The man who hit a car while driving drunk and killed three kids and their grandfather was Marco Muzzo. He never got to marry Taryn Hampton.

Marco was the one who got behind the wheel after drinking too much at his bachelorette party. But things quickly got worse when he didn’t stop at the stop sign and crashed into a car, killing three children and their grandfather.

At the time of the fatal crash, Muzzo was on his way home from Toronto Pearson International Airport. He had just got off a plane from Miami, where his bachelor party had been.

Marco Muzzo

Marco Muzzo

Marco Muzzo and Wife Taryn Hampton Wedding Explored?

Marco and Taryn were supposed to get married, but it never happened. When Marco died in a terrible accident, the two were engaged and making plans for their upcoming wedding.

He grew up in a wealthy family because his grandfather made a lot of money from dry-walling and real estate. He had a good job at the family business, where he had worked since he was old enough to sweep the floors, and he was ready to get married to Taryn Hampton. Since the accident, she had been his rock.

Muzzo went to Miami for his bachelor party, and he took a private plane back to Toronto International Airport just after 3 p.m. Based on what is known, it is unclear when he started drinking, what he drank, or with whom he drank. What is known is that he got drunk and was too drunk to drive.

At the time of the crash, his blood alcohol level was between 190 and 245 mg per 100 ml, which is more than 3 times the legal limit of 80 mg per 100 ml.

On their way to Brampton, the Neville-Lake children were in a Grand Caravan with their grandparents, Neriza and Gary Neville, and their great-grandmother, Josephina Frias. Only the two women were able to get away from the terrible crash and live.

Taryn has been there for Muzzo through this whole thing, and she also seems shaken.

Marco Muzzo Sentence And Jail Time Explored?

Muzzo pleaded guilty to four counts of driving drunk and killing someone and to two counts of driving drunk and hurting someone. In March 2016, he was given ten years in prison and a 12-year ban from driving.

Muzzo got out of a low-security jail in May 2020, and since then he has been living in a community center under close watch.

Those specific rules, like not drinking alcohol and staying away from places where people drink, staying away from direct or indirect contact with his victims, and not going to Brampton or York Region, will apply to his full release. His legal release date was set to be June 18, 2022, but his warrant will run out on July 28, 2025, which is when his term will end.

Who Is Edward Lake And What Happened To Him?

In 2015, a drunk driver caused a car accident in Vaughan that killed Edward Lake’s three children and his father-in-law.

He killed himself not long ago. On Monday, a Peel Regional Police officer found the dead body of Lake on Charters Rd. in Brampton.

Reports say that Peel Officers held him overnight because of a mental health order and a fight at his house on Father’s Day where they used a Taser. They let him go in the morning.