Last Seen Alive: Where Was It Filmed?

In his action thriller “Last Seen Alive,” Brian Goodman follows Will and his wife Lisa as they travel to Lisa’s parents’ home. After stopping at a gas station, she abruptly disappears, and her husband immediately begins desperately looking for her across the enigmatic town. He is immediately identified by the authorities as the main suspect in Lisa’s disappearance, which forces him to flee. He explores the town’s criminal underworld in an effort to uncover the true offenders since he is desperate to find his wife and the police are after him.

The captivating thriller, which stars Gerard Butler and Jaimie Alexander as the lead couple, grips the audience with its action-packed story and intriguing cast performances. Additionally, the change in the background scenery as Will looks for Lisa quickens the pace of the narrative and creates an immersive environment. Naturally, a lot of people want to know where “Last Seen Alive” was filmed; if this describes you, we have all the information you require. Shall we get started?

Last Seen Alive

Last Seen Alive

The 2022 American action thriller movie Last Seen Alive[2] was written by Marc Frydman and directed by Brian Goodman. Russell Hornsby, Jaimie Alexander, and Gerard Butler, who also produced the movie, all appear in it. The movie, once known as Chase, centres on a man who, after starting to look for his missing wife, decides to enforce the law on his own. On June 3, 2022, it was released in the US. It received negative reviews.

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Locations for Last Seen Alive Filming

The Savannah Metropolitan Statistical Area in Georgia, specifically, served as the sole location for the filming of Last Seen Alive. The Gerard Butler-starring film’s primary shooting appears to have taken place in May 2021, with Peter Holland and Mark Nguyen serving as the directors of photography. Given its varied environment, access to a large pool of skilled artists and crew people, and tax incentives for the film industry, the Peach State is very well-liked as a shooting location. Without further ado, let’s follow Will as he searches for Lisa at each location shown in the film!

Georgia’s Savannah Metropolitan Statistical Area

The majority of “Last Seen Alive” was filmed in the Bryan, Chatham, and Effingham counties, which are part of the Savannah Metropolitan Statistical Area. The majority of the actors and crew camped out in Savannah, the hub of the area and the county seat of Chatham County, where they recorded numerous sequences against appropriate backdrops.

The group also made use of the areas in Bloomingdale, a city located near Chatham County’s northern boundary. According to allegations, they altered the city’s police department building to record crucial scenes. Wilmington Island, a census-designated location about 20 minutes from Savannah, was also visited by the film crew.

Southeast Georgia’s Effingham County served as the location for some of the filming for “Last Seen Alive.” A large number of scenes were filmed in Rincon, a city in Effingham County that is located 17 miles from Savannah. According to reports, the Texaco Rincon at 1113 North Columbia Avenue in the city is the gas station where Lisa vanishes in the film.

In addition to the Brian Goodman-directed film, a large number of other films and television programmes have been made in the Savannah Metropolitan Statistical Area. A Jazzman’s Blues, Forrest Gump, Baywatch, and “The Girl from Plainville” are a few examples.

Last Seen Alive

Last Seen Alive

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Will Spann is transporting his bride to the home of her parents. On the way, they stop at a gas station where his wife unexpectedly vanishes. He becomes confused and starts to fear, but he soon suspects wrongdoing. He notifies the authorities, but he ends up being the main suspect. The inquiry is being conducted by Detective Paterson, who thinks Will might be involved in his wife’s abduction.


The movie has an approval rating of 15% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 8 reviews with an average rating of 3.5/10. The movie received a 2 out of 5 star rating from Common Feeling Media because it “failed to develop a sense of intrigue about any of its characters.”


On October 1, 2022, the movie was added on Netflix in the US.


  • Gerard Butler as Will Spann
  • Jaimie Alexander as Lisa Spann, Will’s wife
  • Russell Hornsby as Detective Paterson
  • Ethan Embry as Knuckles
  • Michael Irby as Oscar
  • Cindy Hogan as Anna Adams
  • Bruce Altman as Barry Adams

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