Malia Obama and her new beau are showing signs that they are a true couple after two trips where they kept their distance while strolling through Los Angeles.

The couple attended the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on Thursday morning, making their third public appearance together in the previous nine days.

Moreover, she was wearing a crop top that displayed her slender stomach and loose-fitting green leggings. Dawit was dressed in a pink t-shirt, green shorts, and a pair of shorts that had a portrait of the late Bob Marley on them.

Additionally, twice in the previous week, the two have been seen walking closely together. They were initially seen on July 26 getting takeout, then on August 2 they were seen out on a walk.

Malia Obama New Boyfriend Dawit Eklund

Malia Obama New Boyfriend Dawit Eklund

Who Is Malia Obama New Boyfriend Dawit Eklund? Wikipedia Bio

Malia Obama’s new boyfriend, Washington, D.C.-based producer Dawit Eklund, makes music appropriate for a basement dance.

Eklund, a pillar of the city’s electronic label and collective 1432 R, is skilled at making beats that seem straightforward but are actually rather intricate.

The lead song from Eklund’s 2018 Corona EP, “New Life,” is the ideal homage to foggy mornings spent dancing.

Flowing synth and chattering polyrhythms make up the majority of the track. Eklund nevertheless slipped in a few useful details that give it a substantial, handcrafted vibe: A bell rings, a hi-hat sizzles, and a voice that sounds like it may be coming from a radiator valve or a bell screeches excitedly.

Malia Ahn Obama And Dawit Eklund Age Difference- How Old Is He?

Dawit Eklund, who turns 33 next week, is nine years older than Malia, who turned 24 on July 4.

He not only resembles Barack Obama when he was younger, but also smokes like the 44th president, a vice that Obama has long acknowledged was difficult for him to give up.

Record Producer Dawit Eklund Net Worth In 2022- Wealth Explored

It’s safe to suppose that the 33-year-old music producer has a net worth of at least $1 million because of the potential enormous riches his line of work may have generated.

On the other hand, the following is only a guess based on his prior professional experience. His exact earnings and net worth are still unknown.

Dawit was a co-founder of the Ethiopian record label 1432 R, which has its headquarters in Washington, D.C. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he is also registered as a Democrat.

Their music “smoothly brings together dance music beats, the stutter of U.K. garage, an eerie electronic ambience, and – maybe most crucially – Ethiopian folk music,” according to a Washington Post piece that featured the label in 2016.

Dawit Eklund Parents And Family Origins

Jon Eklund, a retired State Department employee who worked at various American embassies in Africa, and his 66-year-old Ethiopian wife Yeshi are the parents of Dawit Eklund.

Dawit, one of his parents’ four children, also goes by the name David, which is an Anglicized version of his name.

In addition, he attended the International Community School in Addis Abeba, the Ethiopian capital, for his academic training before enrolling at George Washington University to study international development in Africa.