Lawyer Larry Gadon has faced several controversies and is now facing suspension by the Supreme Court. While his disciplinary actions are not binding, he is being investigated for making false statements against Sereno during his impeachment hearing. He is now facing a disbarment proceeding and will have to explain himself to the court before being reinstated. As the disbarment process takes place, the Supreme Court decides the case en banc. The former senator has repeatedly declined to join the race for senator next year. He has a long history of scandal and has not even run for office in a decade. Although he has publicly stated his intentions to “genocide” the Muslim population, the fact that he ran as a Senator for Marcos’ former political party suggests that his political life has been skewed by scandal. Whether he should have entered the Senate race is a different question altogether.

Larry Gadon Biography/Wiki

While the Philippine presidential race is in the early stages, there are already several candidates running for President. In 2016, a former vice president and Lakas Christian Muslim Democratic Party member endorsed Larry Gadon. His candidacy has not yet been officially announced, and his name is still on the ballot. But Gadon has already made his way into the public eye by posting controversial remarks about Muslims in Mindanao. His supporters in the Lakas-CMD political party also backed him.

Larry Gadon Political Career

In 2019, the Supreme Court suspended Larry Gadon for three months for his comments about the Filipino migrant workers’ legal remedies. The court cited the attorney general for using abusive and malicious language during interviews. The judge reminded Gadon that he must be more careful and refrain from abusive language. In the end, the Senate punished him for three months. And now, he is not running for President. This is the latest in many cases involving his career as a senator.

During the impeachment trial, Gadon argued that the allegations against Sereno were unfounded. Sereno’s supporters even gave a finger, calling them “bobo” (stupid). Gadon’s supporters also criticized the case. However, the senator denied the allegations and defended his decision. As far as his legal career goes, he is not eligible for disbarment.

The Supreme Court has also ruled on Larry Gadon’s disbarment. After viewing the video, the court ruled that the lawyer had used inappropriate words against the journalist Raissa Robles. In a statement from the Public Information Office of the Supreme Court, the court has stated that the suspension is preventive and will last until the Supreme Justice removes him from office. The attorney’s actions will not affect the election of Senators.

The Supreme Court’s quo warranto order against Gadon, a self-proclaimed independent group, has also been an example of political polarization. The court has ordered the Office of Bar Confidant to submit an updated list of pending cases against lawyers associated with Duterte’s party. It has a shady past, but this is not the case for Larry Gadon.

After Gadon was given 10 days to respond to the viral video, he was forced to withdraw his comments. But he did not. The video was subsequently taken down and remained online. This is a sign of the political climate in the Philippines right now. There is a lot of confusion about the government’s role in the case. It is unclear if the media’s role in the process has been established or if the courts have imposed it.

Larry Gadon Political Party (KBL)

There are a lot of questions surrounding Larry Gadon’s past. The most prominent is his association with the KBL, which is affiliated with President Marcos. In a recent televised debate, he defended the Marcoses and said she was a tax evader. He also filed an impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Sereno, which led to the ousting of the chief justice. Despite these issues, Gadon is still a controversial figure.

Larry Gadon Personal Life

Complete Name: Lorenzo Gadon

Nickname: Larry

Birth Date: February 28

Hometown: Philippines

Political Party: Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL)

Larry Gadon Case

The disbarment case against Gadon prompted a suspension from the Supreme Court. In April 2018, he apologized to Robles, who had filed the case against him. The video was also made public and was seen by millions of people, including the President. The disbarment case has become the most famous legal case in the country. The high court has found Gadon guilty of numerous crimes, including stealing from the public.

Larry Gadon Net Worth

Larry Gadon has a Net Worth of $ 5 Millions approximately. His main source of income is through returns on various investments and corporate Lawyer based in Manila.

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Email Id: [email protected]




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