In “The Chi,” Alani Nicole Anthony, popularly known as La La Anthony, portrays Dominique “Dom” Morris. She is a proud American television personality, actress, and businesswoman.

Since the third season of the American drama television series on Showtime, she has been portraying the character in a recurrent role, growing increasingly well-liked by the show’s viewers.

On June 24, 2022, “The Chi’s” fifth season debuts. A group of inhabitants in The Chi, a current coming-of-age drama series, are brought together by happenstance but come together because of a need for connection and redemption.

La La Anthony

La La Anthony

What Happened To Dom On The Chi?

Actor and television personality La La Anthony joined the cast of Showtime’s The Chi for its third season. In the show, she plays Dom, a driven cook who frequently finds herself in difficult situations.

The author went on to say that she and the other authors created Dom to replace Brandon and thought Anthony would be the perfect choice for the role given that the Power actress has expressed interest in appearing on the show.

Dom, though, does not appear frequently throughout the series. For the previous two seasons, she has played more of a supporting role. The current season is no exception. Fans may see Dom in only a few sequences in the six out of 10 episodes that have been aired.

Chi’s third season featured the debut of Dom, who was portrayed by La La. She then contacted Emmett, who is portrayed by Jacob Latimore, to inquire about running the late-night restaurant at his place of employment, Sonny’s. But in episode 9 of season 3, “Lackin’,” their working relationship broke down. In the episode, Tiffany, Dom, and Emmett share a bed even though he dates his son’s mother.

After Emmett proposed to Tiff, Dom and Emmett called it quits. But in season 4, she started dating Darnell, the father figure played by Rolando Boyce. When asked about the romance between Darnell and Dom, Anthony declines to “vouch” for it.

Is La La Anthony Leaving The Chi? All Details Explained

La La Anthony, who plays Dom in the television series “The Chi,” has not made any announcements about leaving the programme.

She is having a great time acting the part and has no plans to stop. There were, however, suggestions that she wouldn’t come back to portray the role for the fifth season after the fourth concluded some time ago.

The report, however, turned out to be false, as La Al made a comeback for season 5 in her familiar recurrent role as Dominique “Dom” Morris.

What’s coming up for Dom on The Chi was discussed by La La in an interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet. She also clarified the reasons for her disagreements with Dom’s personal life.

According to her, viewers of The Chi Season 5 will have to wait to find out what will happen to Dom. Even though she doesn’t always agree with Dom, the single mother wishes that her entrepreneurial zeal and ambitious desire would receive more attention.

Is Dominique Morris Dead, Or Have Any Illness In The Chi?

As season five of The Chi draws to a close, Dominique Morris is still alive and has not received a medical diagnosis.

Six episodes of the fifth season, which debuted with the episode “Overnight Celebrity” on June 24, 2022, have already been released. On August 28, 2022, the show’s final episode will air, capping the fifth season.

Despite the fact that Dom made an appearance in a few episodes, nothing unusual about her persona has yet to be revealed. It is unknown what will happen to her character because there are still four episodes left in this season.

Furthermore, there has been no word on the show’s cancellation or renewal. The showrunners are most likely waiting till the season is through before making a decision about “The Chi’s” future.