Kasia Bodurka, a well-known Canadian journalist and anchor, has recently announced her resignation from Global News, leaving her fans and followers curious about her next move. The announcement was made on August 27, 2022, during her live show, where she had been working for the past five years. Bodurka’s presence was significant in both the Global News Morning and Global News at Noon shows on weekends. Her career began in 2017 when she joined Global BC, bringing with her an abundance of broadcasting and forecasting experience from across Canada and overseas.

Prior to her time at Global BC, Bodurka spent five years as a presenter and co-producer for a live daily variety program. She also spent five additional years as a weather anchor and correspondent, covering various locations across Canada and even hosting and producing on-board television on cruise liners.

Bodurka graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree in mass communication before transferring to Seneca College in Toronto to pursue broadcast journalism. She began her career as a community events host and producer at a small local TV station in Durham, Ontario, soon after graduating.

In 2015, Bodurka gained further experience working as a travel and brand TV host and live presenter at Cruise Line Media Production in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

With almost two decades of experience in the journalistic field, Bodurka has become one of the most prominent media anchors in Canada. Her sudden departure from Global News is expected to have a significant impact on the channel.

Despite her resignation, Bodurka has not revealed where she plans to work next or what motivated her departure from Global News. Some of her supporters speculate that she may continue to work for the channel.

Kasia Bodurka

Kasia Bodurka

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Why She Quit Global News and What’s Next for the Canadian Journalist

After five years as the weather anchor and journalist at Global News, Kasia Bodurka has announced her resignation from the organization. This unexpected decision was made during a live program and confirmed by the channel shortly after. In this article, we delve into the reasons behind Bodurka’s exit and explore her future plans.

Reasons Behind Bodurka’s Departure

Although Bodurka did not offer any specific reasons for her departure, she did express that she was excited to embark on a new journey and discover new aspects of herself. Her departure has left many fans in shock and disbelief, with some speculating that she may return to the channel in the future.

The Future Plans of Kasia Bodurka

While Bodurka’s future plans remain unknown, sources suggest that she may appear in films and television programs. This is not surprising, given her prior experience working on TV programs. If this is the case, we can expect to see her continue to thrive in the entertainment industry.

Impact of Bodurka’s Departure on Global News

As one of Global News’ most prominent journalists and weather anchors, Bodurka’s departure will undoubtedly have an impact on the organization. Her admirers have taken to Twitter to voice their opinions and express their disappointment about her exit.

Exploring Kasia Bodurka’s Relationship Status: Husband and Married Life

Kasia Bodurka is a well-known media personality who has made a name for herself in the world of journalism. She has covered several major events and breaking news stories throughout her career. However, her personal life has also been a topic of interest for many of her fans. In particular, people are curious about her relationship status and whether she is married or not. In this article, we will take a closer look at Kasia Bodurka’s husband and married life.


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Who is Kasia Bodurka’s Husband?

Kasia Bodurka is married to Edward A. Bowser. The couple started dating in 2016 and has been together for about five years now. Bowser is a luxury air salesman who has a passion for photography and traveling. His love for photography is evident from his social media accounts, where he regularly posts pictures of his travels and adventures. He seems to have turned his passion for photography into a side business, as he often takes professional pictures for clients.

Kasia Bodurka and Edward Bowser’s Engagement

Kasia Bodurka with Tommy Layrite

Kasia Bodurka with Tommy Layrite

After three years of dating, Kasia Bodurka and Edward Bowser got engaged in 2019.[1]SHtrendz However, the couple has not yet tied the knot, and there is no official statement regarding their marriage plans. Despite this, Kasia has referred to Edward as her husband in her social media bio. However, there are no pictures of their wedding available on the web. It is unclear why the couple has chosen to keep their wedding plans private, but it is possible that they want to enjoy their engagement for a while longer.

Kasia Bodurka and Edward Bowser’s Future Plans

Kasia Bodurka and Edward Bowser have not revealed any details about their future plans. It is unclear whether they plan to start a family or not. However, given that they have been together for five years, it is possible that they may be considering having children. Only time will tell what the future holds for this couple.

