John Combe, a retired veteran who appeared on HGTV’s Home Town, was the owner of a property in his hometown. Combe had reached the age of 70 when he passed away.

Laurel, Mississippi was the location of his childhood home. Combe passed away on April 4, 2020 in the city of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, which is located a distance of many miles from Laurel.

On the television show Home Town, Combe appeared in an episode titled “The Sky’s the Limit.” The hosts of HGTV, Erin and Ben Napier, asked him about his financial situation, and he responded, “Money is not an issue for me, and the sky’s the limit.” Nonetheless, he appeared on the show without a financial plan.

He had lived in a number of different countries throughout his childhood, but Belize had been his home for the past decade. As a consequence of this, he informed Erin and Ben that he was worn out from living in major cities and that he thought Laurel would be a place where he could unwind and take pleasure in life.

John Combe from HGTV Home Town

John Combe from HGTV Home Town

Who Was John Combe From Home Town?

John Combe was a veteran who worked his entire career for The Home Town Erin and Ben Napier until he retired. He had reached the age of 70 when he passed away.

The majority of people are familiar with Combe as a result of his presence on the episode “The Sky’s the Limit” from Season 4 Episode 6 of the HGTV show “Home Town.”

He had looked for a place that was both cute and roomy for him in a location that would be appropriate for a summer home.

Combe located a home in the ranch style and decided that it would be ideal for him to live there. Even the seasoned veteran could not resist the allure of Laurel and her stunning appearance. As a consequence of this, he was prepared to use the location as his dwelling and to lead a casual way of life there.

In addition to Laurel, he also liked to visit Belize, which is located in Central America. He travels to many various locations throughout his lifetime and has always had a fascination with the lifestyle of tiny towns.

After he retired, he was looking forward to having spaces that would make retirement a more enjoyable experience. Even the vet remarked on what a fantastic and fortunate life he has led.

During the first 18 years of his childhood, they relocated seven times as a result of his father’s service in the United States Air Force, which lasted for 30 years. His father was the one who instructed him in the ways of the world, both right and bad, and the truth.

According to Laurel Marchentile, Combe focused his energy on making the most of his time in Laurel by spending as much time as possible lounging by his pool and relaxing in his home. They were relieved to learn that he lived in the area.

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What Happened To John Combe From Home Town?

John Combe was taken from this world on April 4, 2020 in the city of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, owing to the effects of natural causes.

The former military service member was born on May 23, 1949, and passed away around 30 miles away from Laurel at the age of 70. A message that read “In loving memory of Combe” was broadcast on the episode of the show that aired on April 16, 2020.

After his death on April 7, 2020, Erin Napier conveyed her most sincere condolences to all around her. Even though they had the privilege of knowing him for only a few short months, it breaks their hearts to tell people that their friend Mr. John, who appeared in one of their favourite episodes, passed away on April 4 in Laurel. Even though they only had the pleasure of knowing him for a few short months.

Erin added Combe wrung every last drop of enjoyment out of life and counted it a privilege to assist in the construction of his heavenly abode. They will never get over the loss of him.

Sandy Adams sent her condolences, expressing how shocked and devastated she was to learn of Mr. Combe’s loss. She first became acquainted with him on an episode of Home Town and believed that he was a lively and interesting individual. Even though he explained the sensation he was feeling, seeing a picture of his father moved her deeply.

John Combe

John Combe

Who was John Combe?

What happened to John Combe?

According to reports, John passed away due to natural causes.

According to the information provided by a Home Town group, John passed away in a hospital in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, on April 4, 2020 due to natural causes.

Quite a few viewers expressed their sympathies, and several of them remarked on how he gave the impression of being thrilled to live in his Laurel-based home.

One person commented, “He was so much fun to watch, and it was amazing to see your reactions when money meant nothing.” I really hope he was able to enjoy some time at the house.

Someone else wrote, “I’m very sorry. On the show, he brought such a lively presence. Laurel has been deprived of a highly interesting citizen.

Did John Combe Look Different From Other Contestants?

The show was hosted by the Napier couple, who also renovated the homes of other people while the show was being filmed. His statement that “the sky is the limit” was what differentiated John Combe from the other competitors in the competition. He stated that there is no predetermined budget for the maintenance or repair of his property, and that the host couple is free to spend any amount of money they see fit.

It’s highly likely that he was the only competitor that did that. He had fantastic and beautiful reactions to his new bathroom and spacious shower, and he was blown away by the work and care that Napiers displayed for him. John gasped, “It’s nirvana,” when Erin compared the newly constructed rear patio space at his home to the coastal comfort he’d experienced in Belize.

John Combe's demise of a natural cause in 2020

John Combe’s demise of a natural cause in 2020

John Combe, the infamous ‘Sky’s The Limit’ Home Town participant, passed away at age 70


The husband-and-wife team of Ben and Erin Napier stars in the American television series Hometown, which debuted on HGTV on January 24, 2016, and is hosted by the Napiers. The married couple lives in Laurel, Mississippi, where they work on restoring old Southern homes. After being highlighted in Southern Weddings magazine and on the magazine’s Instagram account, HGTV got in touch with them to discuss the series Hometown. Keep reading to find out more about what transpired with John Combe from Hometown.
John Combe chose Laurel, MS, United States city all the way from Belize

John Combe chose Laurel, MS, United States city all the way from Belize

What Happened To John Combe From Hometown – FAQs

1. What happened to John Combe Laurel MS?

Sadly, John Combe, who was born on May 23, 1949, passed away on April 4, 2020, of natural causes at a hospital in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, about 30 miles away from Laurel. He was 70 years old.

2. Does John Combe still live in Laurel Mississippi?

The Hometown’s John Combe episode now, unfortunately, doubles as a goodbye to the 70-year-old John, who moved to Laurel, Mississippi after spending a decade in Belize and a lifetime globetrotting before that.

3. How long did John Combe live in his Laurel home?

Among the more memorable individuals featured on Home Town is John Combe, a retiree who had lived in Belize for 10 years before settling down in Laurel, Miss.

4. What happened to Ben’s brother on Home Town?

The episode left fans wondering what happened to Brandon. According to a blog post by Brandon’s brother, Ethan, Brandon collapsed on March 8, 2018. By Ethan’s account, doctors noted that Brandon suffered a seizure at just 31-years-old.

5. Did John Combe get to live in his house?

John passed away of natural causes on April 4, 2020, in a hospital in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, according to a Home Town group. Many viewers gave their condolences, with several commenting on how he seemed excited to live in his Laurel-based home.

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