Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was recently in the news, but not because of how beautiful she is. Kim Kardashian is a famous person and model who is known all over the world for her beautiful body. Kim Kardashian wore a Marilyn Monroe dress to the Met Gala red carpet, which got the attention of both her fans and people who don’t like her very much. Many people, like bob Mackie, said that Kim Kardashian made a mistake by wearing the dress because it was only made for Marilyn Monroe and nobody else should be seen wearing it.

Kim Kardashian Marilyn Monroe Dress Photos

Bob Mackie, a famous designer who drew the original sketch for Marilyn Monroe’s 1962 jean Louis gown, told EW that it was a big mistake for Kim Kardashian to say that Marilyn was a goddess and everyone took pictures of her like that and that the dress was only made for her and no one else. Many other people, like historians, say that it will ruin the building’s structure and ruin its history. Bob Mickie made it when he was only 23. He didn’t know that Marilyn Monroe would be the only one to wear it.

Kim Kardashian’s appearance on the red carpet of the Met Gala in Marilyn Monroe’s original 1962 jean Louis gown, in which she famously sang “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy, caused a stir. As the dress is thought to get damaged like Marilyn Monroe’s dress did, and because she wants to perform in it on record, she goes on a dangerous crash diet and dyes her hair blonde. This makes Kim Kardashian look like Marilyn Monroe, which is exactly what she wanted.

Some people cheered and praised Kim Kardashian for paying tribute to the icon, but many were worried about the dispute and copyright claims because she wore the real dress. The costume historians, experts, and conservators talked about the possible damage that could happen to the dress. TMC host Alicia Malone also said that Marilyn Monroe was worried about keeping her dress because oxygen can damage it and it needs to be kept in a very controlled environment. This was a jab at Kim Kardashian. Monroe became famous and praised for her beauty and striking sex appeal. She is still one of Hollywood’s most popular stars, but people love her for who she is and how kind she is.