Kasia Bodurka and Edward Bowser’s Social Media Presence

Both Kasia Bodurka and Edward Bowser are active on social media. Kasia has over 5k followers on Instagram, where she regularly posts pictures and updates about her personal and professional life. Edward also has an active social media presence and frequently shares his travel and photography pictures with his followers.

Kasia Bodurka is leaving Global News.

Kasia Bodurka is leaving Global News

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Kasia Bodurka: Personal Information

Name Kasia Bodurka
Profession Weather Journalist
Age 35 years
Husband Edward A. Bowser
Nationality Canadian
Net Worth $1 Million
Kasia Bodurka

Kasia Bodurka

The Successful Career of Kasia Bodurka in Journalism and Broadcasting

Kasia Bodurka is a renowned personality in the world of journalism and broadcasting, particularly for her role as a weather anchor for Global News Morning and Global News at Noon Weekends. Since joining the Global News network in 2017, she has been contributing her vast knowledge and expertise in forecasting and broadcasting to Canadian media outlets, making her a trusted name in the industry.

Early Career

Prior to her work at Global BC, Kasia spent five years as the co-host and host of a daily variety show, where she was also responsible for producing the show. She also worked as an anchor and reporter for the Weather Network in Canada for five years, covering the entire country. Her wealth of experience in these roles has contributed significantly to her current success.

Television Production and Hosting

In addition to her work in broadcasting, Kasia has also made a name for herself as a skilled television production professional. She spent six years working for Rogers TV, where she served as a news and entertainment videographer, as well as a cum reporter. This role was challenging, requiring her to use her creativity and technical skills to produce quality content.

Moreover, Kasia has also worked as a television host for Cruise Line Media Production and as an on-air expert spokesperson for The Shopping Channel. Both positions demanded that she be in front of the camera, showcasing her excellent communication and presentation skills.

Exploring Kasia Bodurka’s Net Worth in 2023

Kasia Bodurka is a well-known Canadian news anchor who has made a name for herself in the world of journalism. Her hard work and dedication have earned her both fame and fortune.

Kasia Bodurka News Reporter

Kasia Bodurka News Reporter

Kasia Bodurka’s Estimated Net Worth

As of 2022, Kasia Bodurka’s estimated net worth is $1 million. She earns an impressive salary of $46k per year from her work as a news anchor. However, her net worth is not just limited to her salary. She has also made some smart investments in properties and companies, which have contributed to her net worth.

Career and Sources of Income

Kasia Bodurka has been a part of the journalism industry for over 15 years. Her career started in 2006, when she joined CTV News as a video journalist. She later became a news anchor for CTV News Channel, where she worked for several years. In 2019, she joined Global News as a national news anchor.[2]MarathiTV

Apart from her regular salary, Kasia’s celebrity status has also attracted sponsors, which have added to her income. She has also been a part of several high-profile events and has hosted many shows, which have helped her increase her net worth.

Future Earnings

Kasia Bodurka has announced that she is leaving Global News, where she has been working for the past two years. Her departure is guided by her desire to pursue other opportunities. With more experience and expertise in the field, it is likely that her payment will only rise from here. She may also be able to secure more lucrative deals and contracts in the future, which could further increase her net worth.


Why do fans believe Kasia Bodurka is leaving Global News?

Fans believe that Kasia Bodurka is leaving Global News because she recently announced her departure from the network on her social media accounts.

Is there any official statement from Global News regarding Kasia Bodurka’s departure?

As of now, Global News has not released any official statement regarding Kasia Bodurka’s departure.

What is Kasia Bodurka’s reason for leaving Global News?

Kasia Bodurka has not publicly stated the reason for her departure from Global News.

Will Kasia Bodurka be joining another news network?

There is no information available yet about Kasia Bodurka joining another news network.

How long has Kasia Bodurka been with Global News?

Kasia Bodurka has been with Global News for over a decade, starting as a video journalist in 2008 and eventually becoming the anchor of Global News at 6 and Global News at 11.

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