Baseball is a passion for both Josh Naylor and his brother Bo Taylor, who were both drafted into the Major League Baseball and currently play for the Cleveland Guardians.

Outfielder Josh, who had formerly played for the San Diego Padres, is currently playing first base for the Cleveland Guardians of the Major League Baseball in the year 2022.

After being selected by the Padres with the 12th overall choice in the 2015 Major League Baseball Draft, rising baseball sensation Josh made his debut in the Major Leagues in 2019. After that, Cleveland made the trade to get him during the 2020 season.

In a similar manner, his younger brother Bo is currently playing catcher for the Cleveland Guardians after being selected by the Cleveland Indians with the 29th overall pick in the 2018 Major League Baseball draft.

In exchange for a signing bonus worth 2,578,138 dollars, he decided to sign with Cleveland as opposed to Texas A&M. In addition, he was traded to the Indians of the Arizona League, where he participated in all 33 games of the season, hitting.274 with two home runs and 17 runs batted in.

Because Josh and Bo Naylor are on the same team, one of their goals is to play in the same regular season game together at some point in the future.

Josh Naylor

Josh Naylor

Some Quick Facts About Josh Naylor’s Brother Bo Naylor

Full Name Noah Garret “Bo” Naylor
Date Of Birth February 21, 2000
Age 22 years
Profession Baseball Catcher
Parents Chris And Jenice Naylor
Brother Josh, Miles Naylor

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Noah Garret Naylor is Josh’s older brother. Within the realm of baseball, Bo Naylor is most well-known by the aforementioned moniker.

While attending St. Joan of Arc Catholic Secondary School in Mississauga, Ontario, Bo competed for the Canadian junior national team. St. Joan of Arc is located in Ontario.

Both the Under Armour All-America Game and the Under-18 Baseball World Cup in 2017 were hosted in Ontario, so he was able to compete in both of those events. He committed to enrolling at Texas A&M University and playing baseball for the school while he was there.

Both brothers were members of the Cleveland Guardians club and played for them. Josh is a first baseman who is currently playing in the major leagues, whilst Bo is the team’s catcher and is currently playing for the Guardians’ AA club, the Akron Rubber Ducks. Bo aspires to one day play in the majors.

Although Noah and Josh have a comparable hitting profile, his game is distinguished by the fact that he can catch. When the Canadian high schoolers started playing again in the spring, the previous summer’s show of his power at the plate and with his arm was given careful consideration.

2. Bo Naylor Is A Professional MLB Catcher Drafted By Cleveland Guardians

The “Cleveland Guardians” are the team that Bo Naylor, a Canadian professional baseball catcher, plays for.

The Guardians, who were formerly known as the Cleveland Indians, used the 29th overall pick in the 2018 Major League Baseball draft to choose Naylor. In order to sign with Cleveland, he declined a signing bonus from Texas A&M in the amount of $2,578,138.

Similarly, he was sent to the Arizona League, where he batted in each of the league’s 33 games during his time there.

274, including two home runs and 17 runs driven in.

The year 2019 found Naylor serving as a captain for the Lake County Captains. He was in the lineup for all 107 games. In a similar fashion, he played for the Akron RubberDucks in 2021, appearing in 87 games and recording a.188/.280/.332 batting line with 10 home runs and 44 RBIs. He will take part in the All-Star Futures Game in June after being selected for the team.

In addition, when playing for the Akron Rubberducks in 2022, Naylor had a batting average of.271, an on-base percentage of.898 and six home runs. On the 20th of June, Naylor was promoted to the Columbus Clippers’ active roster.

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3. Miles Naylor Is The Youngest Among The Three Baseball Brothers

Miles Naylor is the third and youngest child in the Naylor family, and he is the brother of Josh and Bo. While he is still in high school, he has already made a commitment to play baseball at the university level for Texas Tech.

The Naylor family considers the Guardians club to be like a second home, despite the fact that only two of the three brothers currently play for the team. Because Miles has had such great success in his career as a junior baseball player, it won’t be long until the third brother also joins the same squad.

