Samantha Fox, a singer, just got married to the woman she loves, Linda Olsen. On June 18, the wedding took place.

Fox was seen in a strapless dress with silver wedge heels and a bunch of pink roses in her hand. She drove up in a white car with pink ribbons on it, and the license plate said, “Samantha and Linda are getting married on June 18, 2022.”

The pictures of Sam Fox and Linda Olsen’s wedding are so cute! It’s clear that they love each other a lot. Sam deserves happiness bless her. So much has happened to her.

Sam Fox and Linda Olsen are MARRIED! Singer looks beautiful in a strapless white wedding dress as she walks under umbrellas to her ceremony in Essex

On the other hand, Linda was seen walking down the aisle with her two sons while wearing a beautiful dress and having people hold umbrellas over her. The wedding party wore blush pink dresses.

Linda Olsen

Linda Olsen

Everything known about Samantha Fox’s partner?

We don’t know very much about Linda Olsen at the moment. But for now, we know for sure that she is not in the entertainment business like Samantha Fox.

The Norway-born man is reportedly Fox’s tour manager. He is 46 years old. More information about her birth date, her job, and her education has yet to come out.

Since 2016, Fox and Olsen have been dating, and they have been busy fixing up their East London home. Melody and Fanny are their two cats. Adam, Olsen’s first son, lives with them. Noah, her second son, lives in Norway at the moment.

In June 2021, they were on ITV’s Loose Women, where Fox confirmed that Olsen had asked her to marry him in February 2020. Fox said she was a little surprised and added that when she met Olsen, she knew she was completely in love with her and wanted to be with her forever.

Olsen also said that when she was younger, she liked Fox and had a crush on him. She bought concert tickets so she could meet Fox, and they hit it off right away. They kept talking on social media and ran into each other at another concert. This was the start of their love story.

Samantha Fox’s personal life explored?

In the late 1980s, Peter Foster asked Samantha Fox to marry him, but she turned him down. Paul Stanley, the guitarist and co-lead singer for the band Kiss, was her boyfriend at the time.

Fox said in 2003, when asked about her personal life, that she had slept with other women but had never been in love with anyone before Myra Stratton. Then, in 2009, she said that she and Stratton would become a civil partner. But Stratton died of cancer in 2015, when he was 60 years old.