People were concerned about Kevin Bieksa’s well-being when he was absent from Hockey Night In Canada. People adore him and his analysis to the point where they become concerned when he is absent from the show.

Let’s learn more about the former athlete turned analyst and why he was absent from the broadcast.

Kevin was a professional ice hockey defenceman in the National Hockey League. After being picked by the Vancouver Canucks, he began his NHL career. He began playing ice hockey at an early age and participated in numerous junior leagues.

Before joining Bowling Green State University, he played in the Ontario Junior Hockey League for nearly three years. In 2014, he also represented Canada in the World Hockey Championships in Minsk, Belarus.

Kevin Bieksa

Kevin Bieksa

Where Is Kevin Bieksa From Hockey Night In Canada & Why Is He Not In Sportsnet?

Kevin Bieksa is most likely in California, as he stated in his most recent Instagram update that he was spending his day off with his family. People were concerned about him because he was absent from the final programme of Hockey Night In Canada.

It appears that he did not show up since he needed some alone time. Kevin was born on June 16, 1981, in the province of Ontario. Al Bieksa and Angela Lombardo are his parents. His father was a union official with the Ontario Federation of Labour.

His father, along with his brothers, coached him in minor hockey, thus it’s safe to say that he was heavily motivated by his father to pursue ice hockey as a career.

Kevin Bieksa: What Happened To Him?

Kevin’s absence from the show has caused widespread anxiety, and fans are concerned about his health. He appears to have taken time away from television to spend time with his family, thus his health looks to be unaffected.

On his Twitter and Instagram accounts, he informed his followers that he was taking a day off. People admire him and his daughter after he posts a photo of the two of them.

Kevin bieksa is his Instagram handle, and he currently has 940 followers. On Instagram, he only has one photo of himself and his daughter.

Kevin Bieksa’s Wife and Net Worth

Kevin has a net worth of more than $1.5 million, which he has amassed through his successful sporting career. Because of his work as an analyst in the sector, his net worth could rise.

He is happily married to Katie Bieksa, a writer who is also a writer. She wrote the novel Newport Jane, about a woman adjusting to life in California.

She also has an Instagram account, katiebieksa, where she frequently posts images of her family.a