For the fall semester of 2017, he will be attending Texas Tech University as his school of choice. It is possible that the Naylor family, with the addition of their youngest son Miles, who is 16 years old, will emerge as the next dominant force in professional sports.

His older brothers, Josh and Noah “Bo” Naylor, also play for the Cleveland Guardians franchise; hence, he is inspired to follow in their footsteps and become a professional player himself. Texas Tech believes that not only can he play in the Major League Baseball, but that he has the potential to be the Naylor brother with the most success in reaching that goal.

Miles Naylor Is Determinate To Follow In His Siblings’ Steps

Miles, the third Naylor brother, is already well-known in baseball and is driven to continue to play at the same level as his older brother.

The Cleveland Guardians have two members of the Naylor family, brothers Josh and Noah “Bo” Naylor. The two of Miles’ older brothers were also selected in the first round of the draft prior to Miles’ selection, making him the third noteworthy Naylor in recent years. Texas Tech’s thick barrel shown immense power in both BP and gaming, and the school’s name is a gaming term.

The long-term potential of Miles as a third baseman for a corner infielder with above-average arm strength and some flexibility in lateral movement is widely acknowledged.

4. Josh And His Brothers Are Adored By Their Parents Chris And Jenice Naylor

In Mississauga, in the province of Ontario, Canada, Josh and his two younger brothers, Noah and Miles, were brought into the world by their parents, Chris and Jenice Naylor.

Their parents come from a respectable background and have little connections to the entertainment industry, despite the fact that the baseball star brothers have built a name for themselves as athletes. Their mother and father are both accustomed to leading uncomplicated lives with limited encounters with various forms of media.

It appears like Chris and Jenice Naylor have done everything in their power to encourage and facilitate the pursuit of their children’s aspirations for the future. Josh added that his parents are really encouraging and have always pushed him and his siblings to go for the things they are passionate about in life. The Naylors can regularly be seen attending their child’s sporting events and cheering them on.

Their younger brother, Miles, is presently playing for Texas Tech, while their older brothers, Josh and Noah, play for the Cleveland Guardians.

5. Josh Naylor’s Have Jamaican Heritage From His Mothers Side

According to MLB, Josh Naylor’s mother, Chris Naylor, has a Jamaican ancestry. Chris Naylor is Josh’s mother.

Josh grew up in a family where Jamaican culture was a prominent part of the household because he is originally from the greater Toronto area. When he was a child, he used to make frequent trips to Jamaica to see his loved ones and other friends and acquaintances there. In a similar vein, he credits his mother as the source of his enthusiasm for baseball, hockey, and Jamaica.

Not to mention, anytime Josh takes a road trip to a new place with his friends who have connections to Jamaica, he makes it a point to hunt find a Jamaican restaurant in which he and his companions can enjoy a meal. He never stops pursuing his interest in Jamaican culture and also makes an effort to cultivate friendships with those who have similar passions.

Tristan Mckenzie, his closest buddy and the one who has had the biggest influence on him from the Jamaican culture, also has many of the same behaviors as Josh.

The famous baseball player claimed that while he was growing up, he was accustomed to eating Jamaican food on a daily basis because his mother, aunts, and grandmother cooked it for him and he loved it prepared in that manner.

In addition to that, he was on a short list of Jamaican colleagues who had aspirations of playing in the Major League Baseball.

Josh Naylor and his brother Bo Taylor

Josh Naylor and his brother Bo Taylor

Some FAQs

How Many Naylor Brothers Are There?

There are three brothers who share the name Naylor. The oldest child in the family is Josh, while the youngest are Noah and Miles.

Who Are The naylor’s Parents?

Chris and Jenice Naylor are the proud parents of the Naylor children.

What Is Bo Naylor Nationality?

It should be noted that Bo Maylor is a citizen of Canada.

Where Is Bo Naylor Playing?

The Cleveland Guardians are the team that Bo Naylor presently plays for.

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