In the south Indian cinema business, Maala Parvathi is a superstar. She is a well-known member of the AMMA panel as well as a superstar actress. The actress is currently in the spotlight and generating a lot of noise on social media, and for good reason. Netizens are hailing the superstar for taking such a bold action. Let’s go into the article and learn everything there is to know about her and why the internet loves her.

Maala Parvathi

Maala Parvathi

Who Is Maala Parvathi? As she steps down from the AMMA Sexual Harassment Panel

Maala Parvathi is a 51-year-old South Indian actress. Maala was born in the capital city of Kerela, Thiruvananthapuram, on May 18, 1970. She was a gifted student from the start, and she chose to major in psychology after graduation. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She later went on to become an actress, which she also succeeded at.

Maala Parvathi: Who Is She? Bio/Wiki

The actress is currently in the spotlight and generating a lot of talk on the internet. The reason for this was because of the position she chose. An young actress has just accused popular actor Vijay Babu of rape. The public’s reaction to this news was huge on social media as soon as it was released. Vijay Babu promised her lucrative jobs and then raped her, according to the young aspiring actress. Netizens began to criticize the superstar for his actions with the young girl.

In the midst of the scandal, Maala resigned from the ICC (Internal Complaints Committee), which was established by the AMMA ( Association of Malayalam Cinema Artists). Her abrupt departure from the company has stunned everyone. Maala Parvathi opened up about her reasons for leaving the ICC after resigning from her position. The popular actress claimed that the only reason she left the association was because it refused to take action against rape suspect superstar Vijay Babu.

Despite the fact that she has resigned from her position at ICC, she will continue to be a member of AMMA. Netizens hailed and congratulated her for taking such a strong position against the popular celebrity as soon as she resigned. Many other female musicians rallied to her side and complimented her for the way she decided to protest. Netizens applaud her for taking such a strong stance against sexual assault. We all watched how prominent stars remained silent and attempted to dismiss this severe allegation when this matter arose, but only Maala Parvathi stepped out in support of the little lady.