Mako Komuro (Xiao Shi Zhen Zi / Komuro Mako; 23 October 1991), formerly Princess Mako Zhen Zi NeiQin Wang / Mako Naishinno) is the oldest child and first child of Prince Fumihito & Princess Kiko and a former member the Japanese imperial clan. She is the niece and eldest grandchild Empress Emerita Michiko and Emperor Emeritus Akihito.

Mako Komuro

Mako Komuro

Mako Komuro Biography

Mako Komuro, also known as Princess Mako, was born 23 October 1991 in Tokyo Imperial Palace, Chiyoda. She is the younger sister of Princess Kako and Prince Hisahito. In her Primary, Girls’ Junior, and Senior High School years she was educated at Gakushuin School. In July-August 2010, she studied English at University College, Dublin. She met Mary McAleese (President of Ireland), and visited Northern Ireland.

Mako Komuro Education and Early Life

Komuro received a Bachelor’s degree from the International Christian University, Mitaka, Tokyo on 26/03/2014. While she was a student at the International Christian University in Mitaka, Tokyo, Komuro received a Japanese national certificate in curation and a driver’s license. She left Japan on 17 September 2014 to study at the University of Leicester. There she received a MA in Art Museum and Gallery Studies, and she returned to the UK on 21 January 2016. She also studied art history at University of Edinburgh for nine month, September 2012 to May 2013.

The Imperial Household Agency made the announcement on behalf Komuro, weeks before the wedding. It stated that Komuro had been recently diagnosed with complex PTSD by the head the NTT Tokyo Medical Center’s quality assurance room. Komuro attributed the persistent criticisms of her then fiance Kei Komuro, by media, Imperial family members and other Japanese commoners, to the diagnosis. Komuro and her dad declined to undergo the standard background check by the Imperial Household Agency for potential marriage candidates prior to their engagement. Soon after her announcement, many scandals such as the alleged marriage and insurance fraud of Kei Komuro’s mother and bullying at high school by KeiKomuro emerged.

Mako Komuro Wedding and Engagement

It was announced in May 2017 that the Princess would marry Kei Komuro (a ICU graduate). The original date was set for November 2018. However, the wedding was delayed by four years because of Kei Komuro’s and his mother’s involvement with a financial dispute over Y=4m she received from her ex-fiance. Some of this money went towards Komuro’s tuition fees. The imperial family and the general public disapproved of the match because of this dispute. The marriage would take place at a simple ceremony in a government office. It was later reported that it would be held on September 20, 21. This date was announced three days after she turns 30. As required by Imperial Household Law, she will lose her imperial title upon marriage, just like Sayako, Princess Nori and other princesses who have married commoners in recent years. Amid all the scandals surrounding her husband and his family, she plans to forego the taxpayer-funded payment of $1.3m USD that the Japanese government made to royal women after the Imperial Family’s dissolution.

Kei Komuro with Princess Mako

Kei Komuro with Princess Mako

Mako and Kei Komuro were to address the Japanese press at a press conference following their wedding. Several questions from the media drew strong emotions from Princess Mako. A doctor determined that Mako could not respond to any questions during a live press conference due to her severe PTSD diagnosis. The Imperial Household Agency stated that Mako and Kei Komuro will address all questions in writing.

Mako Komuro is her married name. She plans to move to New York together with her husband, who works at the New York-based law office Lowenstein Sandler LLP.

She will be registered in the Japanese family registration system after her marriage in order to receive official documents such as a passport.

In the meantime, her passport will be issued and she will apply for a US Visa. She will then move to her new home in Shibuya in Tokyo. Her parents are forbidden from her living at their Imperial residence.

Due to her public announcement of her PTSD diagnosis it has made it uncertain whether she will be granted a US visa.