WATCH: The Video of Kano’s Bomb Blast Goes Viral On Social Media: The Kana has been the subject of some extremely terrible news on the internet. According to a viral report, a bomb exploded in Kana. On Tuesday morning, a bomb exploded in Sabon Gari, Fagge Local Government Area, Kana State. The explosion occurred near a school on Aba Road, and parents were frantically seeking assistance in all locations during the blast. Nobody could have predicted what was going on around them.

Kano Bomb Blast

Kano Bomb Blast

WATCH: Kano Bomb Blast Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Reddit & Social Media

According to the report, 13 individuals were murdered and 19 others were injured as a result of the explosion. It was a suicide gas bombing that murdered everyone instantly. It was a suicide bombing, according to an eyewitness. He recorded the footage and uploaded it to YouTube. The crime scene is being investigated by police, who are looking for the bomb blast suspect. PPRO, SP Abdullahi, and others, according to Kana State Police Public Relations Officer, are working to solve the riddle as soon as feasible. Meanwhile, investigators are searching for the perpetrator of the massacre.

This is the most tragic tragedy that has occurred in Kana. The Bomb Blast has made an appearance at the school. It was aimed at schoolchildren. Authorities are attempting to locate the criminal suspect, which they expect to do quickly. Because this is not a simple issue; it involves human life, and whomever is responsible must pay the price. On Tuesday morning, a bomb exploded in Sabon Gari, Fagge Local Government Area, Kana State. The explosion claimed the lives of 13 people and injured another 19 people. As a result, this is not a typical murder case; it involves the lives of several parents and pupils. In which they were faultless.

The report is trending in the viral news whenever it goes viral on the internet. After watching the video, many people are depressed. They couldn’t believe that a bomb had exploded in the state. Netizens are demanding that the accused criminal, who did this to innocent people, be found. They had no wrongdoing, but they had to pay the price. Netizens are asking that they be arrested immediately and imprisoned for the remainder of their lives. People are also expressing their grief and praying for those who have been killed.