JR Smith, a former professional American basketball player, played for the National Basketball Association’s New Orleans Hornets and Denver Nuggets (NBA).

He entered the NBA right out of high school after being selected by the New Orleans Hornets with the eighteenth overall pick in the first round of the 2004 NBA draft. Smith was eligible for the basketball squad at Saint Benedict’s Preparatory School in New Jersey during his high school years.

In terms of his family, JR Smith has three daughters across his two partnerships. He has one daughter from his former relationship and three daughters from his marriage to Jewel Harris. One of JR and Jewel’s three daughters is named Peyton Smith.

JR Smith with his two daughters Demi and Peyton Smith

JR Smith with his two daughters Demi and Peyton Smith

Some Quick Facts On JR Smith

Full Name Earl Joseph “J. R.” Smith III[
Born September 9, 1985
Age 36
Height 6’6″ (1.98 m)
Profession Retired Basketball Professional Player
Hometown New Jersey

How Old Is Peyton Smith? JR Smith Eldest Daughter Age in 2022

On April 20, 2009, Peyton Smith was born Peyton Rose Smith in the United States. By 2022, she will be 13 years old.

She is not the oldest of Smith’s three daughters, as some media outlets have said. Heavy disputes this. Demi Smith, the first child of JR Smith and Jewel, was born on February 9, 2009, two months before Peyton. She is eight years old as well.

On the occasion of Demi’s eighth birthday celebration, Jewel Smith congratulated her daughter on Instagram. It is believed that J.R. Smith enlisted the help of his daughter Demi for his marriage proposal to Jewel Smith. They only recently got married in August 2016.

On January 7, 2017, JR Smith, 36, and her wife Jewel had their third and youngest daughter. Dakota Smith is who she is. But giving birth to Dakota was more difficult than Jewel’s prior two births.

Dakota, the daughter of Jewel and JR, was born five months early, as she tells in the video below. Dakota was born to Jewel on January 3, 2017. She is one pound right now. According to a survey, the typical infant weighs 7.5 pounds. 5.5 to 10 pounds is the typical range.

According to Jewel and JR, Dakota was born five months early. She was born weighing just one pound. A newborn weighs 7.5 pounds when it is born. The typical weight range is between 5.5 and 10 pounds.

Jr Smith Daughter

Jr Smith Daughter

Who Is Peyton Smith? 5 Facts To Know About Jr Smith Daughter

Peyton Rose Smith is her full name at birth. She was the second of JR Smith’s three kids with his wife, Jewel Harris, to be born. She turns 13 on April 9 each year, when she also celebrates her birthday. She goes by the name “PeyPey,” according to JR.

Two sisters are Baby Smith’s siblings. Demi Smith, who was born a few months before her, is the older sibling, and Dakota Smith, who was born on January 7, 2017, is the younger. Dakota is already five years old despite being born five months early.

The former NBA star J.R. Smith was honest about his first meeting with Peyton’s stepfather. Prior to being married to JR in 2016, Jewel was cohabitating with another man. The former New York Knicks player attended Peyton’s sixth birthday celebration at the home of his daughter’s stepfather. “I simply wanted to let men know if your child or kids are living with another man, MEET HIM FIRST before you act up,” he stated in a piece of advise on his Instagram.

Seven years after Peyton Smith’s birth in August 2016, her parents, JR and Jewel, were still together. Prior to their wedding, the couple had already become parents to two children after reconciling in 2015. Demi and Petyon.

Sister Demi assisted her father JR in putting Jewel’s marriage proposal together. The former athlete asked Demi for assistance, and she unintentionally gave him the guts to ask Jewel to marry him. Demi is heard asking Jewel, “Mommy, will you marry us?” as Jewel receives the engagement ring in a video Smith posted to Instagram.

All About Dakota Smith And Her Siblings

The well-known couple Jr. Smith and Jewel were able to bring their daughter Dakota back home after a few months of worrying a great deal about her health while continuously monitoring her condition with the assistance of medical professionals. Eventually, they were successful in doing so.

