The homeowner of a 93-year-old man’s Moreno Valley home shot and seriously injured an intruder who was apparently a part of a group that broke down the door shortly after midnight on June 29.

According to the homeowner Joe Teague, who talked to KNBC-TV, the gang, which included “women and men,” forced the door open and “the large guy, he rushed at me” as the rest of the group “started hurling stuff that [were] in the house at me.” When they broke in, Teague told the station, “they took a lot of my equipment, and I went up to them to put them under citizens arrest.” Added he, “Even though I only had one shotgun shell, I kept saying to them, “I have a shotgun with three in it.” And they continued tohurl things at me.”

Joe Teague

Joe Teague

The injured invader is in critical condition, according to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office. Additionally, the station stated that Teague was told by authorities that the injured invader wouldn’t survive; KNBC claimed that it is working to confirm this information. According to the station, the Central Homicide Unit was conducting an investigation Wednesday morning due to the intruder’s critical condition.

Teague hasn’t been spending much time at his home in the 24300 block of Eucalyptus Avenue, according to Oscar Malma, the husband of Teague’s granddaughter, who told KNBC that Teague has been living with his daughter since his wife passed away a few months ago. Malma told the station that he had been breaking into homes lately. “On a [bright] day on Friday, they went to break into the residence. And this just occurred in the dead of night? They were trying to find him. He has being observed by them. They have been keeping a close eye on the house.”

After the event, Joe Teague was hauled in for questioning, which, according to KNBC, took many hours to complete. I’m not to blame, Malma said. He has been working all his life, is 93 years old, and needs to protect whatever meager possessions he has.

It is still unknown whether any arrests have been made, according to KNBC. Malma asserted that he doesn’t believe his relative will be imprisoned since “He was protecting his home. That took place at his home. Therefore, I don’t see why he should be detained.”

The injured victim was named as Joseph A. Ortega, 33, of Moreno Valley by the sheriff’s office in a press release titled “Homeowner Justified in Shooting of an Intruder.” According to the release, Teague was unharmed.