Lady Tatiana Mountbatten’s husband Alick Dru’s parents and family business and net worth

As of July 23, Alick Dru and his beloved Lady Tatiana Mountbatten have officially become husband and wife.

The noble Dru family also became intertwined with the British Royal family, which has made royal family aficionados delighted. His recently wed bride, Lady Tatiana, is a first cousin of the late Prince Philip and the daughter of George Mountbatten.

As Lady Tatiana’s grace and popularity were significant aspects of the Mountbatten family, their wedding garnered media attention.

Lady Tatiana Mountbatten Husband

Lady Tatiana Mountbatten Husband

How wealthy is Lady Tatiana Mountbatten’s husband, Alick Dru?

Alick Dru, who is currently most known as Lady Tatiana Mountbatten’s spouse, also comes from a wealthy, noble British family.

In addition to coming from a wealthy background, this young man has plenty of corporate experience. He is the founder of Stealth Startup and has been managing it full-time.

The business helps companies operate covertly, which means it employs strategies to keep information hidden from prying eyes, particularly those of rivals.

This is a brand-new, cutting-edge marketing technique for maintaining a positive public image.

Alick founded the business in July 2021, and it has recently had great success. His net worth therefore totals many millions that are yet unknown to the general public.

From May 2019 until June 2021, he previously worked as an investor at SoftBank Investment Advisers, which contributed to his financial standing.

The Dru family heir has quite a bit of remarkable expertise in the startup field, as his LinkedIn profile indicates. Alick founded “Spires Tutoring” in 2015 and “Tripr,” a social travel app, in 2014.

He served as a Senior Associate at Strategy, formerly Booz & Company, after his two startup experiences. Between September 2017 until April 2019, The Etonian was committed to the organization.

Alick Dru is undoubtedly a multi-millionaire with such a successful corporate career and flourishing businesses, even though he has not disclosed his exact net worth.

Alick Dru’s parents are unknown. Their Wealth And Family Business

Alexander Bernard Molyneux Dru, the beloved son of Auberon Alexander Bernard Dru and Catherine Margaret Norden, was born as Alick Dru.

According to The Peerage, he was given his grandpa Major Alexander Dru’s name. One of the most affluent families in the U.K. with connections to commerce, land, and nobility is the Dru clan.

The late Gabriel Mary Hermione Herbert is his paternal grandma. Richard H. Norden and April Mary Binet, another blue-blood family, are Alick’s maternal grandparents.

Louis Gaston Dru is the great-grandfather of Alexander “Alick” Dru. His aunts Laura Jane, Mary Sophia, and Angela Mary are also members of his immediate family today.

The family firm, Bernard Dru Oak Ltd., is run by his father, Bernard. High-quality oak flooring is produced and installed by the family business, which is run by Bernard and his wife Catherine.

The business claims to use Haddeo Valley “sustainably sourced” oak flooring for its services. For many years, the Dru family has resided in the Bickham Manor in Timberscome, Somerset.

Look at the wedding photos of Alick Dru and Tatiana Mountbatten.

The wonderful and romantic wedding photos of Alick Dru and Lady Tatiana Mountbatten have been made public today.

One of the first media outlets to report the good news and include images of the wedding venue hubbub was Daily Mail UK.

The Lady wore a traditional white, full-length bridal gown with cap sleeves and a sash for this couple’s wedding at the Winchester Cathedral.

It was one of the elegant royal weddings thanks to her understated yet gorgeous bridal appearance and the customary veil.

Additionally, news of their A-list visitors made headlines. Cressida Bonas, Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend, whom he dated from 2012 to 2014, was among the couple’s noteworthy guests.

While skiing in the Alps in January, the startup winner and the equestrian got engaged.