Lulu Oliveira of Big Brother Australia is a customer service worker from Brazil who is presently a housemate on the television show Big Brother Australia. Until recently, she has been a major contender on the show.

Lulu Oliveira

Lulu Oliveira

Contenders vs Royalty is the theme for the current season of Big Brother Australia, in which new candidates battle against former housemates from previous seasons. Season 14 premiered on the Seven Network on May 9, 2022.

In the new season of Big Brother, Lulu is a charming Latina roommate who is looking forward to having a good time and winning the top prize of $250,000. More information on the Big Brother Australia housemate can be found below.

How Old Is Big Australia AU Contestant Lulu Oliveira?

Luciana “Lulu” Oliveira, a Big Brother Australia housemate, is 39 years old. She was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on September 13, 1982, and now lives in Brisbane, Queensland.

Before entering Big Brother, Oliveira worked as a customer service representative. The housemate is currently living with other housemates and is doing well. She performs admirably in the tasks and is a fan favorite on the show.

The Big Brother participant immigrated to Australia with her family as a toddler and received her citizenship in May 2015. She has traveled extensively over the world, visiting numerous countries.

Lulu Oliveira Wikipedia Biography

There is no Wikipedia page dedicated to Lulu Oliveira’s biography. Nonetheless, here is some information on the Big Brother Australia housemate’s personal and business life.

Big Brother has long been a favorite of Oliveira’s. Since the show’s start in 2002, she has been watching the Brazilian version. She considers being chosen for the show to be a dream come true. She also wishes to star in a daytime drama.

The Australian native of Brazil is a fantastic cook. On her Instagram, she has numerous images of her dishes. She intends to prepare delectable meals for the housemates. She enjoys Karaoke and considers herself a party animal.

Lulu Oliveira Husband Details

On his trip to South America, Lulu met her future spouse. Lulu relocated to Australia with him after they married 12 years ago. Her husband and two cats, Leo and Chester, live with her in Brisbane.

There are no data concerning Lulu’s husband’s name or profession. However, the couple appears to be very happy, and her husband is very supportive of Lulu.

The Latina diva stands 5’1″ tall and wears a big smile all the time. Her greatest weapon is her charm, and her biggest weakness is her unexpected rage.

In the 14th season of Big Brother on Seven Network, watch Lulu and her fellow housemates compete for a chance to win $250,000.