Aaron Paul and Justin Chatwin look alike, but they are not related. Justin Chatwin and Aaron Paul look almost exactly the same.

Fans thought the actors looked a lot alike, like brothers who were separated at birth. But their life goals and ways of living are different.

Paul has been interested in acting since he was a child. He used to act in the Church. But Chatwin chose his job without knowing what it would mean for his life.

The Shameless actor loves being outside and meeting interesting new people on the road. He also travels, rides horses, sails, and spear fishes. When it comes to this, they don’t have a lot in common.

Justin Chatwin

Justin Chatwin

Justin Chatwin And Aaron Paul Are Celebrity Doppelgangers

They joke about how much Justin Chatwin and Aaron Paul look alike. Fans also think that Chatwin and Paul look like they were separated at birth.

In the year 2020, everyone in Patagonia thought Justin was Paul, one of the actors from the show Breaking Bad. He was at the entertainment media awards, where a Jewish guy praised him and said he loved his work as Jesse Pinkman.

In the show, they even worked with the same kinds of characters. In Breaking Bad, Paul played drug dealer Jesse Pinkman, while in Shameless, Chatwin played Steve.

Fans used to mix up these actors before they saw them in these two shows. Some people thought that the actor from Another Life looked like a combination of the musician Billie Joe Armstrong and the actor from West World.

When they find out that these two entertainers are different, they are surprised. People who watch their movies say that they should play brothers in some movies. They even said that the Chatwin from Shameless would be the child of Scott and Paul.

Many people said they didn’t know how to tell these two artists apart. Some even said that if they showed him an episode of Shameless in which Steve was replaced by Paul, no one would notice unless they were told.

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Justin And Aaron’s Personal Life

Fans think that these two celebrities look alike, but their personal lives and relationship goals are different.

The star of “Josie and the Pussycats” was born on October 31, 1982, in Nanaimo, British Columbia. So, he is 40 years old right now. The Better Call Saul actor, who was born in Emmett, Idaho, United States, is three years older than him.

Chatwin was born to Suzanne, a mixed-media artist, and Brain, an engineer. He has French-Canadian roots, and he was raised in a Catholic family. He also has a younger sister whose name is Brianna.

The actor tried to do what his father did for a living, so he studied engineering and then switched to business. But he quit school and tried to become an actor because his friend dared him to. He said that he is a shy person who doesn’t feel at home in America.

The American actor was the youngest in his family, which also included three older siblings. His father was a Baptist minister, so he grew up taking part in plays at church. In the eighth grade, he decided to become an actor because he was so interested in it.

Paul got married to actress Lauren Parsekian in 2013. They had a beautiful daughter named Stroy Annabelle and a son named Ryden Caspian. They live in Los Feliz, which is in Los Angeles.

He dated fashion model Molly Sims and actress Addison Timlin in the past. Jenny is going out with Justin Chatwin’s long-term partner. Both of them ride, and they often post about their rides on Instagram.

As independent as they are and as much as they love seeing all the beautiful places, they think that learning to be in a relationship might be one of the most interesting things to learn.

Justin Chatwin

Justin Chatwin

Justin Chatwin Bio

On October 31, 1982, the actor landed on this beautiful planet.

He was born in the Canadian city of Nanaimo, British Columbia. His parents are Suzanne and Brian, who helped him see the world. His father is an engineer, and his mother is an artist and documentary filmmaker. He grew up in a Catholic family and is the oldest of three brothers and sisters.

He grew up in a Catholic family and is the oldest of three brothers and sisters. There is no other information about his childhood that can be found right now.

Real Name Justin Chatwin
Nick Name Justin
Famous As Actor
Age 39 years old
Birthday October 31, 1982
Birthplace Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Ethnicity French-Canadian
Nationality Canadian
Religion Christianity
Height 5 ft 11  inches
Weight 76 Kg
Body Measurements N/A
Biceps Size N/A
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Dark Brown
Shoe Size 12
Girlfriend/Dating Single
Spouse N/A
Net Worth $2 million
Brands N/A
Hobbies Acting, Traveling, Taking Pictures
Justin Chatwin

Justin Chatwin

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Justin Chatwin Career

Chatwin’s first role was as a devoted fan in the 2001 musical comedy Josie and the Pussycats. The movie, which was based on an Archie Comics series and a Hanna-Barbera cartoon with the same name, did not do well at the box office when it came out, but it has done well as a cult film in the years since.

Soon after that, Chatwin played John Spencer in Christy, Choices of the Heart, a two-part miniseries. He went on to be a guest star on a number of TV shows, such as Smallville, Mysterious Ways, Night Visions, Just Cause, Glory Days, Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, and Taken. He also played a young criminal in the Paul Johansson-directed TV movie The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie (2003). In D. J. Caruso’s psychological thriller Taking Lives, based on Michael Pye’s book of the same name, Chatwin played an aspiring guitarist who was killed by a serial killer who takes on the identities of his victims. [19] In the family-friendly comedy Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2, which was a sequel to the 1999 movie Baby Geniuses, he was a friend and helper to the main characters. The movie is thought to be one of the worst of all time, and Rotten Tomatoes gave it a score of 0%. Ellen Fox of the Chicago Tribune said that Chatwin was the movie’s “only bright spot.”

Based on his role as Tyler McKay in the three-part miniseries Traffic, Chatwin was named a “Actor to Watch” by Newsweek in 2004.

He also played a child prodigy in the WB pilot Prodigy, which starred Kate Mara.

Justin Chatwin

Justin Chatwin

The Education of Justin Chatwin

He is the son of Suzanne Halsall, a mixed-media artist, and engineer Brian Chatwin. In 1982, Brian Chatwin founded Chatwin Engineering, a civil engineering and construction company in British Columbia and ran it as president and CEO. Suzanne Halsall is also an artist. In 2010, Chatwin’s parents split up. His late grandfather was a French Canadian descendant. Brianna, Chatwin’s younger sister, is a tattoo artist. They were brought up as Catholics. After high school, Chatwin went to the University of British Columbia to study engineering, just like his father. However, after just one week, he changed his major to business. He quit school after a semester.

Who is Justin Chatwin’s wife?

Justin Chatwin, who is 38 years old, doesn’t have a partner at the moment. He has, however, been with a number of women in a romantic way in the past. The famous actor dated the American actress Molly Sims. In 2005, they met for the first time and started dating. But in 2009, the two of them broke up.

He was also seeing the Russian actress Margarita Levieva in 2007. In October of 2010, he was found with Addison Timlin in Venice. After seeing their beautiful pictures in the tabloids, their fans started to think they were dating in secret, but the two never said anything about the rumors. He lives in Venice, California, for the time being.

Also, Justin seems to be a strong supporter of the LGBT community, which is clear from the many tweets he has sent about caring about gay people. In November 2011, he wrote on Twitter that art could be a good way for LGBT people to talk about being oppressed. Chatwin also likes to travel, ride his motorcycle, and take pictures with film. He is also one of the Canadian ambassadors for Operation Smile, a non-profit medical service group. Chatwin is active on sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter when it comes to his social media presence. As of March 2019, more than 279k people follow him on Instagram and 143k people follow him on Twitter.

Justin Chatwin Physical Info

His green eyes are one of the things that make him look good. He is skinny and has the Scorpio star sign. Justin is about 76 kg and 5 feet 11 inches tall. He turned 38 this year. A “fair boy with thick bread” is a good way to describe how he looks.

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