Who is Lucy Brown Howe? Lucy Brown Howe was the mother of Shauna Melinda Howe, who was murdered. To learn more about Lucy Brown Howe, read the entire article below.

Shauna Howe, a beautiful 11-year-old girl, was killed in October 1992. She was kidnapped, and then killed when she was thrown off a Pennsylvania bridge.

Shauna was returning from a Girl Scouts Halloween event when she was stopped by Reed Street and West First Street. She was only two blocks away from her home.

Many people want to learn more about Shauna’s mom after this incident. Let’s find out who Lucy Brown Howe, Shauna’s mother is.

Lucy Brown Howe

Lucy Brown Howe

Who is Lucy Brown Howe? Shauna Howe Mother

Lucy Brown Howe was the mother of Shauna Melinda Howe, who was murdered. The internet doesn’t have much information about Lucy Brown Howe, other than this.

Shauna Howe lived together with her mother Lucy, and her stepfather John. They lived happily together, but Shauna died at the tender age of 11.

Her mother has been arbitrarily shocked by her daughter’s death. She is a beautiful, young girl. In October 1992, she was kidnapped by her parents and murdered.

Howe’s abductors had taken her from a railroad bridge to a dry, rocky creek bed near Coulter’s Hole. Direct force trauma to her head and chest was the cause of her death.

Family Photos Of Shauna Melinda Howe

Shauna Howe was described by her as beautiful. She has a great relationship with both of her parents, despite the fact that they have divorced. She visited both her parents’ houses.

However, Shauna’s family photos are not accessible online. The same goes for information regarding her father.

We are keeping an eye on this matter and will keep you informed as soon as more information becomes available. Her parents will forever remember Shauna.

Shauna Melinda Howe Murder Case Explored

Shauna Howe was taken and found later dead under a bridge at Oil City, Pennsylvania. She was abducted at the corner West First Street and Reed Street.

Dan Paden, a neighbor, witnessed the kidnapping and provided details to investigators about the time, the abductor, as well as the getaway vehicle.

Timothy O’Brien and James O’Brien were both sentenced to September 2006 for their involvement in Shauna’s assassination.

The Oil City Council banned night-time trick-or-treating after Shauna, a little girl was murdered. This ban was in effect for 15 years, but it was lifted just in time for Halloween 2008.