Kerby Craig was a chef in Sydney who died at the age of 38. Even though he’s been dead for a few days, the news just came out online.

Kerby Craig, a famous chef in Sydney known for his Japanese restaurant Ume Burger, has died in a sad way. He had turned 38.

Kerby Craig

Kerby Craig

What Happened To Sydney Chef Kerby Craig?

It is said that Chef Kerby Craig has died. Even though no one knows how he died, his death has been reported in many places, such as the Daily Mail.

He was a 38-year-old famous chef who started the Japanese Ume Burger. When he was 15 and saw a chef break dancing in the middle of a service, he became interested in the world of restaurants.

That’s when he decided to get into the business and start his career there. So, he started as a young apprentice cook at Tetsuya’s. After working in Sydney and other places, he later helped Koi get a hat in The Good Food Guide.

Japanese Ume Burger Founder Kerby Craig Passed Away

The founder of Japanese Ume Burger, Kerby Craig, has died. Ume is an interesting restaurant in Sydney that serves Japanese food in a unique way.

He is a well-known chef in Sydney who has worked in places with Michelin stars in the UK and Canada. Unfortunately, he died in a terrible accident on June 9, just a few days before the tenth anniversary of his Japanese fusion restaurant, Ume.

Still, no one knows yet what caused him to die. The news sources haven’t said anything about it, either. But a lot of nice things are being said about the chef on social media.

Details On Kerby Craig Wikipedia- What Is His Net Worth?

Many Internet users are interested in what Wikipedia says about Kerby Craig and how much money he has. He is a well-known chef in both Canada and Sydney.

But, according to the Daily Mail, he got his conviction overturned after he was found guilty of hitting his girlfriend in a “jealous rage.” He said she was cheating on him and asked her for her phone. But when she said no, he allegedly got a kitchen knife and said he would hurt himself.

But his lawyers argued that Covid’s huge pressure and the resulting economic crisis led to the one-time crime. They were right, and his conviction was overturned. Still, he was given a two-year sentence of community service for his crimes.