Lutfullah Niazi Full Viral Leaked Private Scandal MMS Video

There are a lot of videos that are going viral on the Internet because they have inappropriate content that shocks people. They keep up the trend by posting videos of them naked and sometimes having sex with other people on some important social media sites. They shamelessly put their own video on the Internet so that they could become more popular. A new video about one of the best known activists and artists, Lutfullah Niazi, who is in an adult video now. Get more information about Lutfullah Niazi’s video that went viral on Twitter.

According to some of the most recent reports from people who are known to be trustworthy on the internet, the activist has recorded the video. They are together in the video. However, the woman isn’t named in the video, and both of their bodies are covered by it. There is a lot of buzz about the video because people are sharing it quickly. It is being talked about on Twitter, Reddit, and even on Whatsapp. It’s easy to see the artist’s face in the video. He has been identified as the DG Narcotics who is in Punjab.

Other than that, the woman who appears in the video has been named as Syed Tabaassum. The woman has worked as an advocate for Lala Musa Government College, which is in the same city. People who write about news on a lot of big websites and local TV stations even cover the whole thing. Last Friday, a video was made that showed the Chief General DG Narcotic Punjab, Lutfullah Niazi, and a lawyer named Syeda Tabassum. Because it is not clear yet whether the video was put on YouTube with their permission or if it was put on by accident, Both of the departments are looking into the whole thing.

A lot of attention has been paid to this because two of the most well-known people are involved. I think both of them love each other. There isn’t much for both of them. It turns out DG Narcotics Punjab, Lutfullah Niazi, was born in Madras in India, and he was from Punjab.

Indian Railway Department: His father worked for that department. He even earned a bachelor’s degree in the arts, which is what he did. Once it is confirmed by one of the trustworthy sources, we will get back to you with more. Stay up to date with Social Telecast for more information and the most recent news.