Who Is Lindsay Arnold? Where Is She Now? Did She Leave Dancing With The Stars?

Lindsay Arnold, a dancer who specializes in Latin and ballroom dancing, was initially thrust into the public eye when she competed on the ninth season of ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’ Arnold made it all the way into the top eight of the competition before being eliminated.

However, she began her adventure on “Dancing With the Stars” during season 16, and ever since then, she hasn’t stopped moving forward. Due to the fact that Lindsay has consistently been a viewer favorite competitor, viewers of “DWTS” season 31 were rather surprised to learn that she would not be participating.

Lindsay Arnold

Lindsay Arnold

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Why Is Lindsay Arnold Not On Dancing With The Stars Season 31?

Although Lindsay Arnold Cusick made her debut in the television industry with an appearance on the show “So You Think You Can Dance?,” her performances on “Dancing with the Stars” are what made her a household figure inside the industry.

When she joined the cast of “Dancing With the Stars” in season 16, Lindsay made history by being the franchise’s second youngest professional dancer. During her debut season, she competed with boxer and actor Victor Ortiz, who is also a professional. In spite of the fact that she had outstanding skill and technique, she and her partner were placed eighth overall and eliminated.

After being eliminated from the competition, Lindsay took a little vacation and then came back for season 21 of “Dancing With the Stars,” where she was paired with Alek Skarlatos, a former member of the Army National Guard. Since then, her dance has repeatedly lit up the stage, and in addition to finishing as the runner-up in season 24, Lindsay and her celebrity partner, Jordan Fisher, were voted the winner in season 25.

Since then, her dance has repeatedly set fire to the stage. Since her very first performance on “Dancing With the Stars,” Lindsay has never failed to astonish not just the show’s judges but also its viewers, who have praised her for being both modest and bubbly. As a result, viewers were dismayed to learn that Lindsay would not be appearing in season 31.

However, Lindsay made the choice not to keep her followers in the dark for an extended period of time and, on September 1, 2022, she published a message on Instagram in which she explained why she will not be participating in season 31.

While the post does include a cute photo of Lindsay, her husband Samuel Cusick, and the couple’s daughter Sage Jill Cusick, the professional dancer took the opportunity to express her gratitude for ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and the opportunities the show has given her over the years. Sage Jill Cusick is featured in the photo.

She went on to state that despite the fact that the show has irrevocably altered her life, she has decided that spending time with her family is more important than anything else.

In point of fact, Lindsay explained that because she lives in Utah, traveling to Los Angeles for the filming has always been quite difficult. She went on to say that she and her husband “exhausted every option we could think of to make it work,” but that in the end, none of the options “felt good in my heart” or “felt like the right thing for our lives right now.”

Lindsay and her husband have decided to focus on their personal lives rather than pursuing their acting careers. Because of this, Lindsey has decided not to compete in the upcoming season 31 of “Dancing With the Stars” because she wants to spend more time with the people who are important to her.

Lindsay Arnold

Lindsay Arnold

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Where Is Lindsay Arnold Now?

At the moment, Lindsay, her husband, and their daughter all make their home in Utah, which is also the location where she has cultivated a joyful existence surrounded by her family and friends.

In addition, the professional dancer added that although her husband has a full-time job in Utah, they have been making efforts to expand their family and have high hopes of doing so in the near future. Her husband is currently employed full-time in Utah.

In addition, it appears as though Lindsay adores being a mother, as seen by the fact that she frequently shares adorable photos of her daughter on Instagram as she grows older.

As part of her professional life, Lindsay has been gaining traction as a social media influencer and has signed multiple collaborations with prestigious brands. In addition to that, she is involved with The Movement Club, which is an online subscription-based training course that is taught by the professional dancer herself.

In addition, in April of 2022, she debuted an apparel collection that was created in partnership with Clad & Cloth, and she and her sisters currently manage a successful YouTube channel together. Therefore, it would appear that Lindsay has been passing one significant achievement after another on her road to achieving her goals, and we cannot wait to see what other marvels she has in store for us in the near future.

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