Kamie Crawford is an American television host and pageant beauty contest winner of mixed ethnicity.

Kameran was named Miss Teen USA 2010 on July 24, 2010 at the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas. She is a television personality and beauty pageant winner from the United States.

Crawford got a $100,000 scholarship, travel, apparel, and a year in a New York City house with Ximena Navarrete and Rima Fakih, Donald Trump’s fellow Miss Universe and Miss USA titleholders.

Kamie Crawford

Kamie Crawford

What ethnicity does Kamie Crawford belong to? Her Family Was Investigated

Kamie’s ancestors include Jamaicans, Germans, Englishmen, Cubans, Indians, and African-Americans. She is also trilingual, being able to communicate in Spanish, French, and Patois.

Crawford is the oldest of Victor and Carla Crawford’s five daughters: Victoria, Karynton, and twins Kenadi and Kendal. Carla, her mother, became involved in the pageant industry when Kamie pushed her to do so.

Carla rose through the ranks of Miss DC USA’s executive state director and producer, among other positions. Crawford created a lasting impression on the pageant industry, even though she retired after hosting multiple events over her career.

In one of the podcasts, she disclosed that her daughter, Kamie, was the one who brought her into the pageant world. Carla has always been a huge supporter of her daughter’s job choices and has always been her biggest cheerleader.

Crawford notes that both of her parents have always been highly supportive of all of her career choices, and they have played a significant role in her current success.

Crawford graduated in 2010 from Winston Churchill High School in Potomac, Maryland, where she was captain of the varsity cheerleading squad. Before winning Miss Teen USA, she was admitted into the medical program at Georgetown University for the Congressional Student Leadership Conference.

Gordon Dillard, Kamie Crawford’s Boyfriend

According to speculations, Kamie met her partner, Gordon Dillard, a well-known music industry celebrity, in May of 2016. Dillard represents a number of well-known vocalists, including Arin Ray and Doja Cat, as a music manager.

Soon after their first meeting, they began seeing each other on a daily basis, and things progressed steadily from there. Kamie has also praised Dillard as a wonderful person who encourages her to be her best self while also allowing her the space to do so.

Gordon, according to Kamie, is a seasoned music business professional who is familiar with her work and background, making them a wonderful match.

Net worth: How much money does Kamie Crawford have?

Kamie Crawford, a model and presenter from the United States, is handsomely compensated for her work. As of 2022, she is predicted to have a net worth of $2 million.

She was crowned Miss Teen USA 2010 and received a $100,000 reward. Soon after, she began modeling with agencies, and in 2013, she signed with JAG models.

Crawford has been living in luxury since she received all of her career riches.