Linus Sebastian’s Sisters: Who Are Isabelle and Emily? Facts About Linus Sebastian’s Family

Linus Sebastian is a Canadian YouTube star and the brother of Isabelle and Emily Sebastian.

Sebastian makes videos, shows how technology works, and sells things. He runs the Linus Tech Tips show. The YouTube personality also started Linus Media Group.

Sabastian is the creator and host of several channels, such as Techquicker, Channel Super Fun, Techlinked, LinusCatTips, LMG Clips, ShortCiricut, They’re Just Movies, and Mac Address.

Sabastian started working for as a sales representative. He was asked to be a unit manager by the company. As part of working together, he used to grow the business and increase the resources. The YouTube star was in charge of selling and marketing computer systems for customs.

Sabastian worked with the internal development team to come up with new tools and helped the PC assembly team with compatibility and other presentation issues. As a project manager, the person in the video used to make and keep in touch with distributors and direct sellers.

Sebastian worked for the Linus Tech Tips YouTube Channel as a host, a technical consultant, and a project coordinator.

Linus Sebastian

Linus Sebastian

Who Are the Sisters Linus Sebastian?

Isabelle and Emily were Linus’s sisters. In this video, the person giving the presentation talked about his favorite sister. The tech YouTuber made a PC for himself, his wife, his kids, his coworkers, and even an NBA star. Linus says that his little sister is the only person for whom he has never made anything.

On September 14, 2022, Bella talked on a YouTube video in which the host asked what it’s like to grow up next to a tech nerd. He made it possible to build a PC from scratch. Linus said he would stop playing on Xbox and Mac so she could play games.

Linus asked her sister Bella, “Once you’ve tried the PC, would you trade it for your Mac, or would you give it back and just keep your Mac?” Linus asked his sister about the step, and she said, “Open boxes.” Bella made a choice.

Who Is Isabelle?

Linus showed his little sister Isabelle a part of the PC on the video. He used the short name Bella for his sister. They seemed to get along well, and in the YouTube video, they talked about things they did as kids.

Linus asked his fans another question. She probably knew Linus before he was good at this kind of thing, and she probably told her about a time when he made a problem worse instead of better.

Bella remembers a time when Linus was trying to run water through tubes while making something similar to a computer. In that accident, the video host lost 7950 gt.

But he might have blocked that out of his mind. He even asked his mother to hide his video games, and when she did, he would go crazy and want them back. Linus says that Bella never eats and keeps her family from getting anywhere on time. She even gets lost all the time at public events.

Who Is Emily?

Linus’s other sister is named Emily. In the most recent video, he talked about the brother or sister who messed up his work. Even the advertiser got angry about the sister who scratched the finish on his cart on the podcast.

Linus only had two sisters, so he meant Emily when he said that she didn’t admit or apologize for what she did to his monitor.

Both McKenzie Brooke and Reif Harrison were successful when they were young.

Age Gap Between Two Sisters: Isabelle and Emily

When he talked about how old his sister was, it seemed like they were closer in age. The technology show-off was born on August 20, 1986, in Ladner, British Columbia, Canada. He is 36 years old right now. They might already be in their 30s.

On August 25, 2015, Linus posted a photo of the winning medal that her sister had given him for his birthday. He might have put a video of the good time he had with his sister on YouTube. He told her everything about the PC, from the hard drive to the monitor and more.

Fans of Linus wanted Linus’s siblings to get into trouble when they were kids. Bella said that Linus was the one who got into trouble when he was young. But the guy in the video blamed his sister and said that he was a good kid and she was always getting into trouble.

Still, Bella said that he used to work in the main office. She never worked in the Principal’s office. His sister was also proud of what he did for a living.

Linus and Sebastian’s Parents Are Supportive

Linus was born in Vancouver, Canada, to parents who cared for him. His sister says that he caused trouble as a child. He used to ask his mother to hide his video games, and then he asked her for them again.

Linus’s mom used to give him his game tools if he promised he would never give them back to her. On the path to becoming a video host, he ran into a lot of problems. But his parents and brother or sister had faith in him.

