Joseph Adorno (Puerto Rican Boxer) And His brother Are Following Father Anibal’s Footsteps

In anticipation of his match in ShoBox New Generation on September 9, 2022, at the Bally’s Events Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Puerto Rican boxer Joseph Adorno is currently in high demand all around the world.

For “ShoBox: The New Generation,” Hugo Alberto Roldan will take on Adorno in a 10-round junior welterweight contest. Adorno lost his previous contest against Michel Rivera, a capable lightweight contender (Showtime). The former amateur star has recently taken Shinard Bunch’s position after Bunch withdrew from the match versus Roldan due to personal issues.

Adorno lost to Rivera in the decisive match of a dismal run that began in 2020 and saw him lose all three of his prior fights for his fourth straight loss. He and Hector Garcia Montes fought in January 2020 and drew. He fought Jamaine Ortiz, who was unbeaten at the time, and drew the match four months later in April, before Rivera destroyed him on Showtime.

After defeating Rivera, Adorno went on to defeat fellow rookies Juan Santiago and Roberto Almazan Monreal in six-round fights in May and July, respectively. There were six rounds planned for each fight. Adorno’s finest opportunity to show that he has progressed as a player since losing in March of last year will be on Friday.

Joseph Adorno

Joseph Adorno

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The boxer’s father, Anibal Adorno, served as Joseph Adorno’s manager and trainer throughout his career.

The 23-year-old great boxer has a propensity for imitating each subtle maneuver his father used to make before repeating it over and over until he remembers it. Joseph Adorno used to sit ringside and watch his father Anibal compete as an amateur boxer, clenching his little fists of rage and flinging them into the air. The father of Joseph was Anibal Adorno.

Then all of a sudden, things began to change. All of Anibal’s honors and awards were thrown away. Anibal lost his eyesight in one eye due to a terrible event, which added to his sense of unhappiness with the world. Due to this, Adorno’s father, Anibal, regularly assures his son that he will do whatever it takes to help Adorno achieve the level of boxing success that he has always wanted.

The Puerto Rican boxer says without hesitation that he can handle it because his father is trying to fulfill his ambitions via him. Through him, his father is attempting to realize his goals. He is willing to admit that he is trying to build a successful boxing career in order to accomplish his own and his father’s objectives.

Joseph Adorno’s brother, Jeremy Adorno, and Joseph Adorno are both active boxers in the professional ring

Joseph, who is 23 years old, and Jeremy, who is 21 years old, are both boxers who are supported by Top Rank. Anibal Adorno, their father, also serves as their instructor. Anibal had always hoped that one of his sons would become a boxer like him and achieve the same level of professional success that he had not.

Professional weightlifter Joseph now has a 14-0-1 record with 12 knockouts. Over the course of his nearly 200 bouts in the sport, he established himself as a notable amateur boxer with a record of 156-22 and a number of victories in amateur competitions.

The weightlifter won the Silver Gloves, Ringside, and Junior Olympic contests, and she was a thirteen-time National Champion. He defeated Shakur Stevenson, the current world champion, twice when they were both amateurs.

Similar to him, his super bantamweight category opponent brother Jeremy has a 4-0 record with one knockout. Jeremy competed in amateur boxing matches and was a member of USA Boxing. He triumphed in more than a hundred contests. The bantamweight also triumphed in 2017’s Ringside World Championships, National Silver Gloves, and USA Boxing Youth National Championships.

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Who is the mother of Boxer Joseph Adorno?

Joseph Aderno seems to have a close relationship with his mother, who has served as a source of support and motivation for him throughout his upbringing.

Instagram users can find the Puerto Rican boxer there by searching for @realjosephadorno. He has posted 29 times and has more than 70,600 followers. However, it appears he hasn’t posted any images of his mother on any of his social media accounts.

He can also be found on Twitter with the handle @ blessedhands. On his social media platform, he has 1378 followers and more than 1250 tweets. Similar to this, blessedhands is his user name on Facebook, where we may find him. There is very little information on her mother available due to the lack of trustworthy sources because he exclusively posts about work-related things on all of his social media profiles.

Joseph Adorno And Brother

Joseph Adorno And Brother

Quick Facts About Joseph Adorno

Full Name Joseph Adorno
Nickname Blessed Hands
Age 23
Birth Place Union City, New Jersey, USA
Occupation Professional Boxer
Nationality American
Height 5 ft 6 inches
Residence Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA

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