Wife of Marc Fogel Teacher Jane Fogel Requests Assistance After Being Arrested in Russia

A 61-year-old man called Marc Fogel has been detained in Russia on charges of having marijuana, although he only had 17 grams on him. The Russian high-security prison colony has sentenced Fogel, a teacher by profession, to 14 years in prison.

Fogel is elderly and already struggling with a number of health concerns, therefore his family in America is pleading with the US government to assist him. The family has launched a Change.org petition and is working to gather as many signatures as they can.

A letter-writing campaign has also been launched by Fogel’s family. Many of Marc’s previous employers and classmates are begging with him to come home in letters to Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Marc Fogel Wife

Marc Fogel Wife

Jane Fogel, the wife of teacher arrested in Russia, makes an appeal for assistance

The family of Marc Fogel, an Oakmont man who is serving a lengthy jail sentence in Russia, appeals to US authorities to release their loved one.

According to Fogel’s family, the US government ought to make every effort to help. Sarah Jane Grubbs, a niece of Mark Fogel, and Jane Fogel, his wife, are members of the family. Jane makes a request to the authorities of the country on behalf of her husband’s return to the family.

Grubbs’ only request is for her uncle to visit Oakmont. Due of his age and health, Mark and Jane’s other niece Ellen Keelan believes he won’t be able to survive. The family has not heard from or seen him in 348 days, according to Grubbs and Keelan.

Although Marc Fogel’s Russian counsel filed an appeal and will shortly present it to the court, the criminal defense lawyer, Sasha Philips, claimed that they have no reason to believe that it will lessen his sentence because they view it as politically motivated.

The family claimed that they periodically communicate through censored, translated letters that frequently lack context.

What Are Marc Fogel’s Charges? Will He Be Leaving?

On August 14, 2021, Fogel and his wife Jane boarded a trip home after their tenth and final year of teaching in Russia, but Marc Fogel was detained at the Moscow airport.

Fogel carried 17 grams of cannabis, according to his family, to relieve his persistent back pain. Last month, he was found there guilty of cocaine possession and trafficking. In a high-security prison colony in Russia, he was given a 14-year term.

We want to do everything we can to spread the word and beg our government to take the appropriate legal action to bring him back to us, Grubbs continued.

Marc Fogel: Age, Wikipedia

61 years old is Mark Fogel. Butler is where Marc grew up. He has a strong commitment to working with kids all over the world and likes to travel.

That’s what would start including him in negotiations, swaps, and other issues, Keelan claimed in her statement. He should be saved since his life is equally as valuable as everyone else’s.

The family is pleading with the Biden administration, according to Keelan, to declare Fogel to be wrongfully detained, which would trigger formal diplomatic efforts to win his release.

It even exceeds the penalties given by Russian courts to major drug traffickers and murders, she claimed. “This sentence is outrageously disproportionate to punishments imposed by Russian courts in similar cases involving similar amounts of marijuana.”