Kliff Timothy Kingsbury was born in San Antonio, Texas on 9 August 1979. He is currently the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, a National Football League (NFL) team.

Kliff Kingsbury was also the head coach at Texas Tech University from 2013-2018. Kingsbury was the offensive coach at Texas A & M University and coached Johnny Manziel to the Heisman Trophy. From 2008 to 2011, he was an assistant at the University of Houston.

He was the Sammy Baugh Trophy winner and the Associated Press National Offensive player of year. He was also Super Bowl XXXVII’s champion.

Kliff Kingsbury 

Kliff Kingsbury

Kliff Kingsbury  Career

Kliff began playing football as a player for his school’s football team. Kliff also played football in college from 1998-1999 under Spike Dykes, and 2000-2002 under Mike Leach. He set seven NCAA FBS records, and created 39 school records.

His outstanding performances earned him the choice of the coaches to be on the All-District First Team and the All-Big 12 Conference Second Team. He was named the Sammy Baugh Trophy, the US’s best college passer at the end 2002 season. He was named the Associated Press Offensive Play of the Year and placed 9th in Heisman Trophy voting.

Kliff was also awarded a scholarship by the National Football Foundation as well as the Hall of Fame. Kliff signed with the New Orleans Saints on September 6, 2004 and spent his entire 2004 season there. He signed with the Denver Broncos practice squad on September 6, 2005, and was released September 21st 2005. He signed the same contract with the New Jets, September 28, 2005, and then the Buffalo Bills in 2006. He also participated in the NFL Europe (2006), and the Canadian Football League (March 30 2007, 2007). Kliff Kingsbury started his coaching career in 2008, and then moved to Houston as a coach.

He later moved to Texas A & M as the offensive coach for Texas A & M as the former coach Kevin Sumlin. He was finally appointed the 15th head coach at Texas Tech on December 12, 2012. Kingsbury, 36, was the second-youngest head coach for a team in an AQ conference and the third-youngest in college football.

Kliff Kingsbury Biography

Kliff Kingsbury, an American football coach and former quarterback, was hired to be the head coach of Arizona Cardinals in the National Football League (NFL). He was a Texas Tech University player who was drafted 201st by the New England Patriots in the 6th round. Kingsbury was a Division I pass record holder and holds many more. He also won the Sammy Baugh Trophy 2002.

Kliff Kingsbury’s Net Worth & Salary

Kliff Kingsbury is a highly successful NFL player and coach. With $3703975 in school fees, he is the 30th highest-paid college football coach. He signed a five-year contract worth $10.5 million with Texas Tech Red Raiders in 2012. His annual salary was $3.5million. From 2013 to 2018, he spent five seasons in the office, where he was able earn as much as $13.5 million a year including bonuses. Kliff earned $5.5 million at 2018’s end.

Kingsbury signed a four-year contract as the Head Coach of the Arizona Cardinals on January 19, 2019. He would be earning a base salary $10.5 million. Through his leadership, he will be paid $1 million to $3.5 million. Cardinals has pledged to increase his salary by $200000 every year until 2020. He would also earn $5.5 million at the conclusion of his contract. His estimated net worth in 2019 is $15 million.

Kliff Kingsbury Family and Girlfriend

Kliff was born on the 9th of August 1979. He is the only child to his father Tim Kingsbury and his mother Sally Kingsbury. He is a Vietnam War veteran who was awarded the Purple Heart. He was born in San Antonio, Texas, United States. Sally, his mother, died from soft tissue sarcoma in 2005 while he was playing in NFL. Kliff attended the New Braunfels High School, Texas.

In 2001, he received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Texas Tech University. He received his management degree at the Rawls College of Business shortly after. He began dating FOX Sports host Holly Sonders in January 2019. The relationship ended abruptly and they split at the end of 2019. He began dating Renee Estella, an Instagram model.

Kliff Kingsbury High School Career

Kingsbury began his American football career while playing at the New Braunfels High School, Texas. His father Time, who was also the high school’s coach at the time, taught him how to practice. He also began playing baseball and basketball during this time. In addition to being part of the basketball, football, and baseball teams, he was also a member of the track team at his school.
His high school team reached the semifinals in the Class 5A Division II. He had 3,009 yards and 34 touchdowns during that time. He was the Texas High School Coaches All-Star Game MVP. He was also recognized for his academic excellence and sportsmanship, earning him a place on the Academic All-State team. In May 2018, Texas High School Football inducted him into their Hall of Fame.

Kliff Kingsbury College Career

In 1998, he began playing for Texas Tech University’s Red Raiders football team. He played first under Spike Dykes, the college football head coach. He then played for Mike Leach from 2000 to 2002. He rushed for 12,423 yards and scored 95 touchdowns during his college career. In 43 games, he played for the Red Raiders. As a junior, he was named to the All-District and All-Big 12 Conference first-teams.

In 2001, he ran for 3,502 yards and scored 25 touchdowns. He also performed exceptionally well during the 2002 college football season. He was awarded the Sammy Baugh Trophy for the best college passer in 2002. In 2002, he was the Verizon Academic All American and Player of The Year as well as the Associated Press Offensive Player and Player of Year. He was also a member of the All-Big 12 Conference’s first-team.

Kingsbury was the second player, after Graham Harrell, to defeat both the Texas Longhorns (and the Oklahoma Sooners) as a quarterback during their college careers. He was also the third college football player to throw 10,000 yards and pass 1,000 times. He was also the third player to throw over 3,000 yards in a single season during three consecutive college seasons.

