in the World Cup.
  • Megan, however, credited the humidity in India for helping her swing bowling. She also played a crucial role in Australia’s victory in the World Cup final against the West Indies.
  • Megan was the first bowler in the match and took two wickets while giving away 38 runs. The Australian team won the match by a comfortable margin of 114 runs.
  • Megan’s most outstanding bowling performance for Australia was in a World Cup group match against New Zealand, where she took three wickets and gave away only 40 runs.

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Megan Schutt (Cricketer): Physical Info

Megan Schutt has become so well-known and well-liked in cricket because she works hard and has unique skills. s He has a slim, fit body and is about the same height as most people.


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She is 168 centimeters tall, which is the same as 5 feet and 6 inches. He weighs about 60 kilograms, which is almost 132 pounds (pounds). Her brown eyes and blonde hair make her look very pretty.

His hair is about shoulder length, and he has a unique look because he sometimes wears a nose ring. Aside from her physical qualities, she has also developed an exciting personality and grown as a person by gaining more and more experiences as she went to different games and met great people who inspire her to keep going in life.

Last but not least, her personality is the most important thing because it fits her career and makes her stand out as an athlete.

Megan Schutt

Megan Schutt

Megan Schutt’s (Cricketer) Family: A Look into the Life of the Australian Fast Bowler

Megan Schutt is one of the most successful cricketers in the Australian women’s cricket team. With her impressive bowling skills, she has helped her team secure numerous victories.

However, aside from her success in the field, there is more to Megan Schutt than what meets the eye. In this article, we will take a closer look at Megan Schutt’s family life, her journey as a gay athlete, and her accomplishments as a cricketer.

Megan Schutt

Megan Schutt (Image: Source)

Early Life and Family Background

Megan Schutt was born on January 15, 1993, in Adelaide, South Australia. Growing up, she developed an interest in cricket and started playing at the age of 7. Her parents, Peter and Susie Schutt, have been her biggest supporters throughout her career. They have always encouraged her to pursue her passion for cricket and have been present in most of her games.

Megan Schutt’s father, Peter, was also a cricket player in his younger years. He played cricket for the Adelaide Cricket Club and also played Australian Rules football. Her mother, Susie, is a registered nurse and has been a source of comfort for Megan, especially during tough times.

Coming Out as Gay and Marriage

Megan Schutt’s journey as a gay athlete has not been easy. She came out as gay in 2017 and talked about her struggles with accepting her identity.

Megan Schutt

Megan Schutt (Image: Source)

However, she has been fortunate enough to have a supportive family and partner, Jess Hollyoake. They got married in 2019, which was a significant milestone for the couple and the LGBTQ+ community.

In an interview, Megan Schutt talked about the importance of using the term “wife” to describe her partner. She said that it eliminates the need to explain that her partner is a woman and avoids uncomfortable reactions from people.

Megan Schutt’s Accomplishments as a Cricketer

Megan Schutt’s talent in cricket was evident from a young age. She made her debut for South Australia in the Women’s National Cricket League in 2009 and later made her debut for the Australian women’s cricket team in 2012. Since then, she has been an essential player for the team, securing numerous victories.

Megan Schutt is known for her impressive bowling skills, especially in T20 matches.

She has taken several wickets and helped her team secure victories in crucial matches. In 2019, she became the first woman to take a hat-trick in a T20I match.

Megan Schutt has also been awarded several accolades, including the Belinda Clark Award for being the best Australian women’s cricketer in 2018.

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Megan Schutt (Cricketer): Net Worth 2023

Australian cricketer, Megan Schutt, has garnered a significant fortune through her illustrious career, with her estimated net worth falling in the range of $1 million to $5 million as of 2023.

Megan Schutt

Megan Schutt (Image: Source)

Schutt is a young and upcoming talent in her country, steadily honing her skills in the sport. Her prowess has not gone unnoticed, with her being the face of local brands and appearing in various events. In her capacity as a national team player, she rakes in a yearly income of 10 lakhs.

Cricket constitutes the primary source of income for Schutt, with a minor fraction of her earnings coming from brand endorsements. She has collaborated with a multitude of local companies, working in advertising and promoting their products to the masses.

Megan Schutt (Cricketer): International Career

  • Megan Schutt played in all seven of Australia’s World Cup games, taking 15 wickets at a cost of 4.13 per run. She got at least one wicket in each game, and her 15 were more than any other bowler in the tournament.
  • The regular telegraph used the word “meteoric” to describe how quickly she went from playing club cricket to being the best bowler in the World Cup. She explained that the high humidity in India helped her swing bowling.
    Megan Schutt

    Megan Schutt (Imager: Source)

  • She was the first person to bowl for Australia in the World Cup Final against the West Indies. Her team won by 114 runs, and she needed two wickets to give up 38 runs. Her best bowling game for Australia was when she got three wickets and 40 runs against New Zealand in a World Cup group match.
  • In June 2015, she was named to be part of Australia’s tour group for the 2015 Women’s Ashes, which took place in England. In December 2017, she was chosen as a member of the ICC Women’s T20I Team of the Year. She joined the Adelaide Strikers team for the 2018–19 Women’s Big Bash League season in November 2018.
  • In April 2019, Cricket Australia gave her a contract for the 2019–20 season as a thank you. In June 2019, Cricket Australia gave her a spot on Australia’s team to compete in the Women’s Ashes in England.

