Kili Paul has garnered a significant following on social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok, for his engaging and entertaining content.

In this article, we will delve into his early life, career, relationships, and social media presence.

Kili Paul’s career began to take off when he started posting videos on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

His content was entertaining, engaging, and quickly garnered a significant following. Kili’s videos featured him singing, dancing, and acting, showcasing his diverse talents.

Kili Paul’s social media presence has been instrumental in his rise to fame.

Kili Paul’s popularity on social media has also led to numerous brand collaborations and sponsorships. He has worked with major brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, and Adidas, among others.

Kili Paul

Kili Paul (Image: Source)

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Kili Paul: Who Is He? Bio Details

Kili Paul is a well-known social media star hailing from Tanzania.[1]wikiblogon

Born on 9 October 1995 in Mindu Tulieni, Pwani, Tanzania, Kili Paul’s career began with his passion for creating lip-syncing videos of popular Bollywood songs.

With his mesmerizing performances and engaging content, Kili Paul has amassed a massive fan following on various social media platforms.

The Early Days of Kili Paul’s Career

Kili Paul started his career on social media by creating lip-syncing videos of Bollywood songs. His creative flair and engaging content quickly gained popularity, making him one of the most followed social media personalities in Tanzania.

With his passion for entertaining and connecting with people through his content, Kili Paul was able to amass a huge following in a short period of time.

Kili Paul’s talent and hard work did not go unnoticed.

His incredible performances and unique style quickly caught the attention of audiences from all over the world. Today, Kili Paul has a whopping 4.9 million followers on Instagram, making him a popular social media sensation.

Kili Paul

Kili Paul (Image: Source)

Kili Paul’s Achievements

Kili Paul’s incredible talent has earned him recognition from the Government of India.

He has been awarded for his contribution to the world of entertainment and social media. Kili Paul’s fans and followers continue to grow every day, and his engaging content has become an inspiration for many.

How Kili Paul Turned His love For Bollywood Songs Into a Popular Hobby

Kili Paul, a young man from a small village, has become a social media sensation by posting videos of himself singing Hindi songs with his unique style.[2]greminmedia

What started as a childhood hobby has now turned into a passion that has earned him a large following.


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Discovering the love for Bollywood

As a child, Kili Paul loved to watch Hindi films and listen to Bollywood songs. He found the music to be mesmerizing and soon started singing along.

His love for Bollywood grew stronger as he grew older, and he found a way to express his feelings by posting videos of himself singing on social media.

In an interview, Kili Paul shared that he learned the pronunciation of Hindi songs from Google.

His family and the people of his village did not understand his fascination with Bollywood, and they even thought he was wasting his time. But Kili was determined to pursue his passion, and he spent hours practicing Hindi songs every day.

Adding his own style to the songs

Kili Paul’s videos quickly gained popularity on social media, and people were drawn to his unique style of singing Hindi songs. He shared that he always tries to find the English translation of the songs and understands the meaning of each part before recording.

He adds his own expressions to the love songs because he believes that love is universal and can be expressed in different ways.

Despite living in a village with limited internet access, Kili Paul’s talent and passion for singing have made him a star on social media. He has gained a large following and has even caught the attention of some Bollywood celebrities.

Kili’s story is a testament to the power of the internet and how it can provide a platform for anyone to showcase their talents and pursue their passions.

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Kili Paul: Favorite Things

Favourite Things
Favourite Food •Samaki Wa Kupaka (Grilled Fish in Coconut Sause)[3]imdbstars •Samaki Na Viazi Vitamu
Favourite Actor(s) •Salman Khan
•Hrithik Roshan
Favourite Actress •Madhuri Dixit
•Deepika Padukone
•Alia Bhatt
Favourite Colour •White
Hobbies •Dancing
•Listening Music

Education Journey of Kili Paul: From Tanzania to English Mastery

Kili Paul’s determination to learn and improve his skills is a remarkable story.

Despite facing difficulties in his personal life, he was able to receive an education up to the seventh grade from Hazina Secondary School in Tanzania. However, his thirst for knowledge did not end there. In fact, it was just the beginning of his incredible journey.

Kili Paul’s early education was not a smooth sail. Due to circumstances in his home life, he had to leave school after completing the seventh grade.

While it was not his choice, he did not let this setback deter his passion for learning. Instead, he sought out other avenues to continue his education.

Kili Paul

Kili Paul (Image: Source)

Self-Taught Language Skills

  • One of the most impressive aspects of Kili Paul’s education journey is his ability to learn and speak multiple languages, including Hindi and English.
  • He taught himself these languages through consistent practice at home and watching movies.
  • This not only showcases his self-motivation and dedication but also highlights his excellent learning abilities.
  • Kili Paul’s education journey is an inspiration for anyone who faces challenges in pursuing their dreams. His resilience, hard work, and self-taught skills are a testament to the power of determination and passion for learning.
  • We can all learn from his story that with dedication and perseverance, we can overcome any obstacle and achieve our goals.

