Markus Templer, who lives in Toronto, is no longer with us. Everyone in the neighbourhood was shocked by his death.

Markus was a Canadian tech business owner, facilitator, and speaker. He was known for working with companies like the Jays Care Foundation, the Toronto Blue Jays, the Digital Finance Institute, and many more.

Friends and family say that this person has a very positive energy around them. So, why did something so bad happen?

Markus Templer

Markus Templer

Obituary: What Happened To Markus Templer from Toronto?

He grew up in Ontario, where he was born. He went to school at Western Ontario University. He also got his diploma from Dunbarton High School.

Templer was in charge of ProcureNet in Canada as the country director. He also worked for the Digital Finance Institute as a result of being a judge. Unfortunately, his family just announced through an obituary that he died too soon.

Diana Luu set up a GodfundMe fundraiser for Faelyne Templer and told everyone about his shocking death. “Markus Templer was many things to a lot of us,” she wrote. He was there for us when things were tough, the one we called to really celebrate a win, and the one we went to when we didn’t even know we needed a hug.

At first, the marketing campaign was meant to bring in $10,000. It has already hit the goal and raised more than USD 51,000 in just one day.

Why Markus Templer died and a tribute to him

Markus Templer Death Cause And Tribute?

Even though some people think he killed himself, it is not known for sure. The first things that happened only proved that he was dead, but nothing else.

The reason might be something from accidents to well being problems. But there is no way to tell how bad a continuous illness is. Everyone thought his death was sudden and unexpected.

His family is having a hard time right now. So, we don’t ask him or her any hard questions for the sake of his or her mental health.

Friends and family have been devasted by the loss?

After leaving an indelible mark on the group, Markus Templer’s “photograph” was soon posted all over the Internet as a tribute.

A Facebook user named TL Lieu wrote, “I have read all the posts and the outpouring of love, gratitude, and appreciation for you, but I still can’t find the words to say goodbye. It only took us 15 years to figure out how to hug without making everyone else feel weird.

In a similar way, a client named Doug Gordon wrote, “The guy with the most infectious laugh. He gives the biggest hugs and is a great person in general. You made people happy and laugh wherever you went. I know that many people will miss you.”

Close buddy Donna Nguyen posted fairly a couple of pictures and flicks with the caption, “His infectious smile, his energy, his big teddy bear hugs, his love for life … EVERYONE liked Markus, and it’s hard to believe that all we have left are memories of him. “Devastated, shocked, and heartbroken to the core.”

We bestow our sympathy and condolences to Markus Templer’s household and pals. He will stay with us forever in our memories. May he rest in peace.