Megan Schutt (Cricketer):  Domestic or League Records

  • Megan Schutt is an Australian cricketer who was born on January 15, 1993. Since 2012, she has played for the Australia national women’s cricket team. She plays for the South Australian Scorpions at home. She first played for them in 2009.
  • Right-handed quick medium bowler, she showed off her skills against New Zealand, when she bowled very well and gave up 33 runs in five overs. She got two wickets in her next match, which was against the same team, and ESPNcricinfo’s review of women’s cricket in 2012 said that she was a player to watch in the following year because of that.
  • So far, she has played for Australia Women, Adelaide Strikers Women, Supernovas, and South Australian Scorpions, so she has enough experience to play for those teams.

Megan Schutt (Cricketer): International Records

In September 2019, Megan Schutt became the first Australian bowler to get a hat-trick in a WODI match against the West Indies. She was also the first female bowler to get two hat-tricks in international cricket.[2]Wikipedia

She was on Australia’s team for the 2020 ICC Women’s World T20 World Cup, which was held in Australia in January 2020. She took 13 wickets during the tournament and 4/18 in the final, making her the player with the most wickets.

Megan Schutt (Cricketer):  Awards

  • Megan Schutt, the Australian cricketer, made quite a mark on the international stage with her exceptional performance in the 2015 Women’s Ashes.
  • With 15 wickets at an impressive cost of 4.13 runs per wicket, Schutt’s skills were undeniable. However, her success didn’t end there. In fact, in the following years, she continued to soar higher and higher.
  • During the India Tri-Nation Series in 2017-18, Schutt accomplished a significant milestone, becoming the first bowler for Australia Women to take a cap catch in WT20Is.
  • Her success didn’t go unnoticed, and she was awarded a national contract by Cricket Australia for the 2018-19 season, putting her in the ranks of the top fourteen players.
  • Schutt’s success wasn’t limited to her performance on the field. She was also looked upon as a potential leader after the previous leader, Tegan McPharlin, suffered an injury.
  • It was believed that Schutt had the potential to take over as the leader of the South Australian Scorpions.
  • Schutt’s success continued to grow, and in 2018, she was named to Australia’s team for the ICC Women’s World Twenty20 in the West Indies.
  • Her exceptional skills on the field made her one of the players to watch out for in the competition. Schutt’s success is a testament to her hard work and dedication, and there is no doubt that she will continue to shine in the years to come.
Megan Schutt

Megan Schutt

Megan Schutt (Cricketer): Social Life

  • Megan Schutt is very active on social sites, just like all of the other Aussie players. There are also a number of posts about him that have been shared by the ICC or other cricket-related organizations. Most of these posts praise his amazing batting. A lot of people talk about him on Twitter, too.
  • His Instagram account has about 304 posts, and over 35,000 people follow it. She also uses it to tell the world how she feels and what she thinks. She has 583 followers, which is a lot, but she has earned them by being good at what she does and working hard.
  • She is a person who doesn’t really like living a lavish and beautiful life but doesn’t like to brag. He is a man who likes to keep his life simple and his thoughts high. Her Instagram bio talks about what she likes and how she likes things. She likes chocolate and drinks coffee more than tea.
  • Her life philosophy is pretty clear. She doesn’t like to brag about things; instead, she likes to show off her work by how well it turns out.
  • She also thinks that a person’s words and actions can be at odds with each other. Because of this, she says that you should never trust a person’s words and should always judge them by their actions because only those show the real truth about them.
  • She likes to stay in shape and works out often, which is also important for any athlete who plays any kind of game.
  • As the player advances in his career, he takes on more responsibilities on and off the field. She wants to improve as a person every day and get into good habits. She is a girl who wants to do the right thing. She has the kind of personality that wants to do the best for herself, so she thinks that every day is a chance to do better.
    Megan Schutt

    Megan Schutt (Image: Source)


1. Megan Schutt had a baby, but how?

Ans: Their baby was born early, in August, through a C-section. Schutt wrote on Twitter, “Our little miracle came into the world through an emergency C-section… We were told that because of our problems, she could come any time after 24 weeks.

2. What happened to make Megan Schutt a mother?

Ans: Megan Schutt married her old friend Jess Holyoake in March 2019. In May 2021, she told Jess that she was expecting their first child through “reciprocal IVF.”

3. Who does Jess Jonassen go out with?

Ans: Life at home. Jonassen got engaged to Sarah Gooderham in February 2018. The couple had planned to get married in May 2020, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they had to put off their wedding.

4. What is Megan Schutt’s age?

Ans: 29 years (January 15, 1993)

5. Whom does Megan Schutt go out with?

Ans: Jess Holyoak

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