Lalogonebrazzy480 was apparently shot, and there have been a ton of tweets about him.

Many Tiktokers thought that Lalogonebrazzy480, also known as Lalo Gone Brazy, was the funniest person on the site. Lalo’s singing videos and funny viral sounds made his account one of the ones that grew the fastest.

The Tiktoker is no longer with us, which is sad. The Sleazy Movement cover singer has been hurt very badly.

On June 27, 2022, someone tweeted that Lalo was taken to the hospital after being shot twice. Even though the online star was taken to the hospital right away, he died soon after.



Video: Who Shot Lalogonebrazzy480?

A video on the Internet says that Lalogonebrazzy480, whose real name was Nalgon, was shot and killed. The person who allegedly shot Lalogonebrazzy480, however, has not been named yet.

Just a few hours after Lalo posted his last Tiktok, word spread that he had died. He put up a video of himself rapping in his car.

Fans quickly filled the comments section with worries about his safety. One of the most popular comments said, “So confused, there were so many posts saying bro is dead, paralyzed, shot everything man.”

In the end, it was clear that Lalogonebrazzy480 had really died. News is coming out that he was shot and killed in his Phoenix apartment. Some say that he was killed in a park.

But this is a developing case, and the shooter’s name and what happened have not yet been confirmed.

Lalogonebrazzy480 TikTok Star Death Tribute on Twitter

When Lalogonebrazzy480 died too soon, people on Twitter were quick to pay their respects. It seems that the rumor began with a Twitter account called “keemstarnews.”

The news shocked a lot of fans. Many people liked him and what he put on his videos.

Back in 2020, he started posting things that had to do with singing. Still, in April 2022, Lalo made his official Tiktok account. He got more than 861.9K Followers and 25.6 million hearts in just a few months. In one of his most popular videos, he lip syncs to the song “Sleazy Movement.”

Lalo is well-known online, but he has also put out a number of original singles. “Slide” was one of the most popular songs on his rap album.

People liked the way he sang because it was different. He was funny, had a lot of skills, and had a lot to show the world.

Lalogonebrazzy480: How Old was He?

The Tiktok user Lalogonebrazzy480 seemed to be in his 30s. No one knows for sure when he was born.

He was from Mexico and wanted to be famous in the Spanish music business. He used to add his own words and sounds to Spanish songs to make himself stand out.

Fans liked the sound of the Trumpet the most out of all the things he made. And even though his account was banned more than once, he always came back.

This could be the last time we hear from him, which is sad. Some of his recent Tiktok videos have been seen by millions of people.

We are very sorry for Nalgon’s family and friends’ loss. He will always be remembered by us. His soul should be at peace.