Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, a former celebrity couple, have been in the spotlight, experiencing one of the most carefully watched celebrity trials in recent memory. Both Depp and Heard spoke in front of a global audience in a Virginia courtroom after Depp launched a $50 million libel suit against her for her 2018 opinion article in the Washington Post.

People have begun to resurface the story of Heard’s Mustang, which was stolen four times, now that the case has finally come to an end. The fourth time, it was taken as part of Depp’s hoax rather than being stolen.

Amber Heard's 1968 Mustang

Amber Heard’s 1968 Mustang

Know why Johnny Depp ‘STOLE’ Amber Heard’s beloved 1968 Mustang

Amber Heard’s father, David Heard, and ex-husband Johnny Depp played her like a fool, convincing her that her 1968 Mustang had been stolen for the fourth time. They used a genuine cop cruiser, as well as a dummy cop and a bunch of other actors, in the scene.

You’ll note that Amber becomes upset and asks that her car be returned if you watch the video. Fortunately, the farce came to an end before it became too out of hand. Why was the hoax carried out in the first place? It was all for the sole goal of transforming Heard’s Mustang into a significantly superior vehicle.

In 2003, Heard purchased the car while still a rising star in Los Angeles, describing it as “In its original state, it was “a magnificent piece of crap.” On Overhaulin’, he was overheard explaining,

“The car cost me every penny I had and continues to cost me for the first eight years of my life in Los Angeles.” Heard’s silver Mustang caused her anguish not only because of the maintenance costs, but also because it was stolen three times during her 12-year ownership, the last time for six months.

“[Each time it was stolen], I’d enhance my security system only to be [foiled] again,” the actress said on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk program. “Every time, I found it — once it took six months, but they got it.” The last time they gutted it, and it crushed me fairly hard.”

“I park it on the street for a minute and someone takes it for a joyride, but they always get it back,” says the driver “In a separate interview with the Sunday Mail, Heard stated. Depp and her father, on the other hand, were the ones who committed the “theft” in 2014.

To Heard’s amazement, the men came together to “abduct” the car and have it restored to its former glory by Chip Foose, a well-known California-based automotive designer.

The restoration, which included altering the car’s color from silver to red and installing an all-white interior, was documented by Overhaulin’.