John Mangos is one of the most adored television personalities in Australia. He is renowned for his intellect, politeness, and professionalism, but there is presently a lot of suspicion over his wife Tanny.

In his illustrious forty-year career as a journalist, John Mangos has accomplished a number of noteworthy feats, including presenting news and politics in Australia, working with Graham Kennedy, Australia’s “King of TV,” on Coast to Coast, and hosting his own chat show, At Home With John Mangos. He also spent three years as the bureau chief for Channel Nine in the United States.

Mangos began working for National Nine News in 1978 at Melbourne’s GTV 9. Renowned news director John Sorrell hired him to become Mangos, the first Greek-Australian face on mainstream commercial television.

John Mangos

John Mangos

Who Is John Mangos Wife Tanny and How Many Kids Do They Have Together?

The journalism community is familiar with John Mangos and his wife Tanny because they have been together for a long time. Mangos previously held a newscaster position with Sky News Australia.

He has also appeared in Australia’s comedy Pizza, Swift, Shift Couriers, and Housos. He is a well-known Australian journalist.

They have been married for a while. The couple’s official wedding date hasn’t been made public by Mangos to any of the major media, which is unfortunate.

Mangos is a Sydney resident who owns and runs Megisti Media, a media consultancy with Kastellorizo as its name after the Greek island where his family were born.

In addition, he is in charge of managing media relations for FTI, a global financial corporate communications firm. The couple is currently enjoying their time together, and their internet fame is thanks to their successful careers.

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The Couple’s Children

John and Tanny Mangos, the parents of Kosta and Apollo Mangos, are overjoyed. The two kids are currently pursuing their education because of their highly educated parents, even if true information about them hasn’t been made available to the public.

The only social media platform where the parents engage is Twitter, where they periodically post images of their kids. Depending on how they appear, their kids might be between the ages of 10 and 15.

Who Is Tanny Mangos?

Tanny Mangos, who has more than 20 years of experience in government affairs, top ASX100 firms, investor relations, corporate affairs, and customer, social, and environmental advocacy, joined Australia Post in December 2021.

In light of altering societal and consumer expectations, Tanny has been in charge of planning organizational responses to important industry, regulatory, and economic shifts.

While holding several prominent positions at the Bank of Queensland, she most recently oversaw the Customer Advocate function.

John Mangos with his wife

John Mangos with his wife

John Mangos And His Wife Tanny’s Career & Net Worth

In 1978, John Mangos started working for National Nine News at the Melbourne newsroom GTV 9.

Renowned news director John Sorrell selected Mangos to become the first Greek-Australian face on mainstream commercial television.

During his 14 years with the Nine Network, he covered State and Federal Politics before taking on the role of United States correspondent. On Graham Kennedy’s late-night news and current affairs program Coast to Coast in 1989, he took over for Ken Sutcliffe.

As well as hosting his own daytime chat program, At Home with John Mangos, for two years on the Seven Network, Mangos has worked as an overseas correspondent for The Midday Show, an Eyewitness News newscaster for the Ten Network, and a newscaster for The Midday Show.

He registered to participate in the variety show It Takes Two in 2008. On the show, professional singers and celebrities are paired, and the contestants battle it out in a sing-off each week in an effort to impress the judges and stay in the running.

Due to John Mangos’ controversial comments on the Paul Murray Live program, Sky News decided not to renew his contract with them in June 2011. The Human Rights Commission received a complaint as a result of the remarks.

In September 2011, Mangos replaced Lee Lin Chin for a month on SBS World News.

As a fill-in newscaster for the Seven Morning News and Seven 4.30 News, Mangos started working for the Seven Network in December 2011. He has frequently appears on Sunrise and The Morning Show.

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His Net Worth In 2022

John Mangos’ $300,000 net worth, according to the source Net Worth, is a result of his prosperous profession. John Mangos makes the most of his money as a successful journalist.

He was born in Australia. Consequently, the journalist’s income allows him to live a luxury lifestyle.

John spent 15 years covering news and current events for Skynews Australia, where he not only made history as the first Greek newscaster on Australian television but also as one of the network’s first senior anchors.

His Wife Net Worth In 2022

The family’s well-known journalist, John Mangos, has made his wife Tanny popular online and given rise to allegations that she is worth over $100,000.

Tanny is passionate about enacting positive change for businesses and the industry and has years of experience managing risk, reputation, crises, and stakeholders.

She also brings to the post extensive expertise working in government to generate strong results for customers and the community.

John Mangos Bio

Mangos has a history of working as a broadcaster for the news program Sky News Australia. In addition, he has appeared in cameo roles on the Australian comedies Pizza, Swift and Shift Couriers, and Housos.

Born 9 July 1956 (age 66)

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Education Journalism RMIT
Occupation Journalist, television host
Years active 1978−present
Spouse Tanny
Children Kosta and Apollo Mangos



Mangos began his career in journalism in 1978 at the GTV 9 newsroom in Melbourne, where he was employed first by National Nine News. The illustrious News Director John Sorrell was the one who engaged him with the intention of making Mangos the first Greek-Australian face to appear on mainstream commercial television. Before being promoted to the position of United States reporter, he covered politics at the state and federal levels throughout his 14 years with the Nine Network. In 1989, he replaced Ken Sutcliffe as the co-host of Graham Kennedy’s late-night news and current affairs program called Coast to Coast. Kennedy had previously hosted the show.

Mangos has also worked as a news presenter for Eyewitness News on the Ten Network, an overseas correspondent for The Midday Program, and as the host of his own daytime talk show titled At Home with John Mangos on the Seven Network for a period of two years. All of these positions were held by Mangos.

In 2008, he signed up to be a contestant on the variety show known as It Takes Two. This is a show that pairs celebrities with professional singers, and each week, they compete against each other in a sing-off in an effort to impress a panel of judges and, ultimately, the viewing public in order to avoid being eliminated from the competition.

Following the contentious remarks that John Mangos made on the Paul Murray Live program in June 2011, his contract with Sky News was not renewed and he was let go from the station. A complaint was filed with the Human Rights Commission as a result of the statements.

During the month of September 2011, Mangos served in the role of Lee Lin Chin’s replacement on SBS World News.

Mangos joined the Seven Network in December 2011 and has since served as a fill-in news presenter on both the Seven Morning News and the Seven 4.30 News. Additionally, he was a frequent guest on both “Sunrise” and “The Morning Show.”


Megisti Media was named after the Greek island of Kastellorizo, which is where Mangos’s family originally hails from. Mangos currently resides in Sydney, where he operates his own media consultancy. In addition to that, he is the Director of Media for the international financial corporate relations agency known as FTI.

Personal life

The couple, Mangos and Tanny, have two sons together and are married.

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