When he was seen mingling with people at a Birmingham bar in April, Ed Sheeran made headlines. Chris Martin has since carried out the same action.

The Shape of You singer was seen in a viral video lip-syncing the 2009 R&B song No Games at The Roost in Small Heath with drunken patrons. However, Coldplay’s frontman has given him a run for his money.

After partying at Glastonbury on Sunday, June 26, the 45-year-old pleased locals with a performance at a pub close to Bath, and the video has received positive feedback from fans.

The Stag Inn in Hinton Charterhouse, a typical family tavern that is now indelible for the fortunate individuals who received a complimentary Coldplay concert, was the venue.




Chris Martin’s spontaneous performance of his well-known song A Sky Full of Stars startled the crowd at the pub.

When a couple at the bar mentioned that the well-known Coldplay ballad would be their first dance tune, the generous musician offered to play the song on the pub piano.

Chris first asks the names of the couple and their wedding date in the viral video shared by The Stag Inn on Twitter before starting to play the well-known song.

The 45-year-old undoubtedly made the year of Hannah and Jeremy, who are getting married on August 28. The video clip will undoubtedly be played at the ceremony.


A little village west of Bath called Hinton Charterhouse is home to the family-run bar known as The Stag Inn.

The free house, which is situated on the high street, offers a wide selection of beers and wines along with six days of home-cooked meal service.

Starting with Derek and Marion in 1993, the Parkin Family has owned and operated the bar for more than 20 years.

The family business was taken up by their son Chris and his wife Machaela in 2000, and they are still in charge of it in 2022.

Chris Martin’s visit to The Stag Inn is noteworthy because it’s a typical family pub in Somerset and isn’t highly recognized among celebs.


When Chris Martin of Coldplay entered his bar, landlord Chris Parkin of the establishment couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

ITV quoted him as saying, “Crimealy, that dude looks like Chris Martin. We had just concluded lunch service and I was at the bar when this man stepped in.

The woman that was accompanying him then made a pinch me face and stated, “It is.”

Chris unexpectedly in and offered to play the song. “I begged the customers just to leave them in peace outside to enjoy their beverages and everyone appreciated that,” he said.

The Sky Full of Stars singer “came around and asked us if we wanted him to perform it on the pub’s piano, to which we said yes,” the landlord said after joining him for a conversation at the bar.

Before declaring, “It was really fantastic, a brilliant moment,” he told Sky that it was “the most weird five minutes ever.”

The landlord, who has attended numerous Glastonbury festivals since 1995 but has stopped lately, claimed that it seemed as though “Glastonbury visited me.”