Police recently detained John Malcolm, a guy from Chester, after he was discovered in a traffic collision with a fully loaded handgun in his hands. Police are currently questioning him about his weapon possession. Around 3 p.m., he was apprehended. It’s 2022, mein, and the accident occurred in the Goshen area. The police were dispatched to the accident scene right away, and an arrest was made. Three automobiles were involved in the collision.

John Malcolm West

John Malcolm West

Who Is John Malcolm West?

In addition to his honorary appointment as a consultant colorectal and complex cancer surgeon at University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, Mr. Malcolm West is an Associate Professor in Colorectal Surgery and Prehabilitation Medicine at the University of Southampton. His research focuses on prehabilitation medicine and colorectal surgery.

Before travelling to the Northwest and Merseyside to complete his foundation and core surgical training, Malcolm received his undergraduate education and earned his medical degree from the University of Malta (2000-2005). He finished a doctoral research programme funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) in prehabilitation, exercise physiology, perioperative surgical risk stratification, and mitochondrial energetics with Professors Graham Kemp, Mike Grocott, and Sandy Jack (PhD, 2011-2014). Together, they led the first UK prehabilitation study in locally advanced rectal cancer patients undergoing chemoradiotherapy.

In the course of his doctoral studies, Malcolm worked at University Hospitals Aintree as the Clinical Lead for the Perioperative Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) service. After that, he was given the position of academic clinical fellow in Wessex (NIHR ACF, 2014-2016), and after that, he was given the position of clinical lecturer (NIHR ACL, 2016-2020). In August of 2020, he finished his residency study as a specialist in surgery.

The Fit-4-Surgery Consortium counts Malcolm as a senior investigator on their team. He participates in a number of projects, all of which are directed on enhancing the perioperative and long-term results of patients who are undergoing major surgery. He is able to accomplish this through the utilisation of objective risk classification and individualised multimodal prehabilitation therapies, which help to reduce the variability that occurs around the perioperative period. His research interests include investigating the pathophysiological mechanisms that are responsible for the changes in fitness, nutrition, body composition, frailty, and mitochondrial function that are brought on by cancer treatments, as well as the implementation of prehabilitation interventions to rescue and improve metabolic health, physiological resilience, and cancer outcomes.

Malcolm is an accomplished author, having written a number of noteworthy studies with high impact in the fields of prehabilitation and perioperative medicine. Because of Malcolm’s work in determining whether or not CardioPulmonary Exercise Testing can accurately predict surgical outcomes, the British Journal of Surgery bestowed the John Farndon Prize on the publication in 2015 and again in 2017.

Malcolm is a participant in the trials known as WesFit – The Wessex Fit-4-Cancer Surgery (wesfit.org.uk) and SafeFit (safefit.nhs.uk). He is a member of the steering group for both of these studies. He is the head researcher for the Frailty and Sarcopenia Outcomes in Emergency General Surgery (FrogS) study. This is an observational study that is being funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), led by trainees, and being delivered by trainees. It is investigating the effect of CT-measured body composition and frailty on mortality in patients who have been admitted with an acute surgical pathology. Malcolm is a fundamental member of the NIHR GlobalSurg initiative, and his research interests include global surgery and the results of cancer treatment in low- to middle-income nations.

The Minimally Invasive and Maximally Invasive Colorectal Cancer Surgery (MIMICC) fellowship in Complex and Robotic colorectal cancer surgery was granted to Malcolm by the Royal College of Surgeons in England. The fellowship was held at St. Mark’s Hospital in London (2020-2021). At the moment, he is the recipient of the Moynihan Travelling Fellowship for 2021 from the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland.

At the Cancer Research Network in Wessex, Malcolm now holds the position of Associate Sub-Speciality Lead for Surgery. This appointment was made very recently. In addition to this, Malcolm is a member of the selection committee and acts as a regional advisor for the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Research for Patient Benefit initiative.

What Happened to John Malcolm West?

The police have a lot of questions for him right now, and the identities of the victims haven’t been published yet. We’re still working on it, and as soon as we have confirmation, we’ll let you know. In February 2022, the Oxford police department got similar reports from the same person, and there were some small concerns. But now he’s back on the police radar, and he’s in serious trouble. If you receive a threatening message on your smartphone, you should inform the police.

All Charges and Allegations Against John Malcolm West

Such incidents have been on the rise, and police have been conducting drills and practise sessions to avert potentially dangerous situations. We don’t have much information about the suspect, and he’s become a hot issue among internet users. Is the previous president of the Liberal Party, according to certain sources, and this is a significant controversy. He is not listed on Wikipedia, and there is very little information accessible about him. We’ll be back soon with more news and interesting stories from across the world.