In March of 2022, Michael Barisone, a well-known dressage trainer, was brought to trial for a shooting that had taken place on the horse farm that he owned in the state of New Jersey. What took place was the result of months of back and forth between him and one of his students, Lauren Karanek, which took place between the two of them. The episode of “48 Hours” on CBS News titled “The Shooting of Lauren Kanarek” focuses on the events that took place surrounding this case and investigates Michael’s acquittal. He had a lot of people behind him, including his girlfriend Lara Osborne, who were all very supportive of him. Then, shall we investigate her more to learn more about her?

Lara Osborne

Lara Osborne

Who is Lara Osborne?

During the summer of 2018, Lara Osborne had her first encounter with Michael Barisone. During that time period, she signed up her daughter Jordan to take part in a dressage clinic that was being directed by him. Later on, Michael served as Jordan’s coach for the national championship that was held in Illinois. After that, Jordan lived on Michael’s farm in New Jersey and worked there as a student worker. The friendship that developed between Lara and Michael came first in their relationship. She explained that “He is extremely charismatic and has a wicked sense of humor, which is just like my sense of humor, so I totally got it.” He is the most charitable person I’ve ever encountered, and he would do anything for [my kid].”

The event took place on the afternoon of August 7th, 2019, sometime around that time. During that time period, Lara and her daughter were working on the farm. Michael had retrieved a weapon from his workplace and proceeded to the residence where Lauren and her fiance, Robert Goodwin, were residing. He pointed the rifle in their direction. This came after several days of escalating conflict in which Lauren frequently posted incendiary messages about Michael online, and the dressage coach accused her and Robert of harassing him and squatting on his property. Lauren’s actions came after the dressage coach accused her and Robert of harassing him and squatting on his property.

In the end, Lauren sustained two gunshot wounds to the chest, and Robert managed to take Michael down and hold him until the police arrived. After Michael was arrested, Lara offered her support to him and continued to pay him regular visits while he was being detained in custody. She said that their connection “developed from there” despite the fact that she was unable to recall exactly when the event took place. Lara made the following statement in April 2022: “When others fled away, I stepped up to support a buddy who was in need. That friendship eventually developed into something more deeper and more meaningful. It gives me great pleasure to mention that Michael Barisone is not only my dearest friend but also my life partner.

Lara continued by saying, “The last month has been utter misery; I have witnessed the guy that I love be torn apart, and all of his extremely private and intimate worries have been exposed.” She never wavered in her support for Michael throughout the ordeal, and in April 2022, when he was found not guilty on all counts, she was overjoyed. Additionally, Lara has assisted him with financial matters by launching a GoFundMe website in order to collect funds for his legal fees. Lara has brought in more than $60,000 in donations up to this point.

Where is Lara Osborne Today?

Lara Osborne believed that it was necessary for Michael to participate in treatment in order for him to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She went on to say that while it was possible that Michael will resume riding and teaching at some point in the future, the immediate focus should be on getting him back home. Lara is a devoted mother to her son, Jordan, and currently makes her home in Loxahatchee, which is located in the state of Florida.

In addition to being an equestrian and dressage rider, Lara is the founder of The Collected Pony, which she established in 2017. The company has developed a specialty in the production of tack and other items that are tailored to the needs of ponies and other smaller horses while also including an element of flair. In addition to that, they offer many options for the rider’s outfit.