Kili Paul: Personal Information

Real Name Yusuf
Nick Name Kili Manjaro
Other Name Kili Paul
Profession Video Creator, Farmer
Date of Birth 9th October 1995, (Age as on 2023 – 29 years old)
Birth Place Manjaro, Tanzania
Nationality Tanzanian
Height In Inches – 6’2″ ( 6 Feet 2 Inches)
In Metre – 1.88 m
In Centimetres – 188 cms
Weight In Kilograms – 80 Kgs
In Pounds – 176 lbs
Hair Color Black
Hair Type Curly
Eye Color Black
Body or Figure Measurements (in Inches.) Chest – 41
Waist – 28
Biceps – 12
Surgery/Botox/Fillers N.A
Sexual Orientation Straight
Zodiac Sign
Religion Islam
Ethnicity African, Maasai Tribe
Hometown Manjaro, Morogoro, Tanzania
Current Location Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Languages Known English, Hindi (Little Bit)
School Studied till 7th Standard, Dodoma
Hazina Secondary School, dropped school due to family problems
Hobbies and Favorites Stuff Video Creation, Dancing, Singing, Soccer
Favorite Actor Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff
Favorite Actress Unknown
Favorite Artist in Tanzania Diamond Platinum, Ali Kiba (Ali Saleh Kiba)
Food Preference Veg and Non Veg both

 Facts About Kili Paul

  • Kili Paul is a Tanzanian TikTok star, Instagram star and content creator.
  • Kili is well-known in the Whole world for his amazing lip-sync and dancing videos on Indian Song & Videos.
  • He rose to fame online for his amazing Lip Smacking video for Shershaah’s Bollywood hit song Ratan Lambiyan.
  • Kili is more famous all over India than her own country Tanzania and Prime Minister of India Modi has also praised her.
  • Both Kili Paul and Neema Paul together make Instagram real on YouTube.
  • PM Narendra Modi mentioned Neema Paul and Kylie Paul in Mann Ki Baat. PM Narendra Modi mentioned Neema Paul and Kylie Paul in Mann Ki Baat.
  • Kili has also recently been honored by the Indian Embassy in Tanzania.
Kili Paul

Kili Paul (Image: Source)

Kili Paul Survives Brutal Attack and Shares Photo

Kili Paul, the renowned social media influencer, and content creator, recently survived a brutal attack by a group of assailants. The attack, which occurred in a secluded area, involved the use of knives and sticks.

Despite being outnumbered, Kili Paul put up a fierce fight and managed to escape the scene. However, the attackers left him with severe injuries to his leg and thumb, which required stitches.

Kili Paul

Kili Paul (Image: Source)

Kili Paul Shares Shocking Photo of Injuries on Instagram

Following the attack, Kili Paul took to his Instagram stories to share a shocking photo of himself, showcasing the injuries he sustained. The photo shows him reclining, with his injured leg and thumb bandaged, and a pained expression on his face.

The post immediately went viral, with thousands of fans and followers expressing their shock and dismay at the brutal attack.

The incident has sparked outrage and concern among Kili Paul’s fans and the general public. The police have launched an investigation into the attack, with the aim of bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Kili Paul’s supporters have taken to social media to express their solidarity with him and demand justice for the heinous crime.

Despite the traumatic experience, Kili Paul has remained resolute and determined to overcome the ordeal. He has taken to social media to express his gratitude to his fans and followers for their support, and to share a message of resilience and strength.

Kili Paul’s unwavering spirit in the face of adversity has inspired and touched the hearts of many.


Who is Kili Paul?

Kili Paul is a social media star from Tanzania who rose to fame through his entertaining and engaging content posted on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

What did Kili Paul do to gain a large following on social media?

Kili Paul gained a significant following on social media by posting entertaining and engaging content. He started by creating lip-syncing videos of popular Bollywood songs, which quickly gained popularity.

What are Kili Paul’s achievements?

Kili Paul’s incredible talent has earned him recognition from the Government of India for his contribution to the world of entertainment and social media.

What are Kili Paul’s favorite things?

Kili Paul’s favorite food includes Samaki Wa Kupaka (Grilled Fish in Coconut Sause), Samaki Na Viazi Vitamu, and Mchemsho.

What is Kili Paul’s education journey?

Kili Paul faced difficulties in his personal life but was able to receive an education up to the seventh grade from Hazina Secondary School in Tanzania.

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