Linus also went to Garibaldi Secondary School from 2000 to 2005, when he got his diploma. In July 2003, he started working at Parcs et Terrains de Jeux in Boisbriand, Quebec, as a day camp counselor.

Linus used to be in charge of games and activities for kids under 12 years old. He also watched over kids when they played games, did activities, and went on trips. Even the campers’ activities and relationships with the tech guru are a part of what he or she does.

Linus worked at Maple Ridge Parks & Leisure in Maple Ridge, BC. He was a lifeguard and taught swimming lessons. The founder used to make lesson plans based on what students needed and teach swimming lectures at different levels. He also made sure that the people who used the facility followed the rules and code of conduct.

In January 2004, Linus became a franchisee for Student Works Painting in Marple Ridge. The host was in charge of everything about his franchise, like painting the inside and outside, making a booth for people to work in, and more.

Linus Sebastian Grew up In Family Farm

Sabastian and his four siblings grew up well on a family farm. The video presenter’s siblings are Asher, Emily, George, and Isabelle. As a child, he used to work on different kinds of technology.

Linus used to work in a different field before he became a technician. He worked at in Langley, BC, for six months as a retail sales rep. The video host worked for six years at the same company.

Linus became the manager of the PC System Business unit and the manager of a product. Later, he was put in charge of the YouTube video social media project. He worked for the company for two years as a category manager.

Linus was in charge of the organization’s overall growth goals and profits. He used to work with a skilled PM group and keep coming up with new ways to help the business reach its goals. The manager made plans for how retail and retail products would be set up.

Linus Sebastian’s Partner

Linus is already married. He might have gotten married to Yvonne Ho, his long-term girlfriend. Also, on May 20, 2011, they said their wedding vows. One of them is a boy, and the other two are girls.

Yvonne went to The University of British Columbia in 2004 and got her bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2009. She worked as a Pharmacy Technician at Costco Wholesale Canada while she was in school. She worked there for two years before moving to the pharmacy at the Fraser Valley Cancer Center.

For one year, Linus’s wife worked as a Pharmacy Technician. She was hired as the manager of the pharmacy at Costco Wholesale Canada in November 2009. For six years, she made a difference at her job.

After being married for two years, she became the chief financial officer for Linus Media Group Inc. After she got married, she changed her mind about what she wanted to do for a living.

The BC College of Pharmacists gave Yvonne a certificate in giving injections. She also got a license from the Canadian Red Cross for Emergency First Aid and CPR-C.

Linus Sebastian's Wife And Children

Linus Sebastian’s Wife And Children


Sebastian was the manager of products for the online computer store NCIX in Canada, which is no longer in business. He was asked to be the host of the company’s technology channel, which was made to explain how things work. Sebastian had help from a cameraperson and an editor who were not named. He also didn’t have a lot of money, so he had to borrow a camera from the president’s son in order to make videos. He showed how a Sunbeam processor heatsink worked in his first video.

Sebastian was told to make the Linus Tech Tips channel as a cheaper spinoff of the NCIX channel so that the NCIX brand wouldn’t be hurt by lower production values. When it first started, the NCIX channel had high costs and not many viewers. He said that Newegg and TigerDirect were competitors. Linus Tech Tips was made on November 24, 2008.

Sebastian did not make videos at NCIX full-time. He was a full-time sales representative, a high-end systems designer, a product manager, and a category manager during his time at the company. In the end, he left NCIX because he didn’t agree with the way the company was run. As long as he signed a non-compete clause, he could keep the channel.

Linus Group Media

Sebastian began Linus Media Group (LMG) in a garage in January of 2013.

Luke Lafreniere, Edzel Yago, and Brandon Lee were some of the first people to work there.

The group made the Linus Tech Tips channel as a separate business. From 2017 to 2019, LMG held an event called the LTX Expo every year. It was a “convention where tech-focused content creators and celebrities got together.”

LMG’s main office is in the Canadian city of Surrey, British Columbia.

By April 2022, there were more than 80 full-time employees at the company.