Find out where Justis Huni’s parents are from and other details about their lives as we get to know the boxer better.

Justis Huni is an Australian boxer who is becoming a top-level athlete very quickly.

He is the current Australian Heavyweight champion, a title he has held since 2020.

Even though the athlete has won other awards, the bronze medal he won as an amateur at the 2019 World Championships is still a very big deal.

As the man grows in popularity around the world, more and more people are interested in his personal life.

Several people are curious about where his parents came from and how much money the athlete has.

Justis Huni

Justis Huni

Justis Huni Parents: Who Are His Father And Mother?

Justis Huni’s father is named Rocki Huni, but no one knows what his mother’s name is.

The boxer usually has a good time with his family, so he posted a few pictures of his mom and dad on Instagram.

His father, Rocki, is also his trainer. Since he was young, Rocki has prepared him for bigger stages.

On the other hand, his mother has always been there to help and keep the family together.

The athlete hasn’t really talked about them in public, though.

Justis Huni Parents Nationality?

Justis Huni is an Australian, but his parents are from Tongan, Swedish, Samoan, and Dutch backgrounds.

On the athlete’s Wikipedia page, it is clear what his parents did for a living.

From these facts, it looks like they moved to Australia before Justis was born, but we still don’t know for sure.

What Is Justis Huni Net Worth?

Justis Huni’s net worth is thought to be between $1 million and $5 million.

The boxer has just moved up to the next level of his career, and he has done pretty well considering how long it took him to get used to the bigger stage.

Huni is only 23 years old, so he has a lot of work ahead of him.

The athlete has also made a good amount of money from his professional fights and other related activities over the years.

No matter what people say, official sources have not confirmed his exact wealth, and the official valuation is still in the works.