In January of 2017, the couple shared the news that they were going to become parents to Dakota, who arrived five months before her due date. They appeared to be highly concerned for their daughter at the time, as evidenced by the fact that they voiced their concern to their viewers in a video.

As the pair emphasized to ESPN, they also spoke about how the premature birth of their daughter presented a threat to her life. They said that they will never forget it. Dakota Smith is the youngest child of the well-known basketball player Jr. Smith, but she has also had celebrity since a young age, making her life remarkable from the moment she was born. Her father is Jr. Smith.

Due to the fact that her mother Jewel has shielded her from harm ever since she was a young girl and Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s greatest concern has been for her welfare, she is one of the Smiths’ most cherished children. Additionally, her father has recently started devoting his spare time to spending it with her, her siblings, and her other children.

Dakota Smith has two sisters named Demi Smith and Peyton Smith, with Demi being the eldest and Dakota being the youngest of the three. Peyton is Dakota’s younger sister.

Facts About Dakota Smith And Her Family

Dakota’s mother, who did not disclose the actual time of delivery but later made public the fact that her youngest daughter was born prematurely, claims that Dakota was delivered five months before her due date.

According to Dr. Philippe Friedlich, chief of the division of neonatology and director of the department for fetal and neonatal medicine at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, preterm birth is the delivery of a child before the 37th week of gestation. Preterm birth can have serious health consequences.

If a newborn baby makes it through their first week of life, their chances of surviving for a longer period of time are significantly improved. In general, girls who are born prematurely have a higher life expectancy than boys who are born prematurely.

Dakota Smith Went To Miami For The First Time With Parents On Vacation

After a challenging season both on and off the court, the star for the Cleveland Cavaliers boarded a private airplane to Miami with his wife Jewel and their three children, Peyton, Demi, and Dakota, on Friday. They were going to spend the weekend there.

However, due to the fact that Dakota, who was born weighing less than a pound, would be accompanying the family on this trip, it was not your typical vacation. The youngest member of the Smith family has triumphed against insurmountable challenges and is enjoying every step along the way.

Dakota appeared to be in a jovial mood during the course of the weekend as she engaged in activities such as splashing around in the pool with her older sister, going on a blind date with her family, and then hitching a ride with her father to engage in some retail therapy.

Dakota Smith Is The Most Loved

Little Dakota, one of the disadvantaged children, has successfully completed all of the stages of overcoming the odds. She has been doing well all day and is satisfied to take joy in her life with her family, which includes her parents, siblings, and grandparents.

It is not because she is a famous child that she is one of the most beloved children; rather, it is because the path to her survival at first looked impassable, but she overcame it and triumphed, rising to become a hero in everyone’s eyes. She is one of the most beloved children. She has achieved the same level of fame as her parents before her.

Alongside her famous father, Dakota is also revered and respected by people all over the world, and she is seen as a hero in her own right.

Dakota Smith Sister Peyton Smith Has A StepFather

J.R. Smith, a star player for the Cavaliers, talks about the first time he met his oldest daughter’s stepfather while also providing advice on how to effectively co-parent your children.

Smith shared a photo that he took of his daughter Peyton, her stepfather, and Peyton’s cute younger brother on his Facebook page as they were celebrating her birthday. Smith underlined how important it is for fathers to get to know their significant other if they decide to let that person into their children’s lives.

In his following remark, Smith gave the advice to fathers that they should get to know their stepchildren before passing judgment on them. Smith is the biological father of three of his children, while the fourth was the product of a relationship he was in before he wed Jewel Smith. J.R. In August of 2015, he made Jewel the object of his marriage proposal, and the two of them tied the knot the following year.

Dakota Doesn’t Have Any Problems Despite Her Premature Birth

The infant ultimately turned out to be one of the children who had the best overall health, despite the fact that she had been born early.

Unbelievably, she has succeeded in overcoming such obstacles, and now she is concerned for her own wellness. She practices exceptional self-care, which contributes significantly to the excellent state of her health.

The repercussions that the physician anticipated would occur as a result of the birth of Dakota a few years ago no longer cause her parents any concern.