Kliff Kingsbury NFL Football Career

Kingsbury was the New England Patriots’ 6th round, 201st overall selection during the 2003 NFL Draft. He suffered a devastating injury to his arm in that year, and he did not play in any of his first year with the Patriots. He was then released by the team on the 6th of September 2004. He signed a new contract in 2004 with the New Orleans Saints, one of the most respected NFL teams. He did not make it to regular-season games.

Kingsbury was then transferred to the Denver Broncos by Kingsbury on 6 September 2005. The team released Kingsbury on September 21st 2005 after he had only spent 15 days with their practice squad. He signed a new contract on the 28th of September 2005 with the New York Jets. On 20th November 2005, he made his NFL debut against the Denver Broncos. In 2006, he decided to transfer to the Buffalo Bills but did not make it to any regular season games.

Kliff Kingsbury CFL Job

In 2006, he signed a contract extension with the NFL Europe team Cologne Centurions. The team only played three seasons in NFL Europe before it retired in 2007. Kingsbury was able to complete 58 of the 102 passes and had 633 yards passing during his time with Centurions. He also holds a 56.9 completion rate for the team. He also has 73.7 ratings during this time, which is the highest among quarterbacks.

On March 30, 2007, he signed a new contract with Montreal Alouettes, a CFL franchise. In exchange for Brad Banks, the Alouettes traded him to Winnipeg Blue Bombers, a CFL franchise. He was the third-string quarterback of the Blue Bombers in the 2007 CFL season. Ryan Dinwiddie and Kevin Glenn were his closest competitors.

Kliff Kingsbury Coaching

Kingsbury joined the University of Houston in August 2008 as a quality control officer. In 2009, he was recognized for his efforts to improve the Houston offense. Kingbury was promoted to the position of quarterbacks’ coach and became the co-offensive coordinator after Holgorsen left for Oklahoma State University. Kingbury gained the trust and respect of

Kevin Sumlin, his former coach, and was promoted to Offensive Coordinator in 2011.

Houston was the offensive coordinator and led all offensive categories, including points and yards in NCAA during the 2011 season. He transferred to Texas A&M shortly after and was named the offensive coordinator for the 2012 season. His leadership saw the Aggies rise to the top 15 in NCAA statistics for all rushing, passing and total offense. They were also the leaders of the Southeastern Conference, with Kingsbury winning the Offensive Coordinator award.

Kliff Kingsbury Texas Tech Job

Kingsbury became the full-time coach at Texas Tech on 12/12/12 after Tommy Tuberville, then-coach, left for Cincinnati. He was the second-youngest coach in the AQ conference. He was also the third-youngest college football coach. He signed a five-year contract worth $10.5 million with Texas.

He has full creative control over the Texas team’s uniform since signing the contract. On 30 August 2013, he made his coaching debut against the SMU Mustangs. Texas won the match with a score of 41-23. The Red Raiders beat TCU shortly thereafter on the 12th of September 2013. They were ranked among the Top 25 debutants by the Associated Press after that win. Kingsbury signed an extension to their contract with a $3.5million yearly salary, on 29 August 2014.
The new contract gave Kingsbury an additional $200k per year and a maximum salary of $5.5million in 2020. The Raiders have lost three seasons consecutively since 2015 and 2018, which finally led to Kingsbury’s departure. Kirby Hocutt announced officially on 25 November 2018 that Kingsbury would be leaving the team for the next season. With a record of 35-40 overall and 19-35 in the ‘Big 12’, he finally left the club.

Kliff Kingsbury Cardinals Karriere

After Kliff’s departure from Texas Tech, USC hired Kingsbury to be their new offensive coordinator. After Kliff’s departure from Texas Tech in December 2018, USC athletic director Lynn Swann blocked all attempts by NFL teams to interview Kliff. However, there were clashes with the club. Due to this, he became very disappointed in the team and decided to drop his papers that month. Reports began to surface about his possible move to the NFL.
Many media outlets reported that Kingsbury was in talks with the New York Jets as well as the Arizona Cardinals in January 2019. The interview was followed by an interview with the Cardinals of Arizona. On 8 January 2019, he was appointed as the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals NFL team. He won his first NFL win against the Cincinnati Bengals shortly thereafter.

Kliff Kingsbury Playing Clubs

Year: Club

2003: New England Patriots

2004: New Orleans Saints

2005: New York Jets

2006: Cologne Centurions

Kliff Kingsbury Coaching Clubs

Year: Club

2008-2009: Houston (OQC)

2010-2011: Houston (Co-OC/QB)

2012: Texas A&M (OC/QB)

2013-2018: Texas Tech

Faq’s About Kliff Kingsbury

Q. Who is Kliff Kingsbury?

Kliff Kingsbury is the current head coach of the NFL franchise Arizona Cardinals since 2019. Before moving to NFL, he previously coached the Texas Tech team in college football. Besides coaching, he also previously played in several NFL teams including New York Jets and Denver Broncos.

Q. Where does Kliff Kingsbury live?

Kliff Kingsbury currently lives in Arizona for his coaching duty with the NFL franchise Arizona Cardinals. However, he is actually from the San Antonio area of Texas. He stayed in several places throughout his career due to his association with several NFL sides as a player.

Q. How old is Kliff Kingsbury?

Kliff Kingsbury is 40 years old as of 2020. Born on 9th August 1979, he grew up in the San Antonio area of Texas, United States. He started his coaching career at the age of just 33 and became the third-youngest coach ever in college football.

Q. How tall is Kliff Kingsbury?

Kliff Kingsbury is 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 meters) tall. For his tall stature, he had an added advantage over his opponent during his playing career. He still has numerous NCAA Division I records under his name.