Luke Stanton is part of the SAS Australia Hell Week 2021 cast. Scroll down for more information about Luke Stanton.

SAS Australia’s newest episode is now available. Hell Week is the name of this reality TV series.

The season was short, but cast members had to overcome significant obstacles. The names of the 14 regular cast members have been released.

Luke Stanton

Luke Stanton

Luke Stanton Biography/Wiki

It is difficult to find any information about his private life after he switched careers as a Tradie. However, he did mention his father.

Luke had an emotional and special relationship with his father. His father, a Vietnam War vet who suffered from PTSD, was Luke’s father. The general public has very little information about him.

Unanswered is the question of Luke’s girlfriend or wife. He did start the series to understand his father’s point of view.

Because he was raised without parental guidance, he finds it difficult to talk to his child.

Luke Stanton Age: What is his age?

According to SAS Australia, Luke was 31 years of age in 2021. According to his AFL player profile, he was born January 8, 1990.

He was an ex-athlete who was drafted in the AFL, but was not able to continue his football career. Capricorn is his astrological sign.

Stanton is 6’3 inches tall and has excellent physics. He also appears to be in good physical condition. He was picked as a rookie but was not signed for the next season because of an injury and his drinking and partying habits.

After retiring from his athletic career, he is now working as a tradie. Luke gave up his dream of becoming a professional athlete, and now he is testing himself.

Luke Stanton Wife Name

Luke Stanton’s wifes’s name is Cassie Bree.

Cassie is a personal trainer. Luke frequently shares photos of Cassie and him on his social media accounts.

They also share a five year-old.