Any aspiring artist’s dream is to get a global stage to show off their skills and a chance to win a million dollars while also performing for their fans as a headlining act in Las Vegas. This could be the best thing ever and a real game-changer all by itself. If you want to become an all-around entertainer by wowing audiences and judges, ‘America’s Got Talent,’ a popular and well-liked talent show on NBC, can help you reach your goal.

But it won’t be easy for any of the artists on season 17 of “America’s Got Talent” to win this coveted prize. To get to the finals and win the prize, each artist has to come up with fresh, out-of-the-box ideas every week and do their best to impress the judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Sofia Vergara, as well as the show’s viewers and fans.

“America’s Got Talent” is back on TV, and it has also made artists work harder. One of the auditions that has been talked about a lot is that of Chicago-based bicycle comedian Keegan Buckingham, whose performance has been kept secret by the show’s producers. This, in turn, has made fans even more excited to see it in the next week’s episode.

Keegan the Bicycle Comedian in a still from ‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 17

Keegan the Bicycle Comedian in a still from ‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 17

Who is Keegan Buckingham?

Keegan Buckingham is a stand-up comedian from Chicago who is known for his blunt honesty, strong will, and great calves. His funny bike jokes work on any crowd, as he has spent years performing in showcases, open mics, bowling alleys, and libraries for anyone who would listen. He has opened for famous people, put on shows, and done all sorts of other funny things. Keegan will make you think, but not in a way that is annoying.

Keegan has done stand-up comedy at Chicago’s Comedy Cavalcade and Goldie’s Open Mic. He was also a guest on Chicago’s Que4 Radio’s Flabby Hoffman’s Radio Extravagonzo, which was a live radio show. He has also done stand-up at the Celtic Crown in Chicago for the “Title Bout Comedy Challenge.” ‘Talk Show, Interrupted,’ a live sketch show at the Public House Theatre in Chicago, and ‘Midnight Parade,’ a live talk show at the Second City Training Center in Chicago, were also shows where he wrote and performed. He wrote the script for the live game show “Spiked Punch” at Chicago’s Comedy Sportz. He has written for and co-hosted the live talk show “Talk Hard” at Comedy Sportz in Chicago.

He has also been the host of ten great open mics for aspiring comedians at Chicago’s Rockwood Place Open Mic for the show “Time Out Chicago.” Keegan has also put on the shows “This Week’s Show” at Bar Celona in Chicago and “Duck Duck Comedy” at Goose Island Wrigleyville in Chicago, both of which feature stand-up comedy. Keegan has also been named the “2011 Funniest Person in Iowa” by the Penguins Comedy Club in Cedar Rapids, IA. Steve-O, Kevin Farley, Preston Lacy, Arvin Mitchell (BET), and Tom Sharpe have all shared the stage with Keegan (Live at Gotham).

Keegan has done stand-up comedy sketches at Cafe Cabaret Chicago, Chemically Imbalanced Comedy, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago Getaway Hostel, Circa 21 Speakeasy, The Coco Club, Comedy Tub, The Co-Prosperity Sphere, Double Door, Englert Theatre, Gabe’s Oasis, Green Gravel Comedy Festival, Hoo HA Comedy, Laugh Factory Chicago, Motor Row Brewing, Second City Chicago, The ShitHole, Smiley Face Stand

He also has an Instagram account with the handle @keeganbuckingham. On this account, he posts comedy sketches and other videos.

Keegan Buckingham on ‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 17

At the moment, the creators haven’t shown or released any sneak peeks or short clips of the bicycle comedian’s audition performances. Also, Keegan hasn’t posted anything new on Instagram. All of this is making fans even more excited and thrilled than before.

We can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode to see Keegan Buckingham try out for a stand-up comedy show.

Season 17 of “America’s Got Talent” airs on NBC every Tuesday at 8 pm ET.

People who don’t have cable but still want to watch the reality show can use any of the following streaming services: Sling TV, fuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, AT&T TV, or YouTube TV.