Matt McAdams is an American Reality TV Star and TV Personality who is known for starring in the TLC show I Love a Mama’s Boy with his mother, Kelly McAdams, and his girlfriend, Kim.

I Love a Mama’s Boy on TLC is about Matt and his mother. They have been on I Love Mama’s Boy for three years. He is close to his mother and stars with four other men named Ethan, Roberto, Tres, and Shakib who feel the same way.

Matt McAdams

Matt McAdams

Who Is Matt McAdams and How Old Is He?

Matt McAdams is thirty years old. He was born and raised on California’s West Coast. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall (1.8m) and weighs 90kg.

The famous TV person got good grades in high school and went on to get a Bachelor’s degree. His parents brought him up in the United States.

Matt McAdams is an American reality TV star who is known for being on the very popular show I Love a Mama’s Boy on TLC. On the show, different couples deal with the ups and downs of being with a “Mama’s Boy.”

The show follows women as they try to keep their boyfriends from getting too close to their moms. It already has two seasons out, and the third season will start in June 2022. He says on the show that he and his mother are very close and that she is like his best friend.

The reality TV star is active on Instagram, and she has more than 15.5k followers. His Twitter handle is @mcadams matt.

Matt McAdams Mother Kelly McAdams And Family

Matt McAdams lives with his real estate agent mother, Kelly McAdams. She is known for her work on the TLC show “I Love a Mama’s Boy” with her son. Both mom and son like to go on adventures.

On the show, we see that Kelly and his son Matt are very close. In the show’s last season, Matt and Kimberly had to move into his mother’s house because a fire damaged their apartment. Kelly was thrilled to see his son and Kimberly, but Kimberly got a job offer and had to leave.

In the next season of TLC, Kelly and his son talk about how life has been since Matt and Kimberly broke up. Kelly is Matt’s whole world and more than just a good friend. Kelly says that the breakup was very sad and that everyone was affected by it.

Matt McAdams Girlfriend?

Matt McAdams is seeing a woman named Kimberly Cobb, and they are currently in a relationship. I Love a Mama’s Boy is a popular TLC show, and both of them have been on it.

Kimberly seems like a very caring and loving girlfriend. She has also moved to cities just for her boyfriend’s job, and she has even moved into his mother’s house.

In one event, their relationships went through ups and downs. Kimberly was given a job opportunity that would completely change her life, but instead of enjoying it, she started to worry about her relationship.

Kimberly had to move to Austin, Texas to set up a new branch of her office and take on a new job because of her job. Instead of helping her career, this turned out to be bad for her relationship. It drove her further over the edge.

Kimberly found out the hard way that being in a relationship with Matt was hard when she started dating him. He was close to his mother, which made it hard for her to accept Kimberly because she thought her son was too good for her.

Things only got worse when Kimberly had to move in with his mother instead of staying with her, and she was treated like the second most important person. When Kimberly decided to move to Texas for her new job, Matt said she was being selfish because she put her job ahead of their relationship. In spite of all of that, Kimberly decided to move to Texas.

After moving to Texas, Kimberly was pretty happy because she realized she didn’t like the relationship and thought about ending it. But when Matt saw that Kimberly had changed, he became worried and flew to Texas. After that, Matt and her mother asked what was going on, and she said she wanted to end their relationship, but she was blamed for breaking Matt’s mother’s heart.

Now, fans are waiting for TLC to put out the next season.