Loujain’s story is one of perseverance and determination as she is ready to take on the dating scene after getting married at the young age of 21.

Unfortunately, her husband passed away just a few years later, leaving her to raise their children on her own.

Loujain’s story is both touching and inspiring, and the audience is eager to learn more about her late husband.

Fortunately, Dubai Bling offers a unique window into the lives of its characters, and viewers can’t wait to see what the show has in store for Loujain and her family.

Dubai Bling is a must-watch show for those who are fascinated by the lives of the rich and famous.

With its captivating storyline and extravagant lifestyle, the show offers a unique glimpse into the world of self-made millionaires living in Dubai.

Loujain Adada

Loujain Adada (Image: Source)

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Loujain Adada: Death Cause Of Husband Walid Juffali

Walid Juffali, a well-known businessman, passed away after a long and difficult battle with cancer.[1]thecinamaholic

His death in 2016 in Zurich, Switzerland, left many wondering about the circumstances of his passing. In this article, we will explore the details surrounding Walid Juffali’s death and its aftermath.

The Battle with Cancer

Walid Juffali’s health had been deteriorating for a while before his passing. In 2014, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and he underwent various treatments to extend his life.

Despite receiving the best medical care available, his condition continued to worsen, and he eventually succumbed to the illness at the age of 61.

Walid Juffali

Walid Juffali (Image: Source)

The Estate and the Will

Following his death, the businessman’s estate followed his will, which included the auctioning of most of his assets. The proceeds were then divided among his three wives and five daughters.

It is believed that Loujain Adada, Walid Juffali’s third wife, received approximately $1.1 million from the estate. This inheritance significantly contributed to her overall net worth.

Loujain Adada, a well-known socialite and philanthropist, opted not to return to her professional life after her husband’s death.

Instead, she focused on being a devoted mother to their daughters. Her decision to put her career on hold was understandable, given the magnitude of the loss she had suffered.

Walid Juffali’s Marriage Scandal with Two Women

The scandal surrounding the marriage of Walid Juffali, a prominent Saudi businessman, to two women is a story that has captured the attention of people around the world.[2]yahoo

The controversy began when it was revealed that Juffali was already married to American supermodel Christina Estrada when he secretly married Loujain.

This scandal has raised many questions about Saudi Arabian laws, polygamy, and the rights of women in these types of marriages.

Juffali’s Marriage to Christina Estrada

  • Juffali and Estrada got married in 2001 and were together for around 13 years before their divorce. During this time, Estrada also dated Prince Andrew.
  • However, the news that Juffali had secretly married another woman while still married to Estrada was a shock to her.
  • Polygamy is allowed under Saudi Arabian law, according to a 2008 study published in Islamic Law and Society.
  • This law allows men to have up to four wives at the same time, provided they can treat each of them equally. This law is based on Islamic principles and is practiced in many Muslim countries.
  • Juffali secretly married Loujain, which caused Estrada to file for divorce. Later, Juffali claimed he had divorced Estrada in Saudi Arabia in 2014 under Islamic law, without informing her.
  • However, regardless of the legal status of Juffali’s marriages, the scandal resulted in a costly and public divorce between Juffali and Estrada.
Walid Juffali with Ex-Wife

Walid Juffali with Ex-Wife (Image:Source)

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Loujain Adada Husband: Walid Juffali Bio

Walid Juffali was an influential and successful billionaire businessman who hailed from one of the wealthiest families in Saudi Arabia.[3]womenhealthmag

Born on April 30, 1955, he made a name for himself through his business acumen and expertise in various industries.

Early Life and Family Background

Walid Juffali was born into one of the richest families in Saudi Arabia, with a net worth of around $9 billion.

His family was the driving force behind one of the Middle East’s largest conglomerates, E.A. Juffali and Brothers. Growing up in a wealthy family, Walid had access to various resources that helped shape his life and career.

He attended some of the best schools in the world, including the University of San Diego and Imperial College London, where he obtained a doctorate in neuroscience.


