Lee Chugg And Jodie Swannick are accused of the murder of a vulnerable man in his Wembury home. Scroll below to learn more about the couple and their crime. 

Lee Chugg And Jodie Swannick

Lee Chugg And Jodie Swannick

A couple stands accused of killing a vulnerable man with learning impairments in his own home. According to a court hearing, Lee Chugg and Jodie Swannick are accused of stamping and kicking frail Stephen Fogg to death in his Wembury kitchen.

The 60-year-body old’s was not discovered for more than two days, according to the trial. He was described as a “kind man who wanted to be friends with everyone” by the caretaker who discovered him.

After pleading not guilty to his murder in Hawthorn Drive between December 14 and December 17, 2020, Chugg and Swannick were to face a jury in Exeter Crown Court in April 2022.

Who Are Lee Chugg And Jodie Swannick?

Lee Chugg and Jodie Swannick, two drug addicts, have been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Stephen Hogg, a vulnerable charity store volunteer, in his own home.

Despite their denials of murdering Mr. Fogg, they were found guilty at trial. Chugg’s lawyer, Ignatius Hughes QC, argued at a sentence hearing on Friday that the attack was not premeditated, cruel, or driven by a desire for financial gain.

Swannick, according to Richard Smith, QC, has a criminal history that primarily comprises of shoplifting incidents. Det Insp Ilona Rosson claimed during the sentence hearing that the couple took advantage of the victim’s vulnerability.

Details Of Stephen Fogg’s Death

While seeking for booze or money to steal, Lee Chugg and Jodie Swannick kicked and stamped on Stephen Fogg, 60, at his home in Wembury, near Plymouth, in December.

Mr. Fogg desired to be everyone’s friend and presented no threat. Before arriving to his door at 9 p.m. on Monday, December 14, 2020, Chugg and Swann had supposedly been drinking vodka and using narcotics together.

They appeared to be trying to have a drink with him. They were both involved in a savage attack in his kitchen, which left him with a cracked skull, a shattered jaw, 35 facial injuries, and 19 broken ribs, eight of which were fractured several times.

Chugg’s size eight trainers had left a bloodstain on Mr. Fogg’s shirt, indicating that he had stamped on his face before going on to his chest.

Lee Chugg And Jodie Swannick Jail Sentencing: Where Are They Now?

Lee Chugg and Jodie Swannick are both presently doing time in prison. Swanick is required to serve at least 18 years, whereas Chugg is required to serve at least 20 years.

For the vicious and horrific murder of a defenseless autistic in his own home, a couple has been condemned to life in jail.