Judith Durham: Did She Have A Stroke? Singer’s Health Update: Bronchiectasis Linked to Death Cause

At the age of 79, Judith Durham, an Australian musician best known as the lead vocalist of the folk group The Seekers, passed away.

Her band sold more than 50 million copies of timeless songs including I’ll Never Find Another You, I Am Australian, and Georgy Girl. However, she left the band in 1968 to go solo, and she subsequently produced a number of studio recordings.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese hailed Durham and called her “a national treasure” after she passed away.

Judith Durham “gave voice to a fresh strand of our identity and helped pave the path for a new generation of Aussie artists,” he claimed in a statement shared on social media. Her kindness will be greatly missed, and the songs she created for our nation will never be forgotten.

Judith Durham

Judith Durham

After having a stroke, singer Judith Durham’s abilities were diminished.

While on the Seekers’ Golden Jubilee tour in May 2013, Judith Durham suffered a stroke that had an impact on her ability to read and write musical notation and visual language.

She made progress on regaining such abilities during her recovery. Her ability to sing was unaffected by the stroke.

Following her concert in Melbourne in 2013, The Daily Telegraph carried an article regarding Judith’s stroke recovery.

In May 2013, Durham experienced a brain hemorrhage and was subsequently admitted to a hospital in Melbourne.

Bronchiectasis, a Long-Term Lung Disease, Caused Judith’s Death At Age 79

According to her Wikipedia, Judith Durham died at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne on August 5, 2022, as a result of complications from the persistent lung disease bronchiectasis. On that day, she was admitted to the hospital.

It’s not yet known how long she had the disease, though.

As tributes to the beloved musician flooded in on Saturday, George Ash, president of Universal Music Australia and New Zealand, lauded the late singer-songwriter in an emotional statement.

“Judith Durham was no exception,” he said. Great artists become a member of our extended family and our society.

Death of Her Late Husband Ron Edgeworth in 1994

Judith Durham and her husband, British pianist Ron Edgeworth, were wed for 35 years, from 1969 to 1994.

He was her musical director and an actor and composer best known for the films Cash and Company (1975) and Raw Deal, according to IMDb (1977).

Judith was by his side when he tragically went away from motor neuron disease on December 10, 1994. Judith chose to remain with his memories rather than get married again after his passing.

Judith also felt at peace knowing that Ron was continuing on his spiritual path since she trusted in karma and reincarnation.

The Seekers’ official website, however, claims that Judith and her late husband Ron chose not to have children.

Durham’s Inflated Net Worth Durham has built up a sizable net worth throughout the course of her illustrious career as a musician over the past 60 years. It is now impossible to estimate the singer’s current net worth, but it is safe to assume that she has accumulated millions of dollars.

Durham won many awards throughout the course of her remarkable career, including the Centenary Medal in 2003 and the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for music-related accomplishments in 1995.

She was also honored as the Victorian of the Year in 2015.

The group split up after sharing the Australian of the Year award in 1967, although they eventually regrouped to perform numerous more times, with the most recent one occurring in 2014.