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Walid Juffali: Professional Career And Education

  • As a successful businessman, Walid Juffali held several influential positions in various companies.
  • He was the chairman of E.A. Juffali and Brothers, which is the largest privately-owned business in Saudi Arabia.
  • Additionally, he served as the chairman of W Investments, which was his personal investment company.
  • He was also the chairman of Saudi American Banks and the Saudi Cement Company.
  • Walid’s impressive portfolio of leadership roles in prominent organizations made him a notable figure in the business world.

Educational Achievements

Walid Juffali’s educational achievements were equally impressive as his professional accomplishments.

He attended the University of San Diego, where he studied business and economics, which would later become the foundation of his career. He then went on to pursue a doctorate in neuroscience at Imperial College, London.

These academic achievements laid the groundwork for his success in the business world.

Walid Juffali’s legacy in the business world continues to live on long after his passing. He was a shrewd businessman who made significant contributions to various industries.

Loujain Adada

Loujain Adada (Image: Source)

Loujain Adada And Walid Juffali Dream Wedding

Loujain Adada, the former star of the reality show ‘Dubai Bling,’ made headlines when she married billionaire Arabic businessman Walid Ahmed Juffali in November 2012.[4]meaww

The couple’s age difference was almost 36 years, and Adada was called a ‘gold digger‘ by some for marrying someone so much older.

Despite the controversy surrounding their relationship, Adada and Juffali’s wedding was nothing short of a fairytale.

The Wedding of the Century

  • Adada and Juffali’s wedding reportedly cost more than $10M, and it was the talk of the town for a long time afterward. Adada wore a necklace worth more than $2M and a Karl Lagerfeld dress worth over $200,000.
  • The guest list included some of the biggest names in business and entertainment, who were flown to Venice on private jets for the occasion.
  • Adada described feeling like “a princess” on her wedding day. It was a day that she would never forget, and it was clear that she spared no expense to make it a truly unforgettable experience.
Loujain Adada

Loujain Adada (Image: Source)

  • Despite the criticism that she received for marrying a man so much older than herself, Adada knew that she had found true love.
  • Adada defended her decision to marry Juffali, stating that “love knows no age.” While some may have called her a gold digger, she knew that her feelings for Juffali were real.
  • The couple enjoyed four years of marriage before Juffali’s passing in July 2016.
  • After the death of her husband, Adada received a lot of support from fans and friends. She had lost the love of her life, but she knew that their time together had been special.
  • Adada has since moved on with her life, but she will always cherish the memories of her fairytale wedding and the love that she shared with Juffali.


Who is Loujain Adada and what is her story?

Loujain Adada is a woman who got married at a young age of 21 but unfortunately lost her husband to cancer just a few years later. She is a well-known socialite and philanthropist who received around $1.1 million from her husband’s estate after his death.

What is the show “Dubai Bling” about?

“Dubai Bling” is a show that offers a unique glimpse into the world of self-made millionaires living in Dubai. The show follows the extravagant lifestyle of the rich and famous in Dubai and offers a captivating storyline.

Who was Walid Juffali, and how did he die?

Walid Juffali was an influential and successful billionaire businessman from Saudi Arabia. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2014 and passed away in 2016 in Zurich, Switzerland.

What happened to Walid Juffali’s estate after his death?

After his death, most of Walid Juffali’s assets were auctioned, and the proceeds were divided among his three wives and five daughters. Loujain Adada, his third wife, received approximately $1.1 million from his estate, which significantly contributed to her overall net worth.

What was the scandal surrounding Walid Juffali’s marriage to two women?

Walid Juffali was already married to American supermodel Christina Estrada when he secretly married Loujain Adada. Polygamy is allowed under Saudi Arabian law, but the scandal raised many questions about the rights of women in these types of marriages. Walid Juffali claimed that he had divorced Christina Estrada in Saudi Arabia in 2014 under Islamic law without informing her, which led to a public divorce between Juffali and Estrada.

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