Lorna Garnett is a mother of two whose eight-year-long relationship with husband Tony Garnett failed when he left her for Ukrainian immigrant Sofia Karkadym, whom the couple gave shelter in their home.

Lorna Garnett

Lorna Garnett

A Bradford man has deserted the mother of his two children, Lorna Garnett, for a Ukrainian refugee named Sofia Karkaydm, who had only been living in their home for a week at the time of the man’s departure.

Garnett’s partner, Tony Garnett, who was 29 years old at the time, broke up with her when Karkaydm moved in with them as part of the government’s refugee rehoming scheme. At the beginning of the invasion, Sofia fled the atrocities that were taking place in her birthplace of Lviv and made her way to Bradford by way of Berlin.

A little more than a week after Sofia arrived at their home, Tony decided to become her sponsor and abandon his fiancée and their children in order to start a new life somewhere.

Who Is Lorna Garnett From Bradford?

Lorna Garnett, who is 28 years old and married to Tony Garnett, has been with her husband since 2014. The couple has been together since 2014. They are the proud parents of two beautiful children as a couple.

Her alleged spouse, with whom she had been cohabitating for a significant amount of time, had deserted her in favor of an immigrant from Ukraine whom the pair had taken in as a lodger. It was love at first sight when she met her future husband, Sofia Karkadym, who was 22 years old. In addition, Lorna asserts that Karkadym has been following her partner ever since they first met, and she is utterly distraught about Garnett’s decision to break ways with her.

Tony Garnett Lorna Garnett Husband of eight Years Left her for a Ukrainian Refugee

After meeting Sofia on Facebook, Lorna’s husband Tony, who works as a security guard in Bradford, offered to sponsor her immigration to the United Kingdom. Early in the month of May, Sofia was informed that her application for a visa had been successful, and she immediately boarded a flight to Manchester Airport to begin her move to Bradford, West Yorkshire, with her spouse, along with their two daughters.

However, as Tony and their new visitor drew closer to one another, tensions rose, and Lorna started to regret ever giving up the leased property they had been living in. And when Sofia mentioned that she required something more than just a roof over her head, her mother’s concerns were even more intense. When Sofia finished applying her makeup, fixing her hair, and putting on a shirt with a low cut neckline, her level of anxiety increased just as Tony was arriving home from work.

Lorna eventually snapped and kicked Sofiia, but she was disappointed when Tony, the man she had been seeing for the past eight years, joined her. They started sleeping in the same bed when they visited his mother’s house.

After having a whirlwind connection, Tony shared that he and Sofia had quickly become head over heels in love, and he expressed his desire to begin a new life with Sofia. At the moment, they are seeking for a new residence that they can share together.

Sofia Karkadym and Lorna Garnett On  Facebook

It would appear that Lorna Garnett and Sofia Karkadym do not spend much time using various forms of social media, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Digging up their social media handles at that time was a difficult task.