Jojo Splatt, a rapper and social media influencer, is an upcoming rapper. Jojo Splatt was suspected to be behind the death of Young Dolph, according to many. Despite all these allegations, Dolph’s death is not surprising.
Splatt denied everything that TMZ has said so far. Many social media users were shocked to see TMZ publish a photo of the suspects.
Media users believed it was Jojo Stallone who had put on the mask to cover his face. He also remained in the picture.
He shared an Instagram story from his friend that said, “Y’all drag Ni**a name in the mud, plant sh*t!”
On ni**A, and more! “Dam y’all must love that kid,” he responded. C.J. Davis
The Memphis Police Chief issued a statement about the violence, saying “This shooting is unacceptable.”
Another example of the senseless gun violence that we witness both locally and nationally is this: Our hearts
We offer our condolences to the Thornton family, and all those who were affected by this horrible act of violence.”

At the time of writing this article, he has approximately 11.4k followers and 21 posts. His youtube channel is also under his control. He recently released the single Free Mula, which he released on November 2, 2021. He was a social media influencer and earned his money through the promotion of various products via Instagram and other social media accounts. Other than that, he also promoted other products on his Instagram and through other social media accounts.
He is an Instagram star and has appeared on many other platforms, including Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube, etc.
Tiktok. He attended a private school, and doesn’t have any formal education.
The University awarded him a graduation degree. He now lives a luxurious lifestyle, owns a mansion and class vehicles.

Jojo Splatt

Who Is Jojo Splatt?

Jojo has been in the media spotlight since Dolph’s fans accused him of murder. Jojo is also a friend and rapper of Young Dolph. He has more than 10k Instagram followers, but he is far from being a true success in the music industry.

Splatt recently released a single Free Mula, on November 2. Besides, you can check his Instagram account to see that he is never ashamed of his wealth and never stops showing it off to the world.

The rapper is trying to make his mark in the world of Rap and plans to release more singles.

Although he was not a well-known celebrity, he has become a media star and is now the subject of many searches on the internet. After going live on Instagram with Pre Chains, Jojo was noticed by many.

Young Dolph fans have been speculating that he is a murderer, but the police are continuing to investigate.

JoJo Splatt’s Singing Career, Rap Songs & Music Albums

After completing his high school studies, Splatt began focusing on his singing
profession. As per the reports, he launched his debut single Free Mula on November 2,

Splatt appeared in various music videos

Before this, he has appeared in various music videos. Not only this, but Gardner Dexter
aka JoJo also works as an E-Business Manager at True Religion Brand Jeans. He
always focuses on his music profession.

Is Jojo Splatt still alive?

Jojo Splatt, a mid-’20s American from the USA, is talking about his siblings and parents.
Information about them. We will keep you informed of any changes as soon as possible.

How much is Jojo Splatt’s net worth?

Jojo Splatt’s estimated net worth is approximately $400K USD

Jojo Splatt Girlfriend?

Jojo Splatt kept his relationship status secret, so we don’t know if he is currently single or dating.
We will keep you informed if we have any information about his love life.

Facts About Jojo Splatt

Full Real Name : Gardner Dexter (or Kavahsyus Wesley).

Famous As : JoJo Splatt.

Nicknames : 1. YG JoJo.2. JojoDa P.

Age : 27 years old

Profession : Rapper, Singer, E-Business Manager, Social Media Influencer, and

Date of Birth : 25 October 1994 (Tuesday).

Place of Birth : Memphis, Tennessee, United States.

Education : High School Graduate.

Alma mater: Local Private School.

Net worth : $2-3 million USD (approx.).

Nationality : American.

Ethnicity : Mixed (African Descent).

Religion : Christian

Zodiac Sign : Scorpio

Net Worth : $400K USD

Some Unknown Facts About Jojo Splatt

  • JoJo, a rapper, has been featured in various music videos as well as rap songs.
  • He enjoys riding luxury cars.
  • JoJo enjoys spending time with his siblings.
  • Splatt has 11.4K Instagram followers as of November 22,2021.
  • He is a keen smoker.
  • JoJo enjoys wearing heavy silver bracelets and chains.
  • Splatt mainly wears branded clothes.