Jonathan Thompson: Who Is He? Thanksgiving Service for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee at St. Paul’s Cathedral

We’re going to share some news with you right now. The highest-ranking guardian for the Queen at one point was Major Jonathan Thompson. On Friday, September 9, 2022, he oversaw Charles’s first official royal stroll. Major Jonathan Thompson participated in the Queen’s platinum jubilee thanksgiving service at St. Paul’s Cathedral prior to this year. This news only recently surfaced online and is quickly becoming popular on social media. His name is currently trending on the internet. Netizens are paying a lot of attention to this news. Let’s go on to the next section of the post where we will share additional news-related information with you.

Major Jonathan Thompson, a Scottish Army officer, is said to be the new king’s equerry and is regarded by monarchical observers as a “braw darling” (or “hunk,” in Scottish slang). During the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Thanksgiving Services, Major Thompson rose to fame for his charismatic good looks. He sat behind the Duke and Duchess of Sussex throughout the auspicious ritual, giving the impression that he was directly in front of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Considering that you are on the appropriate page, let’s go on to the next section of the article.

Most members of the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth, had Major Jonathan Thompson on a permanent security detail. From February 6 until her passing in 1953, she reigned as queen of the United Kingdom. At the age of 96, the queen passed away on Thursday, September 8, 2022. The late queen had health problems and had trouble moving about. On September 6, 2022, she met Liz Truss, the next prime minister of the United Kingdom, and died two days later. Since the news of the queen’s departure spread on the internet, many people and well-known figures have offered her emotional tributes. All the information we had has been shared here. Watch this space for additional developments.

Jonathan Thompson

Jonathan Thompson

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Who Was Queen Elizabeth II?

Queen Elizabeth II was crowned on June 2, 1953. She became queen on February 6, 1952. She was the mother of Prince Charles, who was the heir to the throne, and the grandmother of Princes William and Harry. As the monarch who ruled Britain the longest, she tried to make her rule more modern and aware of how the public was changing, while still keeping the traditions that came with the crown.

Elizabeth died at the age of 96 on September 8, 2022.

Early Life

Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, who later became Queen Elizabeth II, was born in London on April 21, 1926. Her parents were Prince Albert, Duke of York, who later became King George VI, and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.

Most people didn’t know when Elizabeth was born that she would one day be the queen of Great Britain. Elizabeth, who was called Lilibet, was a princess for the first ten years of her life, but she didn’t have to worry about being the next king or queen.

Elizabeth’s father and mother split their time between a home in London and Royal Lodge, the family’s home on the grounds of Windsor Great Park. Tutors came to their homes to teach Elizabeth and her younger sister Margaret. There were French, math, and history classes, as well as lessons in dancing, singing, and making art.

When World War II broke out in 1939, Elizabeth and her sister were moved to Windsor Castle and spent most of their time there. From there, in 1940, she gave the first of her famous radio speeches.

Professional Life

This one was meant to comfort the children of Britain who had been taken away from their homes and families. The 14-year-old princess, who was calm and firm, told them, “In the end, everything will be fine, because God will take care of us and give us peace and victory.”

Elizabeth soon took on other jobs in the public eye. Elizabeth’s father made her the colonel-in-chief of the Grenadier Guards. She made her first public appearance in 1942 to check on the troops. She also started going with her parents on business trips around Britain.

Elizabeth joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service in 1945 so she could help win the war. She learned how to be a good driver and mechanic with other British women. Even though she only volunteered for a few months, it gave Elizabeth a look into a different world than the one she lived in as a princess. She also had a memorable time outside of the royal family when she and Margaret were able to mix with ordinary people without being recognized on Victory in Europe Day.

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Ascension to the Crown

When Elizabeth’s grandfather, King George V, died in 1936, his oldest son, King Edward VIII, took over. But Edward fell in love with Wallis Simpson, an American divorcee, and had to choose between the crown and his heart. Edward chose Simpson in the end, and he gave up the crown.

The event changed her life and made her the heir apparent to the British throne. In 1937, her father became King George VI. He took the name George to show that he was the same as his father. When King George died in 1952, her mother became Queen Elizabeth. When he died, she became the Queen Mother, and her daughter became Queen Elizabeth II.


Elizabeth was made Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey on June 2, 1953, when she was 25 years old.

When her father, King George VI, died on February 6, 1952, Elizabeth took over as the head of state. For the first time ever, the coronation ceremony was shown on TV, so people all over the world could see all the pomp and ceremony.

Prince Philip Married To Queen Elizabeth

Elizabeth married Philip Mountbatten, who took his last name from his mother’s side, at London’s Westminster Abbey on November 20, 1947.

Elizabeth first met Philip, son of Prince Andrew of Greece, when she was only 13. She was crazy about him right away. Over the years, they stayed in touch, and in the end, they fell in love.

They were a strange pair. Philip was loud and outspoken, while Elizabeth was quiet and shy. Her father, King George VI, wasn’t sure about the match because, even though Mountbatten was related to the royal families of Denmark and Greece, he wasn’t very rich and some people thought he had a rough personality.

At the time of their wedding, Great Britain was still trying to get back on its feet after the damage of World War II. Elizabeth collected clothing coupons to get the fabric she needed for her wedding dress.

The family took the name Windsor. Her mother and Prime Minister Winston Churchill pushed for this, which made her husband angry. In 1960, she changed her mind and told her descendants to use the last name Mountbatten-Windsor if they did not have royal titles or needed last names for legal reasons, like getting married. Over the years, Philip caused a lot of PR problems with his off-the-cuff, controversial comments and rumors that he was cheating on his wife.

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II


Elizabeth and Philip didn’t wait long to have an heir. Their son Charles was born the year after they got married, in 1948, and their daughter Anne was born in 1950. Andrew and Edward, both boys, were born to Elizabeth in 1960 and 1964, respectively.

In 1969, she gave Charles the title of Prince of Wales to make it official that he would take her place. The ceremony was shown on TV to hundreds of millions of people around the world.

In 1981, Charles, who was 32 years old at the time, married Diana Spencer, who was 19 years old and better known as Princess Diana. There were later rumors that his family had pushed him into the marriage. Millions of people watched the wedding on TV and there were huge crowds in the streets of London. At that time, people had a very strong view of the monarchy.

Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren

In 1982 and 1984, Prince William and Prince Harry, who are Elizabeth’s grandsons, were born to Charles and Diana. Prince William is second in line to the throne and became the Duke of Cambridge when he got married in 2011. Prince Harry is third in line. Elizabeth has shown that she loves William and Harry as her own. Prince William has said that she helped him and Kate Middleton plan their wedding in 2011 in ways that were very helpful.

On July 22, 2013, The Elizabeth’s grandson William and his wife Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, had their first child, George Alexander Louis. Officially, “His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge” is the name for this heir to the throne.

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