Maya Hawke, who is 24 years old, is a rising actress that has the potential to dominate Hollywood in the future. You may recognize her from her role as Robin in the Netflix series Stranger Things. The American actress, whose parents are the famous actors Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, has most recently been seen in the film Do Revenge, which was produced by Netflix and directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. She co-starred in the film alongside Riverdale’s Camila Mendes.

Social media was a buzz with love and support for Maya Hawke after the release of the entertaining and twisted movie on Friday. The film made its premiere on Rotten Tomato with a score of 92%, and many people wanted to know more about the 24-year-old actress.

If you are interested in finding out how much money the star of Do Revenge has saved up, continue reading to find out more about Maya Hawke’s net worth and other information:

Maya Hawke

Maya Hawke

Maya Hawke net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Maya Hawke has a personal net worth of approximately $3 million, however other sites say that the actress already has a personal wealth that exceeds $5 million.

When we talk about her personal fortune, we are referring to the money that she has earned as a result of the hard work that she has put in within the sector. We are not taking into consideration the net worths of her parents, which are 45 million and 55 million respectively.

She has appeared in a number of critically acclaimed productions, including Stranger Things, Little Women, Ladyword, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, and Fear Street: Part One – 1994, to name just a few, and has generated the majority of her wealth as a result of her acting career. However, she is also successful in the modeling and music industries and earns income from these endeavors.

She has previously appeared for publications such as Vogue, Glamour, Wonderland, Calvin Klein, and a number of other publications, and in 2016, All Saints designated her “the face” of their brand. Maya Hawke is getting ready to release her upcoming second studio album, titled Moss, on September 23. Shortly after the album’s release, she will embark on a tour in Los Angeles, which indicates that she is likely to make a healthy profit from this endeavor.

Maya’s income will increase in tandem with the success of her work.

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Maya Hawke Wiki

Maya Ray Thurman Hawke

July 8, 1998 (age 24)

New York City, New York, U.S.
Education Juilliard School
  • Actress
  • model
  • singer-songwriter
Years active 2017–present
  • Ethan Hawke (father)
  • Uma Thurman (mother)
Relatives Robert Thurman (grandfather)
Nena von Schlebrügge (grandmother)
Maya Ray Thurman Hawke is a well-known American actress, model, and singer-songwriter. She was born on July 8, 1998 in the United States. After beginning her career as a model, Hawke made her debut on screen as Jo March in the 2017 BBC adaptation of Little Women. Little Women was her first film role. She has played minor roles in the films Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019), Human Capital, Mainstream (2020), and Fear Street Part One: 1994. She now plays the role of Robin Buckley in the science fiction series Stranger Things, which airs on Netflix from 2019 to the present (2021). The actress Uma Thurman and the actor Ethan Hawke are Hawke’s parents. Hawke is their daughter.
Maya Hawke net worth

Maya Hawke net worth

Early life

He was the first of his parents, actors Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman’s two children to be born, and he was given birth to on July 8, 1998 in the city of New York. On the set of Gattaca (1997), her parents first crossed paths. They went on to get married in May 1998 and then divorced in 2005. There is a sibling named Hawke. Additionally, she has two half-sisters who were produced by her father’s second marriage, which was to Ryan Shawhughes. Another half-sister was born to her as a result of her mother’s previous relationship with the banker Arpad Busson.

Hawke is a distant cousin of the playwright Tennessee Williams from her father’s side of the family. She is the granddaughter of the Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman and the model Baroness Nena von Schlebrügge on her mother’s side. Her maternal grandfather was an American. Birgit Holmquist, Schlebrügge’s mother, was also a model. She sat for Axel Ebbe’s statue Famntaget, which may be found in Smygehuk in Sweden at the present day.

Due to the fact that Hawke suffers from dyslexia, she had to attend a number of different primary schools before she was finally accepted to Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn, New York. Saint Ann’s School is a private school that places an emphasis on artistic creativity and does not grade students’ work. She finally became an actress as a result of the artistic environment. In addition to that, Hawke spent some time studying acting over the summers at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. She had spent one year working for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in acting at the Juilliard School before deciding to drop out in order to take a role in Little Women.

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Hawke began her modeling career as a Vogue model, just like her mother and grandmother. She was also selected to represent the 2016–2017 line for British fashion shop AllSaints. She appeared in a Sofia Coppola-directed Calvin Klein underwear video commercial as one of several faces in 2017.


In the upcoming live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid by Universal Pictures, Hawke was Sofia Coppola’s pick to portray the title character. Actress Chlo Grace Moretz was picked by the producers. Coppola eventually left the project as a result of these and other disagreements. Moretz ultimately left the program as well.

As Jo March in the BBC miniseries adaption of Little Women, Hawke made her acting debut in 2017. She starred in the Amanda Kramer-directed thriller Ladyworld in September 2018. Hawke later became well-known for her portrayal of Robin Buckley in the 2019 third season of Netflix’s Stranger Things. In the same year, Hawke co-starred in Marc Meyers’ thriller Human Capital, which is based on Stephen Amidon’s 2004 novel of the same name, and as Linda Kasabian/”Flowerchild” in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Hawke and Andrew Garfield starred in Gia Coppola’s follow-up movie, Mainstream, in 2020. She made a special appearance in the sixth episode of her father Ethan Hawke’s miniseries The Good Lord Bird that same year. She plays Annie Brown, the character’s daughter, who is portrayed by her father. She made a June appearance in the Adam Leon-written and -directed film Italian Studies, which also starred Vanessa Kirby. It had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival before being made public on January 14, 2022. She made her appearance as Heather later that month in the terrifying Netflix movie Fear Street Part One: 1994. She also starred in Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins, a spin-off podcast series based on her Stranger Things character, in 2021. She played Helen Gurley Brown in The Playboy Interview, a fictional podcast series in which she also had a starring role.

Hawke and Camila Mendes featured in the dark comedy Do Revenge on Netflix in 2022. She was chosen to star alongside Carey Mulligan and Bradley Cooper in the Leonard Bernstein biopic Maestro, which will be released in April 2022. She was reportedly cast in the upcoming movie The Kill Room with her mother Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson in May. She will appear as a special guest in Disney’s upcoming 2023 release of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, which was revealed in July. She will also be seen in the upcoming romantic comedy Asteroid City from Wes Anderson.


Hawke has said that folk music, especially works by Leonard Cohen, Patti Smith, and Joni Mitchell, has impacted her musical career. Since “music is the finest way to transmit poetry,” she draws inspiration from “great lyricists” like Cohen and Bob Dylan.

Hawke’s first two songs, “To Love a Boy” and “Stay Open,” were made available in August 2019. The tracks were co-written and produced by Grammy Award-winning musician Jesse Harris and Hawke. Early in 2020, Hawke gave her first-ever solo live concerts as a musician, a string of headlining shows all throughout New York City. Hawke was assisted in these performances by Benjamin Lazar Davis, Tth, Will Graefe, and Nick Cianci, in that order. Hawke announced her debut album, Blush, and the release of the first track, “By Myself,” on March 18, 2020, in the midst of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations. Hawke penned, “This, in my opinion, is not the moment for self-promotion. It is a time for awareness, education, and introspection.” The second single from the album, “Coverage,” was made available on April 22, 2020, and on April 28, 2020, Maya Hawke’s father Ethan Hawke debuted the music video for it. Blush’s release date was postponed from June 19, 2020, to August 21, 2020. Hawke made her first musical guest appearance on The Today Show in late August 2020 to promote the release of Blush.

Hawke announced the release of her second album, Moss, on September 23, 2022, along with the single “Thérèse,” which was released on June 29, 2022.

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