Kelly Cates is back on Sky Sports with commentary on the Lyon-Ajaccio game, Jamie Carragher, and Gary Neville as the football season has begun.

Since last April, there have been online rumours that the presenter is expecting a child.

Let’s find out more about the Sky Sports presenter’s love life, daughter, and other details, including whether she is pregnant or not.

Kelly Cates

Kelly Cates

Is Kelly Cates From Sky Sports Pregnant?

The Sky Sports presenter Kelly Cates is the subject of persistent pregnancy rumours, which have driven her followers insane.

The journalist’s interview with Manchester United in April of last year sparked pregnancy speculations because it appeared that she had put on a little weight.

Since then, there have been frequent reports of Cates’s pregnancy, to the point where fans have stopped caring. One person tweeted, “Kelly Cates can’t possibly still be expecting. not possessing it a minimum of three seasons.” Kelly Cates looks to have been pregnant for at least nine years, if not more, according to another commenter.

The Sky News host made no mention of the news or her recent divorce from her ex-husband, so it’s likely that the pregnancy rumours are purely unfounded conjecture based on her appearance.

Kelly Dalglish Has Two Daughters

Although Kelly Dalglish’s pregnancy rumours are untrue, she and her ex-husband, Tom Cates, have two stunning kids, Milla and Gabriella.

Her younger daughter Milla is nine years old, while her older daughter Gabriella is twelve. Her offspring are adorable and resemble their mother in terms of appearance.

Tom Cates, a TV producer, and Kelly Cates wed in 2007, separated in 2021, and Kelly talked about her post-divorce dating life.

She had to rely on dating apps because she could no longer meet people in person at open events due to the pandemic, and as a divorced 45-year-old, she expressed her hatred against dating applications.

Fans believe that Kelly is seeing someone new because, despite the challenges, it would be strange for her to still be unmarried and gorgeous.

Height Measurements Of The Sky Sports Host

Kelly Dalglish Cates’ height is thought to be 5 feet and 6 inches based on how she appears. When hosting the sports parts, she sticks out from the audience as a tall, attractive woman.

The TV host has been employed by Sky Sports for more than six years, and she is most recognised for being the daughter of Sir Kenny Dalglish, a renowned football manager and player.

Cates credited her father, a sports enthusiast, for sparking her interest in athletics. She spoke about learning about the sport from her father. She additionally works for ESPN and Radio 5 Live in addition to Sky Sports.

She most recently became famous on TikTok for a brief clip in which she walked away from another Sky Sports host in retaliation for him ignoring her earlier.

Kelly has made a reputation for herself by making her kids and parents proud, moving from being known as the daughter of a famous football player to being known as a pundit and TV personality.