Leonardo Hathaway is the son of Lucene Duarte, who won the Miss Bumbum beauty pageant in Brazil. Leonardo helped his mother set up an OF account.

Lucene Duarte, a model and Instagram influencer with more than 1.2 million followers, is the mother of Leonardo Hathaway. The young boy first came to people’s attention when he set up an OF account for his mother.

The information was all over the Internet, and he said that he wanted to help his mom’s business. So, Hathaway signed her up for the racy subscription-based account to help her career. The son also needs something for himself, and it is said that his mother might give him a little bit more money.

Also, his mother, Duarte, has been a model for a long time. She has been in a few magazines, like the Portuguese Playboy and the Vietnamese Harpers Bazaar.

Leonardo Hathaway

Leonardo Hathaway

Leonardo Hathaway Is The Son Of Lucene Duarte?

Leonardo Hathaway is the son of Lucene Duarte, as was already said. He is said to be a male model in London. And the Lad Bible says that Hathaway has already posed without clothes for men’s magazines.

The bond between Lucene Duarte and her son Leonardo Hathaway is strong.

So, he’s now supporting his mom by making an OF account that quickly got a lot of attention from the media. The 19-year-old boy set up the account not for some strange reason, but because he needs to pay back some of the help his mom has given him over the years.

Leonardo Hathaway Mother Lucene Duarte Age?

Glanville Magazine says that Lucene Duarte is 42 years old. She is a citizen of Brazil because she was born there. She is a health curves model, as was already said. She was also on the front cover of the magazine Playboy Portugal.

Duarte’s curves have also made her famous in Europe, and she was the empress of the samba school drums at the last Carnival in 2020. She made her debut at Avenida do Samba for the So Paulo samba school Acad√™micos do Tatuap√©.

Duarte and Hathaway posed for “a picture” together.

She also has a large number of followers on social media and has become an influencer by sharing her lifestyle. In the same way, she won Miss Bumbum World 2020. After Duarte won the title, she became more well-known in the media and went viral on Reddit and several other social media sites.

Lucene Duarte Net Worth In 2022?

Some websites say Lucene Duarte’s net worth is between $1 million and $2 million. Most of her money comes from her job as a professional model.

Lucene Duarte in a podcast.

Now, she will be very active on the site for adults, where Duarte could make a lot of money. At the time this was written, she charged $15 per month to see her content, and $40.50 for three months. Duarte also makes a good amount of money from sponsorship and endorsement deals.